What Should Your Name Really Be?

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Ever feel the name you were given by your well-meaning parents is just plain wrong for you? Ever wish you were named something cuter, sexier, or more high-class? Do you ever practice writing or calling yourself a name you like better? Here, learn what name should REALLY be on your birth certificate, based on your personality, likes & dislikes, and random personal facts.

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    What letter does your given name start with?
    What letter does your given name start with?

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Brylee (59331)
6 days ago
I like artand I know how to sing a lot of lyrics of bad at l
Arjun (27335)
7 days ago
You are completely wrong
GryffindorChaser (31022)
10 days ago
I'm a girl, so just read the girl names if you want to.

For 50 % you are: The choices for your name include (for girls):
Ginny, Gracie, Amelia, Ivy, Lavender, Rachel, Lucia, Becca, Mariah and Cassandra.
(For Boys):
Harry, Tyler, Carl, Ron, Orion, Isaac, Troy, Aaron, Paris and Wayne.
32 % of 420332 Quiz participants had this profile! Profile A

You could also get this result:
For 30 % you are: The choices for your name include (for girls):

Bella, Leila, Katie, Selene, Alice, Aria, Miranda Rosa, Julie and Ariadne.

(For Boys):

Edward, Jason, Julian, Jacob, Daniel, Petro, Philip, Warren, James and Matthew. Profile B

Or even this one:
For 20 % you are: The choices for your name include (for girls):

Katniss, Raven, Clara, Lavinia, Echo, Luce, Willow, Alexandra, Helen and Zoe.

(For Boys):

Gale, William, Adrian, Hunter, Milo, Peeta, Mason, Victor, Lucian and Rory. Profile C
amelia (12805)
11 days ago
omg its my name
Noname (30502)
16 days ago
As a child I hated my given name. I actually gave myself my own name. The name I chose did not belong to the gender I was born with. Surprisingly the name I chose for myself was on the list!
scootles (31332)
22 days ago
I didn't really like this quiz, I don't listen to any of those rock bands or know anything about them, nor have I read/watched any of those series. These questions shouldn't be dependent on a fan base many people are not involved in, and there should be way more selection as I'm sure I'm not the only one who came across questions where I fit into no category.

As a result, many of the names were just not me.
rachel (17960)
32 days ago
it was your second profile you got it
Jacob (99339)
34 days ago
Congats u got my name
Nicaulineda (04834)
40 days ago
I don't know oh w what it means
sharjeel (49720)
40 days ago
OMG!! (90893)
41 days ago
Sure.... Jake……….
OwlHunterLover (90893)
41 days ago
Jeez Woman! I was just like, stating my opinion
OMG!! (90893)
41 days ago
LoL, Owl, you are so overreacting
OwlHunterLover (90893)
41 days ago
Dude, I got like my like, name that I'm like, like, already named, like, like, whut??
Soupy (86577)
42 days ago
I literally got my own name in this quiz
Sarina (75492)
42 days ago
I don’t like the names that are “meant to be mine” I like Sarina better
Rak💗h (53531)
43 days ago
It's is silent
Aria Yandre (36170)
43 days ago
This is a good quiz!!!
humna cool (86096)
45 days ago
Hy! Frends am here to see my name's first letter n to see their knowledge about peoples am just doing time pass
Thaddeus (60019)
47 days ago