Which Harry Potter witch is right for you? (BOYS ONLY)

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Find your dream Harry Potter witch! Pick different answers to get a different result. Only I know the answers!

  • 1
    Which of these options describes you best?
  • 2
    What's your favourite colour?
  • 3
    You see Harry in the streets whilst Voldemort is at power! What do you do?
  • 4
    What is your favourite subject?
  • 5
    Who is your favourite teacher?
  • 6
    Which house are you in?
  • 7
    Which potion would your girlfriend use?
  • 8
    Who would be your best friend?
  • 9
    How popular are you?
  • 10
    Which side are you on?
  • 11
    Who did you support in the tri-wizard tournament?
  • 12
    Where is your favourite place at Hogwarts?
  • 13
    What is your favourite book?
  • 14
    Who do you want?
  • 15
    Did you like the test?

Comments (18)


No name (42623)
31 days ago
Ginny Weasley is sexy
Anonymous (88286)
36 days ago
I got Ginny (somewhat disappointed)
David (85742)
68 days ago
Mostly Luna Lovegood nice
Nothing (19268)
118 days ago
I got Hermione granger . She is nice!! Very nice
hermione (70773)
126 days ago
I enjoy hermione (a lot)
Luna Is Mine (52048)
131 days ago
why is there no Hufflepuff it kind of pisses me off
hpotterhead (91783)
134 days ago
Hahaha I am a girl! But I agree lesbian and gay people exist.! ישר כוח
PotterHead510 (32851)
157 days ago
I got my favorite witch hermione that is so smart, and beautiful and kind
Lol (34682)
259 days ago
I did this test even though I am a GIRL because I am GAY
Bla Bla Bla (74098)
307 days ago
Do these people not know that gay people exist! I'm not gay I'm a hetero girl, why a, I here?
Gay? (25428)
309 days ago
Yes hello gay people are a thing we exist I'm a fricking lesbian
Your friendly neighbourhood lesbian (25428)
309 days ago
Yo gay girls exist lol
Hairy p.Otter (47689)
327 days ago
lea (96360)
488 days ago
"boys only" lmao let me (a gay girl) live in peace
Girl (40022)
601 days ago
A Girl Did That Girl Is Me and no I am not Gay I did it for fun
Bob (21812)
881 days ago
WHY is there STILL NO HUFFLEPUFF!???!!??!
Bob (21812)
882 days ago
I am in Hufflepuff. Why is there no Hufflepuff for what house you are in!
rei (95747)
930 days ago
why boys only? are girls not allowed to take this test?