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Sarah Pumpingstin part 2

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The beginning of the end of third grade.

You do NOT want to know what has happened to me! But 2 things that happened are:
Emily and I are blood sisters and
I changed my point of view!
So, now I’m looking on the good side of things.
And from Ella's point of view, I'm her BFF, and Ann and Emily are just her friends.
From Ann's point of view, I'm her BFF, and Ella and Elizabeth and Larren are just her friends.
From Elizabeth's point of view, I'm her BFF and Hana and Ann and Ella are her friends.
From Emily's point of view, my angel (Bailiy) is her BFF and Ella's her backup BFF and I'm her second backup BFF.
And so all this means I have to make a choice. I cannot choose Emily. I (sadly) cannot choose Bailiy. I can't choose Ann. I feel like she's starting to lean toward Ella more than me. I can't choose Elizabeth, she lied to me. So it looks like I will have to choose Ella. Oh, and did I mention that Jon and Larren used to be Boyfriend and Girlfriend but now Ann and Jon are?
I wonder who my 4th grade teacher will be.
Do you want to know why I call Bailiy My Angel? Well, she's the only person who can tell when I'm sad AND comfort me in the same year. So I NEED her in my class next year. There is always 1 person like that. In second grade, Haily was the peacemaker. I thought I wouldn't be able to survive 3rd grade, but look, I did, and with perfect attendance, too. And yesterday, I had another conversation with Peter! It was: “Hey Sarah, see that foxtail up there?” “Yeah.” “And that green pig up there?” “yeah” “and those two foxtails up there?” “Yes.” “I just noticed those.” That's a new record for talking to him! And our vice principal called perfect attendance, and I heard my name! she said, “Sarah Pumpingstin.” So I have been not absent for 347 days! And I have been in public school for- you guessed it- 347 days! My brother Joshua has been in public school for 346 days! By days, I mean school days. Today isn't a school day, which is why I'm taking up a page with all this. I love typing! I have been sitting here typing since 8:00, no lie. It is now 9:13. So I have been typing for 1 hour and 13 minutes! Oh, I did The Big Backpack Cleanup Part 1 yesterday! And truthfully, I'm sad school is ending again. I've been wanting June 13 2012, The Last Day Of School since August 30, 2011, which was The First Day Of School. I will miss my friends Alex, Ella, Ann, Bailiy, Emily, Bella G., Lilly, and Bella L., and Elizabeth.

Did you know Alex invited M E E to a sleepover? Oh Yeah M E E means ME. I'm so excited and neither of us can stop talking about it! Ok, I think I should PUT DOWN THE LAPTOP NOW! Bye!

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