The quiz statistic

What should you wear?

49.23 % of users had this result: You are sporty and Casual! An Adorable outfit for you would be.. Clothes: Jeans, A blue top, and some boots or sandals....or a T-shirt, sweatpants, boots and a scarf! Makeup: Foundation, Mascara, lip gloss, maybe some eye shadow... (Natural)

5.05 % of users had this result: You Are glitzy and glam! You would look great in: Clothes: Pink top and a mini skirt!... or Flats, jeans, and a sparkly shirt! Makeup: Foundation, Glittery eye shadow, Blush, lip Gloss, Mascara, and eye liner!

23.26 % of users had this result: You are Quiet and A bit of a loner....sometimes.. Your outfit should be: Clothes: Skinny jeans and a black top... or a purple dress and black accessories. Makeup: Eye liner, Foundation, Purple Eye shadow, and lip gloss.

22.45 % of users had this result: You are fun and spunky! You'd look adorable in... Clothes: Jean Shorts and a flowy tank and a long necklace... or jeans and A bright T-shirt and a cute cardigan. Makeup: Lip gloss, glittery eye shadow, Foundation, and mascara.