Are you ready to own a horse/pony?

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Think you're ready? Test your knowledge.

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    Where should you NEVER EVER buy a horse from?

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Horselover1246 (62480)
6 days ago
I love horses and I spent hrs researching and i got 10/10 I hope it convinces my parents to buy one 🐴💙💜🐴🐴🐴
Andrea (62480)
15 days ago
I am so excited because I got 9 out of 10 so now I know that I am ready!!!!!!
Ren~ (41944)
32 days ago
I used to ride horses about a year ago and I’ve stopped but I want to get back into it but I know nothing about horses but somehow I got 9/10 haha. Questions were very easy.
horselover209 (04056)
58 days ago
I love horses they are my life!!!!!!I have a lesson hose named GoGo.She is a Tenessee Walking Palimino and is super sweet I love her so much!!!! We are pacticing hunter jumper diciapline!!!!!
Anonymous (12738)
113 days ago
I'm sorry people, but my friend that isn't a horse rider and only touched a horse twice or three times got 9/10.. According to this test, she's ready to own a 500kg animal! WOW Amazing..
RIDE my horses 4 ever (46907)
126 days ago
I have three horses so it was easy for me. I have two gelding and a mare. Horses require a lot of work and commitment. Btw- all ya'll horse lovers- keep convincing your parents!!! Everything is worth it to own a horse
AnniB (57570)
150 days ago
I got 10/10 ready to convince my parents!! Fingers crossed !!!!!!!!!
CrazyHorsE (54102)
151 days ago
I got 10 out of 10! I own my own horse so it wasn’t to hard!
Clareridesstephie (42518)
163 days ago
I basically have my own horse and I trust her enough that when i let her know I am there I will stand behind her haha so I think if u have a really good bond that it is ok
Horselover (84797)
174 days ago
Ive never owned a horse! And I absolutely love them so much! I always wanted one for months now! Ive also been studying them for actually awhile now! I took this quiz to test my knowledge and Im completely ready to own a horse! 9/10!
Callie (53109)
198 days ago
I got my pony at an auction, yes, it can be shifty, and you can get horses who are drugged, and not nearly as calm as they seem, but not all auction horses are bad. the people who sold me my pony were very nice and obviously cared a great deal about the pony. just be careful.
eatmeimdeliousanditastelikechicken (09551)
210 days ago
a horse can be a in a stall large enough to turn in a circle with out any cation necessary. I dontt even have a horse but I know a lot about them from my geat riding instructor
Toloveahorse (20643)
223 days ago
I rescued my horse from an abusive owner at an auction. He is a 17hh thoroughbred and now we compete in the hunter/jumper discipline. If you take this quiz and are actually thinking about getting a horse, don’t think that getting a horse from an auction is always a bad thing. You could be saving a horse’s life by adopting from auction!
Ponygirlie (26377)
247 days ago
Lots of stables are different sizes. As long as the stable is big enough to accommodate the horse, it doesn't matter the width or length
Tatum Heider (90377)
247 days ago
Rescuing a horse from a auction is completely fine I got a horse from an auction. All I did was fate. Him up and now he is a great jumper