What would you do? (lesbian version)

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See if you are a lesbian. Go through the day, pick your choice.

  • 1
    Your cousin comes over for a visit you...
  • 2
    You are up in your room. What do you do?
  • 3
    You lock the door and as soon as you do your cousin admits she has a crush on you what do you do?
  • 4
    You tell her you feel the same way what do you do know.
  • 5
    You are both fully undressed (underwear and all) what do you do know?
  • 6
    You start making out, what's next?
  • 7
    You take it to the bed, next...
  • 8
    You start having sex passionately what do you do now?
  • 9
    You finally take a break what do you do?
  • 10
    Your cousin finally has to go home what do you do?

Comments (19)


The Diablo (31998)
3 days ago
What the hell 😑. What is wrong with you quizmaker? Do you think being lesbian means you’re up for incest? I’m not straight but I have the decency not to say I’d do it with my cuz
D🌈😻 (72778)
3 days ago
How on earth could the quiz maker think about hooking with cousins!! Really true but not all are same😂🏳️🌈 but the quiz for fun for sure ❤😘
A Girl 😘 (82656)
7 days ago
How did the quizmaker think, "Yeah, this would be a good idea for a quiz to MAKE PEOPLE HAVE 💗 WITH THEIR COUSINS" 😂
Rainbow Gay (71777)
15 days ago
Honey darlin as single as I've ever been and this quiz was awkward cuz my cousin IS a girl but is STRAIGHT and yea we've seen each other naked and kissed a bit but nothing extreme
sophie (22204)
54 days ago
You are so a lesbian. You love to get it down with girls and have fun with it too. You love to kiss and have💗and everything. Forget about boys sister because you found your soul mate.

anyone single out there???
Some random person (19196)
110 days ago
'You are so not a lesbian, you should probably just stick to guys',
Ambi (08770)
137 days ago
After taking quiz I finally realized that it was incest omg
Hannah (03665)
144 days ago
Lydia, if you are still checking this website. Are you from my school, the RISS?
Hannah (03665)
144 days ago
You are so Lesbian. You love to get it down with girls and have fun with it too. You love to kiss and have💗and everything. Forget about boys sister because you found your soul mate.
Nora (62771)
153 days ago
This is incest....
Mystery (19169)
211 days ago
Why did th is turn me on a lot and now that I see my cousin I think about what was happening in the test
Questioning2017 (77074)
212 days ago
No this isn't a lesbian test this is to see whether you like incest and I'm just saying that this quiz maker is probably a straight guy who thinks that the only things that lesbians care about is lesbian💗not about any boundaries and that they have a weird incest fetish.
A turned on lesbain~ (68434)
256 days ago
Pfftt this turned me on
Conceredperson (32713)
342 days ago
You garls no right this is illegal
Thats so gross
Incest is a crime girls i am sorry
I mean if u wanna go have💗with ur cousin shure go ahead i bet thell tell the cops and u will go to jail
Jesus how old are these kids its ur cousin
❤Love❤ (82427)
444 days ago
I got this huge crush on this guy but I'm to afraid to talk to him what should I do 😔
anonymous (42387)
608 days ago
was not enough to turn me on but still wanna do it with a girl SO SOO BAD must be heaven o-o
A person (11170)
616 days ago
it's ur cousin ur related 😮😐😂
Lydia (45784)
653 days ago
Oh god! Is this wrong I got full out lesbian. Because of my "cousin"?
Ghost (03178)
657 days ago
This got me so turned on