Are You Depressed Or Just Miserable?

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Believe it or not, depression and misery are two different things. Depression is where certain symptoms last over two weeks. Misery can be a temporary spurt of depression, lasting maybe a day or two. Take this test to see if you are just miserable or are depressed.

  • 1
    I've been feeling the way I do now for over two weeks.
  • 2
    I've been having thoughts of suicide.
  • 3
    I've been having the urge to cut.
  • 4
    I haven't been eating or sleeping like normal.
  • 5
    I have withdrawn myself from family and friends.
  • 6
    I have placed myself in confinement.
  • 7
    I've been asking myself why I have to live.
  • 8
    Every time I get asked to go anywhere, or do anything that requires movement, I decline.
  • 9
    I feel lost, like I don't know what's going on half the time.
  • 10
    I feel empty inside.
  • 11
    I feel alone and desperate.
  • 12
    I am starting to cry more than normal and when I do cry, it's unstoppable.
  • 13
    Anything can set me off.
  • 14
    I cry myself to sleep at least 3 nights a week.
  • 15
    I feel like no one's there for me.
  • 16
    I'm desperate for my life to end.
  • 17
    I'm on medication for depression.
  • 18
    I have attempted suicide in the past 2 weeks, and I still feel like trying again.
  • 19
    I am desperate for this pain to end, now.
  • 20
    I feel numb inside most of the time.

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You are a little depressed. Get support. Everything will be fine. Just tell people what's going on.

Hey, everyone? I don't think we all should be depressed. I say to myself everymorning, "It's going to be a better day." Do that, too.
2 days ago
My parents can’t help, like I am very lost, yet they just don’t think I am depressed. They think just because I was a joker in the past I am joking around. Once, I showed a cut to my only sibling. She started making a dramatic problem.
24 days ago
It's unfortunate that we all suffer, but hopefully we all find our ways out of this cruel creature's grasp.

Quote from Layers of Fear.
"What do we do when we fail? We start over."
24 days ago
You are a little depressed. Get support. Everything will be fine. Just tell people what's going on.

You have correctly answered 11 of 20 questions.

On average, 55791 of users who took the quiz gave 10.77 right answers.

Didn't know it was a right or wrong quizz...
99 days ago
Get guys? This may be repetitive, but, don't commit suicide. Try to get some help from whoever you live with. My dad died a while ago, and I'm depressed. Can't get help, so I keep saying to myself every morning, "Just one more day of %100." Say that to yourself every morning, and update me in the comments on how you are doing. I'm not a therapist, or a doctor at all, but this helped me, and might help you. Keep on living. It will be okay soon enough. This happened for a reason, so just trust anybody who you worship or believe in.
148 days ago
My parents are also dead. 😞
154 days ago
"Friends aren't going to help. It's time to get your parents involved." My parents are dead.
187 days ago
Extremely depressed hmm sounds about right
300 days ago
Ha, funny. Do you cry yourself to sleep? I haven't been able to cry in decades. It must be nice to be able to cry. I can't kill myself, so I just have to go on being suicidally miserable day after day after day, Great fun. For what it's worth, killing yourself doesn't work. You just wind up in purgatory which is worse than being alive and miserable. No, really - take it from me, and I'm a militant atheist. I don't have good advice for fellow sufferers, but I can say - you're not alone. There's a lot of us out here...
301 days ago
My results were extremely depressed..which seems true since I think of suicide all the time...wanting to die...cutting...crying myself to sleep...feeling like nothing is worth it anymore...i need help...i want to get through this but feel like I'm always left in the I'm alone..
308 days ago
i been really sad like crying myself to sleep and not talking to anyone. and then i talked to my science teacher about why i was sad and now she helps me and i talk to her in resource and science and she’s helped me so much. i love her
342 days ago
Tbh I feel empty like I have no emotions at all & I feel like I don’t show it
355 days ago
I feel the way that the test said I did. My grandmother passed away 5/11/17 what followed was an eviction from my only home . And a divorse of my parents. I don't feel like ther is anywhere I can open up about my feelings.
356 days ago
Most women are just down right very horrible nowadays with a lot of mental problems unfortunately, and are very dangerous psychopaths as well. Enough said.
365 days ago
easiest quiz lol
just pick true for everything
378 days ago
I self harm. Honestly expected this to be higher than 16 out of 20. I'm really only living for my friend, who is also depressed.
378 days ago
I am 80% depressed! 16 out of 20. Honestly expected it to be higher.
383 days ago
I answered 18 of 20 right.... :I
399 days ago
I mean 9/20 questions right
432 days ago
So I correctly answered 4 of 20 questions. I didn't realize these questions were right or wrong.