Are You Lesbian, Bi Or Straight? (Teen Girls Only)

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Have you been wondering, am I straight? It's OK - it's very common to do so. Test yourself right now to see whether you're straight, lesbian or bi.

  • 1
    Have you ever felt sexually attracted to women?
    Have you ever felt sexually attracted to women?
  • 2
    Have you ever been attracted to a woman's personality?
  • 3
    Have you ever watched lesbian porn? What did you think?
  • 4
    Have you ever looked at a friend and imagined being naked and having sex with her?
  • 5
    What do you like about girls?
  • 6
    What do you like about guys?
  • 7
    Have you ever been in love with a female friend?
  • 8
    What do you think of homophobic people?
  • 9
    Which of these celebrities is the hottest, in your opinion?
  • 10
    Sorry to put in a pointless question, but why did you take my quiz?

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Sunshine (02239)
Omg same What’s up, no one really know what I like because I’m on my own too.And you can talk to me if you want,I’m freaking bored.
What's up? :3 (54957)
I mean you're right I always mix that up :D
Also anyone want to chat? (ONLY IN HERE PLEASE) ^^
What's up? :3 (54957)
Your right Sunshine and I know that feeling too, I told everyone but that was not the best decision so now only a few people know I am still into a girl. (just told everyone else I was confused and messing around) so even if you tell everyone and things go wrong you can still decide to "take it back" and keep it to yourself. Do whatever feels right to you. (I know 3 girls in my class are bi but I can't ask them for can't trust anyone from this class :D) So I'm all on my own
Sunshine (68567)
8 days ago
Ang I know how it feels to like someone and feel confused of why I like them and what should I do now.It was hard for me to accept it because I didn’t want my family or friends to be disappointed in me.If I were you I would do what feels comfortable to you,even if it means telling someone or keeping it to your self.And if you do want to tell someone about it then you should tell someone that you know is bi and ask for advice.
Ang (62783)
10 days ago
I felt like I was bi for this past year cuz I liked my best friend but she switched to a different high school and now I like this girl in my class but I think she’s straight and second she’s a year older but I love everything about her like I’m just super confused About everything like why I’m feeling this way and what’s happens now. No one knows that I like her or that I’m interested in girls too. Not even my family knows even though I know they’d be understanding idk what to do :(
ashley weed (47089)
13 days ago
sooo i always knew i was bi but my family is super religious so i can't tell the and am in love with my best friends but idk if she feels the same someone help???
What's up? :3 (54957)
14 days ago
It's so nice how everyone understands everyone in here, I love this place ♥ you all go, girls, you are amazing :)
Jade (32995)
14 days ago
I feel you Krissa. Sexuality is really confusing. It's a spectrum and you can feel ready for different levels of sexual behavior and be attracted to multiple genders. You shouldn't feel ashamed because you're Christian. God made you the way you are so if He didn't want you to like girls he wouldn't have made you like that. It's fine if you're confused right now, you don't need to know everything but whatever you figure out know that God made you that way and He'll still love you
Sunshine (71771)
15 days ago
I know where you’re coming from Krissa I have the same kind of problem,but not because of my religion just because I’m scared to tell someone because I feel like they won’t talk to me again.
Krissa (69599)
16 days ago
I've had this best friend since I was little I have had sexual thoughts about other girls but, I was disturbed. I don't like the thought of sexual stuff with girls but I do with guys. I would kiss a girl, snuggle, hug, but I feel ashamed for some reason because I'm Christian but I am not homophobic. I like the thought of a romantic relationship with this girl tho, and her lips, but I don't like sexual stuff beside kissing. I'm confused?
What's up? :3 (54957)
21 days ago, not really HATE People, but...I am socially awkward and really shy and sometimes people really upset me...
What's up? :3 (54957)
21 days ago
And my crush and me both like girls (she likes both) but we also hate people so we dont talk XD
What's up? :3 (54957)
21 days ago
Yeah that must suck...3 other girls in my class are out so I am not alone...but I get you...I don´t really talk to them often...because we are not at school to talk about things like that...I mean we have to WORK and do the stupid school stuff...ugh I feel so alone
Sister (12587)
21 days ago
Don’t you hate when you’re the literal only person who is out at school and you’re just like I WANT A GIRLFRIEND but literally NOBODY IS OUT. LIKE 💗. I need a girlfriend. California is filled with LGBTQ+ people. Why aren’t any of them where I live. Tf😩🥰
Maddie (88517)
21 days ago
In my school there are limited girls!!! More boys!!! I don’t find them that attractive but there is only one guy I like but he is homophobic!!! I think I’m lesbian because I dig girls and I understand them more than boys. I am only the age 12 but I dig the girls more than boys but I still like boys!! But girls are my life!!! So I guess I’m gay!!
What's up? :3 (54957)
21 days ago
I found out the girl I like is actually bi OMG...I need to get to know her better what do I do? Someone tell me pleaseeee :3
Madison (34381)
23 days ago
I'm 14 years old too and I think its important to be your self and tell your crush how you feel even if they don't like u back its good for them to know because someday they might fall in love with u😊
Madison (34381)
23 days ago
Omg have a crush on my bullies sister I think we will hot it off because shes gay
Eliza (74948)
47 days ago
So I’m 14 and have taken 42 am I lesbian quizzes in the past 4 days. I truly found my identity (lesbian) and i don’t know what to do next and am still a little confused. If anyone has advice please help!
What's up? :3 (27375)
48 days ago
It says I'm a lesbian RIGHT NOW. This might change as I get older. :3 I'm 15 and in love for the first time. With a girl. (don't think she likes me back though) I never liked guys. Do you think I will change? I'm confused...