Does She Like Me The Way I Like Her? (Boys Ages 10-13 Only!)

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Do you want to know if the girl you like feels the same way about you? Well, here's the most accurate quiz you can take to find out. I'm a girl, so I know what girls are like. Take your time!

  • 1
    Does she talk to you?
  • 2
    Does she look at you?
    Does she look at you?
  • 3
    Does she flirt with you ONLY?
  • 4
    Are her feet pointed toward you when you two talk? (A weird question, I know, but there's a reason for it - and it still counts toward your result.)
  • 5
    Does she smile at you?
  • 6
    Have you ever heard her talking about you (in a good way) to her friends when she thought you were out of earshot?
  • 7
    Does she know you? If so, when her friends ask her if she likes you, does she deny it?
  • 8
    When she and her friends pass you in the hallway, what do they do?
  • 9
    Is she dating?
  • 10
    Who does she flirt with most?

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14 days ago
you can give her presents!
14 days ago
i don't know whether she likes me. i like her still. and we know each other's house, but never came not including halloween
19 days ago
Yea, and also, good quiz. Got the exact answer I thought about the way she liked me.
It makes me feel depressed, cause I got she likes me and someone else, who I think is my best friend. Pls, pray for me just once that I get her.
19 days ago
So, yea. I keep crushing on her harder every day. And it’s making me feel depressed. I’m gonna start checking this daily, and if anybody has any advice for me (p.s., I’m 11), pls, tell me. I really, really need it.
23 days ago
Uhh.. it was good, I mean I really like her, but no answer for #7, I just don’t hear her and her friends asking her if she likes me or not. ._.
24 days ago
I don't know her friends. I'm homeschooled!
39 days ago
I quit this quiz XD goodbyeee
39 days ago
( i think i saw u on another quiz ) Idk then
39 days ago
Yeah I do have a sister but shes only in forth grade...
41 days ago
But if you had a sister, you could make an excuse that your sister wants to talk to her about something that your sister didn't tell you, but that's just IF you have a sister, if you don't then it depends on which type of girl it is, as I said earlier.
41 days ago
Depends what type of girl it is.
42 days ago
Whats the best way to get a girls number just wondering?
46 days ago
Oh and also, this is if the girl has a crush on you and you never told he you do too, like if they secretly like ya
46 days ago
Hmm speaking about Roblox I wonder if that new dude in school plays it XD I'll ask him tomorrow if I got a chance.
46 days ago
Okay, I'ma girl here just to give you boys some advise on girls, here are some sighns they may like you:

Tomboy girl : She may tuck her hair behind an ear, let it loose, then repeat, she might also joke/make fun about you to try to make ya laugh.

Girly girl : She probably will twirl her hair w/ her finger and attempt to talk to you.

Straight girl : She will act as though you don't exist, rarely talk to you, and try to avoid looking at you when you are looking at her.

Hope this helps, I'll check this weekly and if anybody wants any other advise, I may have some. Now I will go play Roblox lol
54 days ago
WHAT Do I DO!!!!!!!!!! Listen all you must do is say "hey I'm sorry I rejected you would you like to go out sometime." Everything will work out I promise
75 days ago
Also her best friend told me to ask her my self but I had her best friend do it for he so help me please
75 days ago
Come take this t st they said it will make a you feel awsome a luge your crush they said. Me NOPE!
75 days ago
You know I think it’s weird I’m friends with her best friend can we sit next which other from desks in class
121 days ago
CRAZY!! This test said exactly what dad did. (We don’t go to the same school.)