Does she like you the way you like her? (boys ages 10-13 only!)

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Do you want to know if the girl you liked likes you back the same way? Well, here is the most accurate quiz that you can take to find out. I'm a girl, so I know what they are like. Take your time!

  • 1
    Does she talk to you?
  • 2
    Does she stare at you?
  • 3
    Does she flirt with you ONLY?
  • 4
    Is her feet pointed toward you? (a weird question, but it still counts toward score)
  • 5
    Does she smile at you?
  • 6
    Did you ever hear her talking about you (in a good way) to her friends(when she thought you were out of earshot)?
  • 7
    Does she know you and when her friends ask her if she likes you or not, does she deny it?
  • 8
    When she and her friends passes you in the hallway, what do they do?
  • 9
    Is she dating?
  • 10
    Who does she flirt with most?

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Girl (46129)
12 days ago
I saw him on Friday and I started twirling my hair like crazy. He noticed and said hi. Want to go to science together? I immediately accepted. #sopumped
Someone (06377)
13 days ago
I just saw her a few days ago and she was so pretty.and I think she likes me to
Someone (71407)
14 days ago
I’m a girl putting all of the answers that he might put and this test was kind of wrong....
Yay (40226)
19 days ago
Yay i meat up with her at her house we hung out with her brother . Then we went in her room to hang out like we do outside of class her she said oh yes i do ! Then next thing i know is we were kissing wooo hooo this just proves you cant be shy to ask a girl if she likes you we are now dating so teens out there dont be shy just go with it😀

This is him
Need some advice (03676)
19 days ago
Oh by the way she is really cutie and caring person and really smart im embarrassed to tell her i like her and i am gonna see her in 2 hours and im always looking at her face we are always talking

This is him
Need some advice (69474)
20 days ago
I like this girl A LOT and im pretty sure she likes me . She is always talking when we are together and all giggle around me. We see each other wed and sat in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and when we talk its about our life im 11 shes 10 my answer was you are friend now but later you guys might be in some thing big . And we agree on a lot of stuff
Nathan (89105)
22 days ago
If you find this i love you jazelle
boy (38262)
27 days ago
i love you violet if you're reading this=]
lil_tom Millstone (49737)
29 days ago
So I really like this girl but we only sometimes talk and I and typically everyone in the school knows she likes this guy what should I do?
Somebody (46768)
29 days ago
i really like this girl and shes pretty and smart. shes awesome but idk if she likes me back. we're best friends though and idk how to ask her out. my friend says that she likes me but im not sure if that true
A boy (20983)
30 days ago
((so I really like this girl and I am starting to get anxious also I'm really awkward and I'm not really worth anyone's time what do I do? I've been asking her friend about it a lot am I doing the right thing?
Girl (07435)
37 days ago
I like this boy don’t ask why I think took this test and so we both look at eachother and blush or well I blush and too boys make fun of me liking this other boy that I liked two days ago 😉😫😏
Don't wana to put ma name (78095)
37 days ago
Dear Tyler if your reading this I like you alot
Ammon (64515)
39 days ago
I got she loves me and she is waiting for me to make the first move.
Reagan👾 Robinson (41377)
42 days ago
I got friend zoned too
Jet flash (75353)
48 days ago
How she only like me as a friend if she told her friends and me that she go out with me and keep asking me do I like her to see if we could make things work
Who knows (38658)
50 days ago
I keep get the friend zone one which really sucks because I have know her since kindergarten and have been one of her friends for a long time and all my friends (my self included) think she likes me plz help
(-_-) (52540)
55 days ago
I'ma try to move it out of the friend zone wish me luck
Antonioleal (87616)
57 days ago
This is cool
Unknown (94112)
57 days ago
And I LIKE zaara? And yes I am a boy, not that I’m gay ;)