Does she like me? (very accurate! and for people ages 10-14)!

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Do you want to know if the girl you like likes you back? Here is the most accurate quiz. My friends tell me who they like and I could tell they weren't lying.

  • 1
    Does she talk to you?
  • 2
    Does she stare at you?
  • 3
    Does she flirt with you?
  • 4
    Did you ever hear her friends talking about you( in a good way) when they think you are out of earshot?
  • 5
    You walk past her and her friends. What do they do?
  • 6
    Does she know you and denies it to her friends?
  • 7
    Is she dating?
  • 8
    Is her feet pointed toward you?
  • 9
    Does she smile at you?
  • 10
    Last question: Does she pay attention to you when you're talking?

Comments (19)


Micky (15809)
57 days ago
Im like literally the on girl doing this probably just to actually see what would the test results be if my crush came onto this site; said I like him and another dude(super close but not completely accurate)
blabla5656 (61218)
68 days ago
lol am i the only girl doing this quiz to see what is gonna be reveald if my crush tried it?? soo now i like 2 boys and theyre telling him to try harder (thats close)
Kk (31625)
83 days ago
This is a good website to know about your crush
boi (79477)
97 days ago
I have been wanting to know if this girl likes me. I have been doing every quiz I could find. All of them says she likes me. I am not sure if she does or does not.
ad (37497)
106 days ago
You guys are lifesavers keep up the good work I am a kid that lover her a lot nowith there is a 89% chance she likes me too 😎😎😎
POP (08554)
134 days ago
There is this girl who kept looking at me so I checked out this web and she likes me
Human man (12685)
194 days ago
She has bf. But she's hot. Imma ask her to the snow coming dance
Cash (44329)
197 days ago
The girl I like is very hot💘
ElyshahA (82872)
198 days ago
I was wanting to know if this one girl like me unlike one of dose not knowknow.
Alexthebeast024 (73894)
206 days ago
She likes me as a friend???
Me >:) (55786)
221 days ago
She likes me!!!! I catch her staring at me all the time I feel like he likes me... she smiles at me..too
Just Another Girl (12540)
221 days ago
This is accurate, it says she doesn’t like me more than a friend. I know for a fact she likes somebody else and she is straight so there is no way she likes me back. I have loved her for a year and it hurts so badly. She only ever talks about other guys. Let’s call them Eric and Ed. And let’s call my crush Fiona. (Note: not their real names) Anyways, Ed likes Fiona and has spent hours talking to her online over text. Eric also has stayed up late with Fiona to talk to her. I hardly get to talk to her anymore because she only talks to them and other people but ignores my messages.Ed doesn’t know but Fiona knows that Ed likes her. Which makes this so complicated. Ed used to like me and I knew him first. I also knew Eric before Fiona. I introduced them and am deeply regretting it. Everyday I just stare at Fiona, she is so hot. I get why all the boys have a crush on her. Anyways she doesn’t like me back and everyday I can’t stop thinking about her constantly and staring at pictures of her. She thinks of me only as a friend, if even. My life sucks 😥
That one girl (17008)
244 days ago
I know I’m not the only girl that’s taken this. So...I took it from my crushes point of view and it’s pretty accurate. Plus, some girls hide their feelings really well so that doesn’t help if you want to take this quiz.
Tommy (60914)
247 days ago
I like a girl, but I know 100% that she likes someone else soooooooo. I’m dead inside.
dat boi (05382)
266 days ago
okayyy...i do not know if i am the only girl who took this test.but i took it from ONE OF MY CRUSHES' point of veiw and it is not is said,"she likes someone else but keep trying and she will be yours"it is true i do like another boy besides camren.boys,i am sorry i am expressing my dark feelings ,but i want to die right now.if i win camren's heart,then i won't have dennis'.*sigh*all i want is to smash a piñata by myself.meh-_-
girl (also a loser :3) (72951)
267 days ago
“she likes you and someone else” lol what? I took this from my crush’s POV and a lot of the answers didn’t come close to what I wanted to say, so naturally the result was wrong. hmm
a girl (96877)
273 days ago
I took this test from the point of view of a guy and chose the ones that a girl would do if she liked you. I would know bc I'm a girl. I took this test for my brother... 100% accurate
ZombieJT (85390)
286 days ago
It was very accurate the answer I got seemed obvious in real life and will help me win her over this other guy
Abe (81845)
357 days ago
This quiz is accurate! I know this girl that likes me and one of my close friends. But I'm the only one who likes her back!