How Much Do You Love Her?

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A quiz for middle/high school. This is for if you're NOT dating her, but you basically wish you were. For guys or LGBTQ girls.

  • 1
    When you think of her, your very first thought is...?
  • 2
    You two are the only ones in the room. What do you do?
  • 3
    If she asked you to kiss her, you would...?
  • 4
    She comes up to your desk crying. You...?
  • 5
    If you heard her dissing you in front of her friends, what would you do?
  • 6
    One of her friends tells you that she likes you. You're response?
  • 7
    She's walking by your desk, and she accidentally brushes you as she goes by. What are you thinking?
  • 8
    You love her because...
  • 9
    She's moving.
  • 10
    How many girls have you been thinking of while taking this quiz?

Comments (27)


William (03848)
49 days ago
Thanks I truly love her and this site made my day by the way her name is savannah
Hearts Breaking Even (92341)
70 days ago
You really, really like her. But you're too afraid of what she thinks about you. Don't try to change yourself for her; if she's worth it, she'll notice you the way you are.

Bullseye. Honestly, I have NO idea where I stand with this. If she were a typical girl (which she ain’t, But I mean that as a compliment.) within a few months, at maximum, I’d figure out “She’s playing cat and mouse.” or “I might have a chance with her.” Alas, she has so many friends who are boys that I have no idea where I stand. Am I still in the friend zone? Degressing? Why do I feel the only way I’m NOT going is forward?
Love for a psychopath (82523)
103 days ago
Well this girl, she confuses me. One minute she don't know I like her but we spending all this time in a pair, then I tell her and it's like nothings changed except now after saying she don't like me and to stay the gl away from her even though we still hang if I see her. She even cuddled me with her kegs a few times in bed after finding out jiw I feel but still refuses to even smile ate. I'm fled up in love and I forgot to mention her and her whole family are evil as fl psycho paths they prey on others emotions and play hurting people, I know she done the same toe it just felt so real. I so wish after a year I still wouldn't feel this way bit TUC you Moeata Morris or Skotso Diamond you may have my heart but yours is ice cold
Wat (46457)
122 days ago
I agree with my answer, I like her so much, too bad my parents think I'm too young to date, but we are friends.
wildboys28 (40212)
149 days ago
hamiltrash, you have a chance. Go for it and don't fear anyone elses opinion, she is yours for the taking. Zach, what you should do is wait for the relationship to end and then comfort her and be ready for rejection just in case but can anyone help me? I know a really cute girl in my class that always talks to me and is really funny and she is sinle but i can't make a move as my friends humilliate me in front of her and I don't want to dich my friends. What do I do?!?
Hamiltrash (56388)
156 days ago
So theres this girl in my class and she's absolutely beautiful(no one else thinks she is) but she is one of those girls that gets in trouble every other day and talks in class. Everyone that doesn't know her is to scared to talk to her because they think she's really mean, except me and my friends. My friend know I'm crushing on her and they say that under her 'gang shell' she is really nice (because she is) but I don't know how to talk to her or anything. Can someone please help. (Also I think she might be straight but I'm not sure) (I'm a 12 year old girl) thanks
Zach (94149)
167 days ago
I've got a major crush with this girl at my school. She is a nice girl, she is emotionally tough, has a pretty voice, doesn't give a darn about what others think about her and it is just a bonus that she is the cutest girl at my school. We get along really well and we're pretty great friends (in fact, she knows that I love her), but she already has a boyfriend. I met the guy and him and I actually get along quite well. I know I won't be able to win her heart since her heart is for another guy right now, but I can't help but love her. I just want her to be happy, but I want her to be happy with me. I'm staying with her since we're great friends, but should I set my love for somebody else?
friend (16027)
172 days ago
she definitly likes you bro. Good luck :)
Z.S (05058)
174 days ago
there is this girl in my school whom I REALLY like, its just that I'm too shy around her even tho I'm Guy.
I'm Quite a nice gentlemen what I've heard and I've dark hair. And we've chatted and her friends keep on picking on us that we are going to get married and we both get into this situation when we blush and say no while laughing awkwardly.
I've caught her glaring at me two times and she has brushed her shoulder against mine nicely past me.
it happens that we look up at each other then quickly look away. She has stood up for me and I've complimented her.
In school it has happened that we sit with each other few times. I usually write her name when we get to wish who we want to sit with. and we somehow manage to sit with each other.

Then we tease each other (mostly her) I Love Her.

We are friends and then we got separated into different classes so i don't see her that often anymore which is heartbreaking for me.

Does she like me? plz tell me
keello (57290)
177 days ago
I love her 1000000000000000000000000000%
keello (57290)
177 days ago
Hey dude if you see this man from Tokyo road tell her how you feel if your in high school. Look go up to her and get into a conversation and ask if she would like to be your gf
The man from Tokyo Road (30571)
195 days ago
If you think the chicks from Hollywood and/or television are beautiful, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen this girl in my English and History classes. You might not think the same way about if you were lucky enough to see her. Which I’m pretty sure you’re not. It’s true that the sun gives us daytime, but for me, the actual light is radiating from her smile. In fact, the past few days, when she was absent from school seemed ironically dismal. She’s one of the greatest things that’s happened to me, and all but what bothers me is that she KNOWS I have a thing for her. She’s not letting out any secrets about sharing my feelings, so I’m afraid to pry. And I honestly think I might be the only guy in the entire High School (which is the size of some college campuses) who likes her. If you’re gonna respond, don’t tell me that there are more fish in the sea. That may be true, but this particular “fish” is one that I need to catch for the better of. Don’t ask.
Minty Rose (32362)
207 days ago
Ughhh there’s this girl at my choir and she’s seriously so cute and nice except I wish I had the guts to talk to her!!!!! Like I’m super awkward and *seriously cant* make friends (all my friends were the ones who started talking to me, never the other way around) and I rly want to talk to her. Argh it’s super frustrating
Apple (70488)
213 days ago
I text my online friend and shes amazing. She makes me smile when I feel like dying. She knows everything out me and she doesnt judge because shes just like me. She understands everything I go through. And she supports me through thick and thin. Shes my best friend... I know I dont have a shot with her. I'm almost 13 and shes 14. I have never met her in real life or even seen a picture of her. But I know shes beautiful. Shes the most gorgeous girl in the world to me. Thing is. I'm a girl as well. And I'm 99.9% sure shes straight.
Bi curio girl (05380)
215 days ago
Okay so I go to school with this girl *A we used to be friends and she is really pretty and nice but we had an issue go down because her best friend made up these lies about me "fat shaming" *A and she believed it because she has an eating disorder but what makes it worse is there is a possibility that I like her and I'm not really sure but she is moving to America in a few months and I'll never see her again and I don't know if I should tell her if I like her because I'm not certain if I do.. help?
L-man (30383)
221 days ago
My gf just moved away and I found out she was cheating on me
Bernard (17906)
231 days ago
I love this girl named Emma she's goes to school with me she gave me a chance
Anonymous (87503)
255 days ago
This is inaccurate. I got "80% seriously in love with her" but it's more like 110%
Madhurya (44911)
256 days ago
She is my first love
J shuler (40657)
257 days ago
I love her so much💯