Am I Bisexual, Bi-Curious, Straight Or A Lesbian?

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Are you uncertain about your sexual orientation? Ever wonder, am I bisexual? Then this quiz is for you! Upon completion, you'll find out whether you're straight, bi-curious, bisexual or a lesbian.

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    Do you find yourself attracted to men?
    Do you find yourself attracted to men?

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51 days ago
Also I'm Female and 13 lol also I have a bf but I still have crushes on girls but sometimes I just wanna be with a girl cuz their more like lovey and understanding...if you know what I mean UwU lol ;3
52 days ago
Lol I'm a top I think but I'm bi, I was pretty sure that I already was but I didn't' know that I was only 8% straight and 46% bi-sexual and 31% les, and 15% bi_curious lol anyone else. I don't think I'm going to tell my mom or dad. I think my dad is homophobic.
53 days ago
I’m a bottom idk what to say lol
54 days ago
I thought I would be bisexual but it turns out im lesbian.
58 days ago
Sorry for the grammer mistakes ;-; I meant being with your loved one instead of bring with your loved one, I want to try it out to find out instead of I w ant you to try it out to find out, I never know if I hurt them instead of I never know if I hurt then, and I don't want to kiss some random girl instead of I don't want to kiss someone random girl
58 days ago
I honestly don't have an idea if I am actually straight or not. All my life I have been told you are straight. I have liked boys for most of my life. It's just I never really thought of girls that way. Honestly I am scared if I turn out to be bi. My dad is kinda homophobic. He doesn't mind people bring bi, straight, gay, and all that, but he just doesn't want you know that they are. And if he does, to not be near him while bring with your loved one. I have been told that bring bi is a sin. That I shouldn't think that way. I mean sure my best friends would support me, but they would be awkward with me because they never know if I like them or not. Which I have before, but I stopped. I w ant you try it out to find out, but I don't want to just kiss a girl to find out. It's like an experiment, I just don't want to do it. I never know if I hurt then just for my selfish reasons to find out. At the same time I don't want to kiss someone random girl. :( I am really conflicted about this.....
59 days ago
62 days ago
I'm a female and apparently i'm mostly bi-curious, because i'm attracted to these 2 girls but also this one boy who I like ALOT. I don't really want to be anything but straight, so I guess im a little bit homophobic, but i'm just scared that if I come out bi-sexual, then i'm scared that my crushes won't want to be my boyfriend/girlfriend. And im really scared of what my parents will think.
63 days ago
It said I am Bi-Sexual. Which is sort of true. I have a crush on a couple boys, who have/had a crush on me. Yet on the other hand, my first kiss was with a girl, while I was playing spin the bottle with my friends. I am honestly just confused, because in the back of my head I'm just oh she's pretty, but them I'm like he's cute, so I dont know.
63 days ago
i mean I'm honestly confused... I've liked guys, dated guys ect but there is this thing in the back on my head that just thinks, what if I am...what if I am bi, I know for sure that I like guys but I've never none anything with a girl.. I'm always thinking "wow she's very pretty" or "man I wish I look like her" but I can't tell if at moments its just an innocent thought or a full-fledged crush. I can remember this one time where I was very close friends with this girl and all I could think was that I just wanted to kiss her.. in that moment I just needed to know. was I bi or not? I didn't end up doing it and still never have. what if I do like girls too and I cant call myself bi because I've never done anything. am I bi?
65 days ago
sorry guys being lesbian is not ok... sorry to burst your bubble but even if you are a Christian then you will go to hell
65 days ago
test: 0% straight
me, a lesbian: lol
67 days ago
I knew my test results would turn out straight and it did i just wanted to see what the percentages are that i am something else.
67 days ago
When I was with my boyfriend when we were together, he didn't make me happy and would never talk to me, but he blamed me for everything. Now I'm starting to question what is my sexuality. I like boys a lot but I also like girls and I got bi curious but the problem is I have no one to kiss to see what I am cuz that's the only way I can tell what my sexuality is. I think I'm more into girls right now. I think I'm done with boys I can't trust them anymore.
68 days ago
Lol, 8% of mostly everything except Lesbian,;-;
70 days ago
"you are 0% straight"
it's true though
71 days ago
I also think my parents won't accept me If I do turn out to be bisexual I'm scared
71 days ago
Ok so I'm about too turn 12 this year it says I'm 54% bi curious and I do think I'm bi curious because I am kind of into girls and want to try out kissing one but I mostly like guys I have had a boyfriend before and we split up 3 and a half months ago and I still love him what do I do ?
73 days ago
31% bi. Possibly correct. I know I'm bi-curious, but I have a really homophobic family so I'm scared of if I am. I'm not a lesbian, I'm more likely bi. I've "thought" about women before and I remember looking at a female teacher once and thinking she was kinda cute. I have had a boyfriend and I still kinda like him. I did love him but it faded gradually after we split. Even while I'm writing this I'm realizing how big a possibility it is that I'm bi and getting more nervous.
73 days ago
i don't know if this works 100 per cent, cos im still a lil confused about my sexuality.