How Much Do I Love Her?

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This is a quiz for middle-schoolers and high-schoolers. If you're NOT dating her, but wish like everything that you were, this test is perfect for you. Appropriate for guys OR for LGBTQ girls- i.e, anyone who adores females and wants their very own!:)

  • 1
    When you think of her, your first thought is?
    When you think of her, your first thought is?
  • 2
    You two are the only ones in the room. What do you do?
  • 3
    If she asked you to kiss her, you would:

  • 4
    She comes up to you, crying. You:
  • 5
    If you heard her dissing you in front of her friends, what would you do?
  • 6
    One of her friends tells you that she likes you. Your response?

  • 7
    She's walking by your desk, and she accidentally brushes you as she goes by. What are you thinking?
  • 8
    You love her because:
  • 9
    She's moving.
  • 10
    How many girls have you been thinking of while taking this quiz?

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168 days ago
I really appreciate that the creator of this quiz didn’t specifically say it’s only for boys to take. 😁🏳️‍🌈

Also the girl I kinda like is friends with one of my fiends and I might get her number soon! Wish me luck lol
285 days ago
The girl I like is straight, and I’m lesbian. I’m not proud of it at all. I want to be normal, but boys are eek and not sexy at all. If I ever tell her I love her, she thinks it’s a friend thing, and it’s not. Idk what to do. My friends only support lgbtq if you also like guys. They think only liking girls is weird. Sometimes I wish I was opposite gender only so I could date girls and not be ashamed (though I’m not going to trans). The person and I were friends for awhile, and whenever I see her with a guy it makes me sad because I know she’s straight and wouldn’t date a girl. xc
291 days ago
AAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I have a HUGEEE crush on this girl. I recently found out that she’s bi, so maybe I have a chance???? I WORRY THAT IM TOO YOUNG TO DATE EUCDGWJVRNEWO. I’m worried that she just sees us as friends but she’s so PERFECT. I haven’t told anyone so I’m just going on a rant about how amazing she is and how much I like her!
301 days ago
For 40% you are: You really, really like her. But you're too afraid of what she thinks about you. Don't try to change yourself for her; if she's worth it, she'll notice and like you the way you are.
15% of 98563 quiz participants had this profile! Profile A

Lol pretty much oh well I think I’m giving up this crush anyway
305 days ago
There’s this one girl that i really like, but she’s two years older than me :(
I’ve never liked someone before, and every time she does anything it makes me feel fluttery and i don’ know what to do! we don’t even talk that much, the only choice i have is to admire her from a distance ... i wish i could have a happy ending 😔
491 days ago
Ya man I told her and it worked perfectly I’m so happy 😁 please take my experience as a tip you need to be brave I know how you feel about failure but you gotta keep your head up Teen dating sites exists look em up and best wishes to all
605 days ago
She came out to me about a month ago and i've like her from about 5 months and I've told her how I felt and she was cool about it... what in the world does that mean!?
613 days ago
Thanks, that really helped :)
613 days ago
There's a girl in my school I like but the problem is that we used to be friends but then one girl started telling her that I didn't want to be her friend anymore so she (the girl I like) went with her, and even though she sometimes says "hi" to me I don't know how she feels about me.
I honestly don't know if I should tell her because I don't know if she is straight or not and that could ruin our relationship (more than it already is).
616 days ago
whatever I don't care...I'm just glad no one of them is reading this in here...I HOPE
616 days ago
I'm a girl too :3 and I got that I really really like her and also that I seriously love her. OMG ♥ but her only friend in her class is the popular girl who used to bully me...and still hates me even if she doesn't show it...and she is so messed up everyone tells me I'm too good for her like seriously?! It hurts so much...
628 days ago
There’s a girl in my class that I can’t stop thinking about but I don’t think that I have feelings for her. It feels like I like her but my brain won’t let me or something.
677 days ago
im head over heels for this one a girl btw but like i just dont talk to her bc i feel weird and she gets mad at me and stuff and its like SORRY Wryuwegfiw uegy i love you like hi arhgwieu
701 days ago
Is anyone fem out here let me know cause your not alone
768 days ago
Thanks I truly love her and this site made my day by the way her name is savannah
790 days ago
You really, really like her. But you're too afraid of what she thinks about you. Don't try to change yourself for her; if she's worth it, she'll notice you the way you are.

Bullseye. Honestly, I have NO idea where I stand with this. If she were a typical girl (which she ain’t, But I mean that as a compliment.) within a few months, at maximum, I’d figure out “She’s playing cat and mouse.” or “I might have a chance with her.” Alas, she has so many friends who are boys that I have no idea where I stand. Am I still in the friend zone? Degressing? Why do I feel the only way I’m NOT going is forward?
823 days ago
Well this girl, she confuses me. One minute she don't know I like her but we spending all this time in a pair, then I tell her and it's like nothings changed except now after saying she don't like me and to stay the gl away from her even though we still hang if I see her. She even cuddled me with her kegs a few times in bed after finding out jiw I feel but still refuses to even smile ate. I'm fled up in love and I forgot to mention her and her whole family are evil as fl psycho paths they prey on others emotions and play hurting people, I know she done the same toe it just felt so real. I so wish after a year I still wouldn't feel this way bit TUC you Moeata Morris or Skotso Diamond you may have my heart but yours is ice cold
842 days ago
I agree with my answer, I like her so much, too bad my parents think I'm too young to date, but we are friends.
869 days ago
hamiltrash, you have a chance. Go for it and don't fear anyone elses opinion, she is yours for the taking. Zach, what you should do is wait for the relationship to end and then comfort her and be ready for rejection just in case but can anyone help me? I know a really cute girl in my class that always talks to me and is really funny and she is sinle but i can't make a move as my friends humilliate me in front of her and I don't want to dich my friends. What do I do?!?
876 days ago
So theres this girl in my class and she's absolutely beautiful(no one else thinks she is) but she is one of those girls that gets in trouble every other day and talks in class. Everyone that doesn't know her is to scared to talk to her because they think she's really mean, except me and my friends. My friend know I'm crushing on her and they say that under her 'gang shell' she is really nice (because she is) but I don't know how to talk to her or anything. Can someone please help. (Also I think she might be straight but I'm not sure) (I'm a 12 year old girl) thanks