Am I Bisexual, Bi-Curious, Straight Or A Lesbian?

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Are you uncertain about your sexual orientation? Ever wonder, am I bisexual? Then this quiz is for you! Upon completion, you'll find out whether you're straight, bi-curious, bisexual or a lesbian.

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    Do you find yourself attracted to men?
    Do you find yourself attracted to men?

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its complicated (15507)
2 hours ago
I'm 14 and I had come out being bi last year, I was 13. for a while I was sure of it but today I was looking around class and thinking what did I really find attractive about a boy, I looked at one of the boys and im not actually sure what it really is. I do find boys so called good looking and I've had bfs in the past but was never confident about holding their hands. I got a gf a few days ago and I feel 100% comfortable in hold her hand and hugging her and hopefully soon a kiss but I don't get this feeling like this with a guy. what does this mean? am I bi, or Lesbian?
Kendall (06102)
6 hours ago
This quiz kinda helped. I've been questioning my sexuality for over a few months,wondering if I really am Bi or if it's just a faze. I'm in middle school and all my classmates are super judge so I'm thinking I won't tell everyone for a while longer.
Bri (64300)
11 hours ago
So I'm a little confused. I got 31% bisexual and I also got 31% lesbian annnnddd I also got 31% bi-curious or whatever it was. And 8% straight. How does that happen??😂 But I think I am more bisexual than lesbian tho.
Ophélia (20387)
14 hours ago
Anyone wanna talk dirty on snapchat or insta?
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Ophélia (20387)
14 hours ago
Hi, #adriana😊 I am going through a similar problem, I am 13 & I have a huge family so I am not sure how they would take if it came 2 a point where I had 2 tell them what is going on😣 I also really hope this is a faze! I have a twin sister & all I can think about is how she would react & whether it would be awkward between us after. I have only told 1 person, my friend who wouldn't/ couldn't tell anyone. She went through a similar thing before I met her, but hers was a faze... I really hope u work out how 2 tell your dad! I'm sorry but I'm probably not any use 😂 I'm not very good on giving advice... Good luck xx
Alan (59069)
22 hours ago
#Adriana I also have the same problem. Idk how to deal with that?? Anyone over here help me please!!!!!
Adriana (47808)
Im 13 and a girl child and i think im bi which is crazy and i reeealy hope its a faze and my dad is super religous and said that lgbtq isnt right and isnt in the bible anf if i support it i only beleive in some parts of the bible (lmao my life is ruined) and rn its 2:37 am and im freaking out from my results because it says im 0% straight and i dont want to be a sinner in my dads eyes and im crying someone sc me or text me advice sc @adrianacansing 815-988-8875 (lmao send help)
Anonymous (54229)
I'm a lesbian yup I knew it I just knew it
Angel (69547)
I’m bi...YAY. I’ve never had a gf tho... hopings to get one
Jessy (61887)
Hey,im 11 however im attracted to personalitys not genders even if a hot guy asked me out and a hot girl asked me out if the girl had a better personality than the guy i would definately go for her (im a girl btw) but if the guy had a better personality than the girl i would choose him
Alma (10101)
It feels a kinda weird to adjust in the environment where people make fun of LGBT in my discomfort. Idk why am not still not able to come out. I am lesbian and I came out my sister she said she would cut off the relation if I don't change myself :(
Katiiiee (41205)
I’m only 11 and people say that I’m not lesbian because I’m so young and I don’t properly know what it is yet, but I do know and I know I am lesbian, can anyone relate?
Katiiiee (41205)
Hey Stephanie, I’d love to but I’m not allowed snapchat 😪😥😥😭😭😭
Gia (24630)
2 days ago
Umm i don’t really under stand them but I think I’m bi-curious lol idk
S. M. (88359)
2 days ago
I got 0% straight 😂 how did I know
Stephanie (07806)
2 days ago
Who wants to talk dirty Snapchat smedellin0906 I’m 12
Lauren (88035)
2 days ago
Mine is so true it says im 85% lesbian 8% straight and 8% bisexual
Angela (01727)
2 days ago
I’m 12 and I’ve dated 2 boys,one of which I broke up with about a month ago after 11.5 months and there’s a girl that I like in my class.Ive never liked a girl before so I am unsure about my sexuality but I got:


I thought that I might get more in bi or straight but I guess not.
Vicky (75948)
3 days ago
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😊🍌 (07381)
3 days ago
Maddie hit my line I’m 12 and a girl 😏