How much do you know about Elvis Presley?

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Please don't cheat!

  • 1
    What state was Elvis Presley born in?
  • 2
    When did Elvis start playing the guitar?
  • 3
    What belt did Elvis receive in karate?
  • 4
    Did Elvis have any siblings?
  • 5
    How many shows did Elvis play outside the US?
  • 6
    What is Elvis' first child's name?
  • 7
    What was the name of Elvis' first wife?
  • 8
    Where did Elvis perform outside the US?
  • 9
    Elvis' house's name?
  • 10
    What room was used in Elvis' house to record last two albums?
  • 11
    When did Elvis die?
  • 12
    How did Elvis die?

Comments (16)


Rita (21583)
109 days ago
Can't take a silly test, where the first question is - in which STATE was Elvis born.

1. He was born in MISSISSIPPI
2. Nashville, Los Angeles are Cities; New York could work as a STATE or a City.

What's the use for looking other questions? Maybe it's one of those "how to keep a person" busy tests?
Forever Elvis Fan (16441)
303 days ago
What nut created this ?! I didn't bother reading after the first ridiculous question. This person is no Elvis fan. What a joke of a test! Should not have been posted..,
TRUE FAN (15170)
311 days ago
Get some facts strait
Lucinda (90212)
395 days ago
Elvis' "first" wife? He only had one wife. Are you actually an Elvis fan? The quality of this quiz doesn't show it, if you are.
Lucinda (90212)
395 days ago
The first question can't be answered because the correct answer isn't in the list of options. Elvis was born in Tupelo Mississippi and you've not provided that option. You have to know your Elvis facts before you can develop an Elvis quiz, my friend
biggest elvis fan (75658)
405 days ago
to the who created this quiz,#1 is a trick question Elvis was born january 8th, 1935 in tupelo Mississippi, and #5 and #8 are false questions, elvis NEVER toured outside of the us besides canada.
👌 (61225)
536 days ago
Elvis wasn't born in Tennessee he was born in Mississippi and his ex-wife's name is Priscilla. If you're going to make a quiz about him then, at least get our facts right before-hand.
Genie (81083)
704 days ago
I had to try to see if I was BEEPED again
Let me share that the word was not a curse word nor vulgar
What a joke!
I'm out of here!
Genie (81083)
704 days ago
RE: My last comment......
The word '💗' was BEEPED????
Get real!!!
What a crazy page!
Genie (81083)
704 days ago
'How Much Do You Know About Elvis Presley?'
Obviously more than the goof who created this test!
Elvis was born in Tupelo Mississippi!!!!!!
I'm with Kay, who has commented below.
A true Elvis fan would not even waste their time!
I read no more, after the first question.
What 💗 creates a test and does not fact check?
Elvis (43380)
797 days ago
Yeah, Elvis was born in Tulepo, Mississippi. How are we supposed to be real Elvis fans when you are not even close to one because you don't know where the King lived. Learn more before you make a fake test. Okay.
Skylar (63997)
829 days ago
Elvis Presley was born I Mississippi.
Saber fox (99820)
838 days ago
He was born in Mississippi not any of those states
Jessica (93071)
891 days ago
Learn a bit about the man before you make a test. This was just bad
Kay (79037)
896 days ago
Apparently whoever created this test, does not know much about Elvis Presley.! He was born in Tupelo Mississippi. There is not even a proper answer for your first question. A true Elvis fan would not even waste their time with this test!
Arne (51206)
903 days ago
Elvis was noen om Tupelo, in the staten og mississippi. This quiz was Willy.