What Color Should I Wear?

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This is a relatively accurate quiz for girls about what color would look good on them. I am truly sorry, but most of the options will not be helpful to Asian or African-American girls. Not to be racist, as some commenters are saying - I just did not have enough room in the test creation tool for all the possible skin tone options. At the end, I will also suggest a particular store where you can shop for a particular color.

  • 1
    What color is your hair? If it is dyed, choose your natural color. If you were miraculously born with green hair, then I do not know what to tell you besides that I am surprised the authorities in your medical institute allow you random and unsupervised use of the Internet.
    What color is your hair? If it is dyed, choose your natural color. If you were miraculously born with green hair, then I do not know what to tell you
  • 2
    What color are your eyes? If your eye color is not below, choose the same number as you did for your hair.
  • 3
    Do you have freckles?

  • 4
    What is your skin tone? These are not geared toward Asians or African-Americans
  • 5
    What is your favorite color? Choose the closest if it is not below.
  • 6
    Do you have glasses or braces?

  • 7
    How is your face shaped?
  • 8
    What is your personality like? I hope these are not too stereotypical:).
  • 9
    What is your lip shape and color? By color I mean the everyday shade your lip is, whether that includes lipstick/gloss or not.
  • 10
    What is your hair like, and how do you style it? I realize these are all similar, just try to pick the one most suited to you.

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20 days ago
All of the obvious race issues aside, this quiz is a joke. It didn't take into account body style, age, or (I don't know) gender??? You literally only focused on assuming a vain white person was taking this quiz just so you could flood our devices with advertising and get paid for weak material. If you're going to put something like this up on the internet, at least do it with integrity.
87 days ago
You are racist and you should be ashamed. As many have already said, your reasoning was ignorant and your choice of words were terrible. I can’t even tell whether you’re a troll or whether you were a severely uneducated, ignorant, racist individual. I am very angry this quiz exists.
88 days ago
Also, white but in a way that is beneficial to my beauty.... What the actual 🌻 does that even mean????? You've made up as many words for white as you can its rediculous, you're obviously very insecure and a very judgemental person, grow the hell up and get educated.
88 days ago
"some people telling me im racist im not" if poc are telling you this is racist, it is. Im white and i was shocked to see your wording for the options!! Brown but caucasian?? Perfect california teen tan??? This is about colour theory not how perfect white girls tans are, you need to change this you're excluding like 70% of the population?? Girls just wanna know what colour to wear then they get to a question that actively excludes them? You could have said, cool undertones, warm undertones, thats what the professionals use anyway, you're ignorant. I dont even know where to place myself on that list and im white.
89 days ago
I’m sorry bt yeah, this is quite racist- idk if u meant it to be or not but i don’t think people can put up quizzes like this excluding any skin tones- also, that question about if u wore braces or glasses and one of the options was “both:(“ that’s just horrible! Glasses and braces look absolutely fine and often rly good so please just edit out the sad face coz there rly is NOTHING sad about it!!!
150 days ago
HAHAHAHAHA AT THE TOP IT SAYS “not racist I just didn’t have enough room in the options” GIRL YOU PUT “white, tan, tan, white, aND BROWN BUT STILL WHITE” HAHAHAHA OH MY GOD jokes aside you should be ashamed!!!
150 days ago
I’m white and still offended by the skin color question. If you’re going to ask for skin color, why would you put 5 options for white? You obviously had room to be more inclusive and chose not to. This quiz is disappointing, and sets a horrible example for any young people (not just girls, which somehow didn’t cross your mind) who stumble across this. Just no.
155 days ago
You really need to think about your quiz. It’s rasist exclusive and bad. It is just bad in every way
155 days ago
I love the skin tone option and now it only is available for White females thx for absolutely nothing
162 days ago
This is racist and disgusting. This quiz should be taken down.
173 days ago
Why is it there are only long hair options? like, bobs and A-lines are things that are very common but all of the hair options are for long hair. What about short hair too? Pixie cuts are super cute.
179 days ago
Why did a heart appear after my sentence?
179 days ago
Ok so this is extremely racist. OF COURSE there are enough options for all the races. 💗. And why did you put glasses and braces like they’re bad things? Bigot.
191 days ago
I love how this is a quiz only for white girls. You had the room to make it for the various shades of white but the whole world. Thanks. White people don't come in just beige there are various colors. But alright!
225 days ago
not supposed to be a heart there. don't be exclusive/racist, it's not a good color on you
225 days ago
how about you make a new quiz that isn't geared towards only white people! 😍
225 days ago
I need help choosing a color to wear a dress can you say what color I should wear instead of pink thank you if you help me
255 days ago
haha! i got spring green too. i will try again pressing random!!!!!!! hehe ill got pink on a different one! i will try another here and somewhere else!!!
285 days ago
I don’t know what color I should wear help me find a color I should wear
323 days ago
I got spring green lol