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What is Your Future Career?

46.69 % of users had this result: You are inquisitive, funny, and very nice. People love to be with you because you can always help them solve problems, help with homework, and make them laugh! You would make a fantastic scientist, inventor, or author.

22.14 % of users had this result: You love animals and plants, and they seem to love you. You are friendly, outgoing, and generous, and people can always count on you for some cheering up...or facts on animals or plants! Your ideal career may be a biologist, naturalist, journalist, vet, or zoo tour guide!

31.18 % of users had this result: You're bravery and toughness is catching, as is your happiness and your bubbly nature. You are encouraging and a natural leader, and people often look to you for ideas on what to do. Your perfect future jobs could be an adventurer/explorer, professional athlete, or headmaster/principal!