Does My Crush Like Me Back? (Both Genders)

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I've been wondering if my own crush likes me back, and spent hours taking quizzes. All the answers varied, and I got really, I made my own quiz! I can't read your crush's mind, but this test should help you get some idea of what s/he is thinking about you.

  • 1
    Does your crush ever talk to you?
  • 2
    Does your crush tease you?
  • 3
    Has your crush ever poked you, pulled your hair, etc?

  • 4
    The furthest you guys have gone?
  • 5
    Do you really like this person? If not, you shouldn't waste your time.
    Do you really like this person? If not, you shouldn't waste your time.
  • 6
    Please be honest: Does he/she like you?

  • 7
    If he/she sees you in the hallway?
  • 8
    Why do you like him/her?
  • 9
    How did you guys meet?
  • 10
    Why do you think he/she likes you?

  • 11
    Has he/she ever complimented you?
  • 12
    Would he/she sit next to you?
  • 13
    Does he/she come to you for advice?
  • 14
    (This does not count to your score):
    This was my first quiz, was it good?

Comments (160)


Omg I am so glad that my crush likes me I was so worried but now I have the confidence to ask him/her to be my boyfriend/girlfriend I dont wanna share any info lol
6 days ago
and freak now i a m l o n e l y a s h e c k
6 days ago
here is the thing: i love her a lot, but my friend refuses to give me her number. help me please. i need persuading help. please
23 days ago
Yaaaaaaaaas! There is a 90 % chance!! Oh, I love him so much. I will send him a hand-written note when we eventually go back to school! =D
45 days ago
Yay he likes me so yay
55 days ago
I'm lesbian and so is my crush so I've got a chance!
94 days ago
well my crush is straight and im not ha ha i m s o l o n e l y
114 days ago
114 days ago
i got 90% percent tho....hell no
114 days ago
uREGH! idk....i put kiss but they mustve thought of it the wrong way cause i kissed him on the cheek not the lips and we've hugged so IDK to put we've kissed or hugged? but hes so mean to me he insults me and takes the tiniest things he notices about me and makes it into a whole 💗 joke!!! DOES HE LIKE ME OR NOT?!
131 days ago
so many 90 percents!!!!!!
134 days ago
Soo she actually likes someone else and I know who they are but I was curious about it..... But we are also best friends and hang out a lot.... One time she called me cute.... I got 90% she likes somebody else tho.... One time we held hands just to bother the boy who has liked me for over a year...... IM STILL NOT GONNA ASK HER
161 days ago
So this test said I should ask out my boy crush but i'm way to shy and he is my best friend. Plus my friends keep telling him that we should date, and just last week my crush danced in the hallway while I was the only one looking at him, winked and then smiled, then later on he kept trying to make me laugh then he touched my hand for a minute while staring in my eyes.
177 days ago
I want a 100% not some 90%
177 days ago
so like 90% but still nahhhh :') not gonna ask
181 days ago
i also got the same thing oofffff!
181 days ago
the guy i like is named keno and we are best friends and he is dating one of my friends and they broke up today i am positive he likes me and he hints he wants my number i don’t no what to say if he ask me out and i like him i don’t think it is a huge crush but yeah we are best friends and i don’t wanna ruin it or with the girl he just broke up with he is a mexican red head and he is kinda cut
182 days ago
HA! U JUST 💗 FAILED! I got he likes me back más that I have a 90% chances. WELL GUESS WHAT HE REJECTED ME HAHAHAHA IMA TEN PERCENT
189 days ago
I got: OK, hel-LO! He/she is head-over-heels for you! YOU GUYS ARE JUST KILLING ME! One of you make a move, PLEASE, before we all go crazy from waiting! The last statement is how all of my friend groups that know about us are like and same for him! Lord help us all! 😂😅
213 days ago
Is it just me or does it always say 90% so your motivated