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Final Fantasy 3 which character are you?

25.26 % of users had this result: You are Sabin! You are the older twin of the King of Figaro Castle, but you gave up the right in order for freedom. Now you train in the skills of martial arts and fight with a claw.

3.61 % of users had this result: You are Edgar! You are the younger twin and are King of Figaro Castle after your brother left. Your people manufacture many weapons and tools for the war. You are wealthy and consider yourself a lady's man. You wear armor to protect yourself, fight with a sword, and use the tools manufactured in your own castle.

11.73 % of users had this result: You are Cyan! You are noble guard. You love to spend time with your family until Kefka poisoned and killed all the people in Doma Castle except for you. Now you are on the road of revenge until meeting up with the spirits of your family. You fight using a sword and your sword techniques.

21.95 % of users had this result: You are Terra! You used to work for Kefka's little evil force until a turn of unexpected events. Your mother was a human and your father was an Esper. You want someone to love you, but have not come across such a person and you are now taking care of orphans and kids. You fight with a sword as well as magic.

37.44 % of users had this result: You are Kefka! You are a ruthless cold blooded killer. You don't care what happens as long as you get your way, and if you don't then you throw a temper tantrum.