Does My Crush Like Me Back? (Both Genders)

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I've been wondering if my own crush likes me back, and spent hours taking quizzes. All the answers varied, and I got really, I made my own quiz! I can't read your crush's mind, but this test should help you do so.

  • 1
    Does your crush ever talk to you?
  • 2
    Does your crush tease you?
  • 3
    Has your crush ever poked you, pulled your hair, etc?
  • 4
    The furthest you guys have gone?
  • 5
    Do you really like this person? If not, you shouldn't waste your time.
    Do you really like this person? If not, you shouldn't waste your time.
  • 6
    Please be honest: Does he/she like you?
  • 7
    If he/she sees you in the hallway?
  • 8
    Why do you like him/her?
  • 9
    How did you guys meet?
  • 10
    Why do you think he/she likes you?
  • 11
    Has he/she ever complimented you?
  • 12
    Would he/she sit next to you?
  • 13
    Does he/she come to you for advice?
  • 14
    (This does not count to your score):
    This was my first quiz, was it good?

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9 days ago
I think I have an answer to your problem. I have a lesbian friend, and I myself am Bisexual. If you really think Molly is the one for you, then you should confess! If she doesn't like you back, well, you can do better than her! If she does, good for you! I'm going to follow my own advice and confront my manz. GO GET HER!
9 days ago
All the tests I've taken so far have suggested that he likes me back. I'm very scared to confront him in the morning at school. I texted him to meet me in the library, but I don't think he's ever going to read the text. I just hope someday we can be together. It doesn't have to be now, we're only in 6th grade, but someday, maybe. I know he's the one for me, bust am I the one for him?
9 days ago
My crush is in my class at school and is REALLY smart and REALLY popular and I’m quite smart and quite popular. I’ve met him in loadsa random places and he seems shy wit me. I rly like him but half of the girls in my year do too- including the 2 most popular girls😭 One is also smart and they’d suit each other and he acts same wit her and me. Do u think he will pick me or them???
15 days ago
I have a crush on a girl in my grade. I've known her for three years since I moved to a new town. We are in sixth grade (young love lol) and I've talked with her so many times. Her name is Molly. We always talked during math and were always partners. When my friends once messed up my hair, Molly swept it behind my ear, and I was dying inside. My friends (bless their souls) invite her to sit with us at lunch every fee weeks. Its amazing and I love getting to know her. We are also in my school's musical together and in the same onsomble. I think she likes me as a friend, and wrote how sweet and awesome I am in my yearbook last year. I wrote a memoir about us under the names of "Star Gazed and Ocean Eyes". The awkward thing is... We are both girls. Yes, I'm the world's youngest lesbian. I'm not sure how to tell her I like her, and I want to because I've crushed on her for three years. What do I do? Help me out, high schoolers! I'm going and I'm not sure what I'm doing. Help is really appreciated, and I hope everyone is doing okay! If not, then you're amazing just the way you are and if someone tells you differently then can burn in Hell. Thank you!
27 days ago
I got there is a big chance, I told my crush I like him today and it didn't go bad, he asked why I liked him I told him why, and the he said he needed to think about it haha! So it isn't a total rejection! Although he is a senior, and I am a sophomore so idk, I hope it works out though because I really like him!
28 days ago
So it says that I have a big chance if my crush is into me and if that happens to be true, I’m leaving a message here if coincidence happen and if we have fate. My crush’s name is Jessie and although I told her that I don’t want to talk to her, it’s not that I need a break from her but I need time to reconsider whatever we’ve been through and some words do hurt even though we’re close friends. If Jessie sees this, ask me what’s wrong and I would gladly answer.
29 days ago
So it says 90% but that’s not accurate, because I like this girl....but I know she won’t like me back because, well.... we’re meant to be friends, and we’re in this group together since yr7, but now we’re yr8 we got split up and after registration, she goes off with her other friends and completely ignores me. We used to be quite close, and I would walk to lessons with her and my other friend, but one day they just ran away from me I caught up with them and they told me it was annoying how I was always following them. She does things like this to me a lot, but I do dont now does this count as bullying? If so then I’m in huuuuge trouble. She told me she’s bi and that she likes a girl so theres a small chance but why would she like Enter here your text you want to formatme when she could like all the other rlly pretty popular girls.
31 days ago
Apparently, he might like me! Woo! For the first 4.5 weeks of the school year we sat next to each other in science class (we had assigned seats, and this was after I had taken note of his existence, but before I liked him) and he NEVER STOPPED TALKING! Like, even after the teacher either took away his dungeons and dragons book, and was trying to teach us something, he never stopped talking. He generally played with his hair, and smiled a lot. Moving forward a couple of weeks, my workshop teacher (who happened to be the science teacher) told me that’s my circle group had been switched, and my crush happened to be in it. (This is still before I liked him). Fast forward a little more, I join our D and D club. I join his campaign, and he helps us all make a character. I make one character, and he makes me make another because, quote unquote, “our campaign can’t have two barbarians”. He helps me make a rogue. Moving forward again, I realize that I like him. We’ve moved seats at this point, and he’s halfway across the room from me. I start looking at him more, and I notice him looking at me. Fast forward to two weeks ago, we start talking before school. We have the same friends and such, and he starts hanging out where my friends and I happen to be. Yesterday, I’m walking into school, and he and our friend Max are being slow. I walk into the door and, thinking that it will stay unlocked, let it shut. I look back, notice that they can’t open the door, and tell a teacher. Five minutes later, I’m talking to our friend Eden, when he comes up to me and says, “Ryan, you evil b@stard. I saw you looking back when the door shut.” I wondered why he was paying attention to me, and joked that I was trying to see what not being a Hufflepuff felt like. That is the end of our story, so far.
Some things that I forgot:
on Wednesday, I touched him with a thing on my hands that my friend Alex and his sister call (drumroll please) SPRAY ON GAY, STRAIGHT AWAY! And he jokes that that was why his, um, thing was so small.
Once, for about a week last year, he only called me pole girl, since he learned my name while I was talking to my friend and leaning on a pole.
39 days ago
so in class we had to change seats and I the boy was next to me and the first day we started to talk and get to know each other and it lasted for months hut we always got in trouble by the teacher for giggling too much so we moved seats.the next day I went on the floor cuz I couldn’t see where I was so I sat down and then HE SAT NEXT TO ME and yes we talked and talked but now... we barely talk as much as we used to a lot of people say they likes him but I don’t want to be a girl who likes a guy who other people like.. what should I do btw we talk a lot and we sure food .
40 days ago
Ok so I like this one girl and she is a good friend of mine we sit together st lunch talk all the time and cover for each other. But her bff likes me and idrk What to do because we are all in like a friend group. I can’t just let the girl down and ask out my crush because then she would get very upset with me.

Somebody please give me advice
42 days ago
55 days ago
i hope when it ends with him and his girl she will come to me because i really love him with all my heart
65 days ago
I really hope she says yes
69 days ago
Yes! There is a big chance! Try asking him/her out! I'm 90% sure he/she will say yes!

OMFG! I'm freaking lucky..
73 days ago
Ok I will tell him I like him and see what he says *pls like me back*
91 days ago
I am 15 and just got dumped by my crush,Eric who is 16,last week.I made my First Holy Communion on September 23rd in the teen class.Per the parish dress code,all of us girls had to wear the poofy,knee length,short sleeve,communion dress and veil with a white tee shirt,cloth diaper,plastic pants white tights and the white mary jane shoes.Eric came to my party and one of my friends lifted up the front of my communion dress to check out the diaper and plastic pants under my tights,and he saw them and asked me why i was wearing them and i told him they are the required underwear for the girls.He has acted cold towards me since then and dumped me last week! I am really depressed!
94 days ago
I was 100% honest on this test but yet it said he would say yes if I asked him our but I asked him out a few days ago and he said no sorry 😐
110 days ago
I really like my crush but he’s older and I just don’t think it will happen🤧. We have been Freud seance we were little. It’s said I have 90% change he says yes but deep in my heart I think he will say no😢...lonely for ever...
110 days ago
I don't even know if my crush likes me but aperently my crush looks at me occasionally my friends are always telling me, "OMFG HE LOOKED AT YOUR SOUL AAAAH YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!!" and stuff like that, yet again, it might just be a coincidence that he looks into my soul. I want to tell him my feelings but I have a fear of getting attention from strangers, so if I get rejected, I might be the center of attention. I guess this is my life.
114 days ago
I really hope he loves me even though he already has a girlfriend he’s so cute like OMG IM GOING TO FLIPpings FAINT AND DIE LOL jk :(
Lol I don’t know why I did a sad face