What will become real in your future?

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You may probably think you will become a model, a scientist, or a doctor when you grow up. You may also think if you will be single or not. Well, find out what is true and what is false!

  • 1
    You were cast out of school/work and put into a forest. You see a coffee cup. Describe what it will look like in your mind.
  • 2
    You see a river. Describe it and is it cross able?
  • 3
    You find a house on the other side of the river. Describe the house.
  • 4
    You see a wall. How tall is it?
  • 5
    What do you see over it?
  • 6
    Would you go over it?
  • 7
    If your friend is getting a baby and asked you what to name it, you suggest...
  • 8
    Why would you want to be president?
  • 9
    What group were/are you on at school?
  • 10
    Quiz OVER!

Comments (41)


Emily (72015)
15 days ago
Zendaya (60566)
16 days ago
It says that I will be an actress and singer, along with a model. I already am all that so this quiz is great. All my Z-swaggers? Come and get em. Love ya!
Kanika (92451)
20 days ago
Nice but can be it true
sanjida (60280)
27 days ago
This is good test I like this test.....
Nonsense (91232)
29 days ago
I want to be a Hollywood singer
Adrish Naskar (02779)
36 days ago
Wow, amazing. I wish that it becomes true that I would be a Scientist. Thank You So Much and Also the Ending was really great.
NICOLas (33090)
42 days ago
spelling mistakes! you said "you will live to see your daughter have her fourth baby!" you should have written First! not Fourth!. everyone who reads this, don't do this quiz!
Tako (33934)
52 days ago
I wish i could have seen my future for 5 minutes...
Arjun (59867)
63 days ago
World will know my thaughts what funny guys telling me that i will became a actor or lawyer funny the future os decided on what we do not on guessing
Utsab Sarkar (29782)
75 days ago
My dream is to became a scientist and this is saying i will become a scientist /doctor .I will try my best to became a scientist
anamika (96969)
80 days ago
Girl (61252)
82 days ago
Omg! It says I’ll be a actress/dancer which is exactly what I wanna be! (Or a model) and I’ll marry the cute guy next door, who btw I have an enormus crush on!!!! Yasssss!
george (55061)
85 days ago
mmm... i don't know who i become.but i like maths and i am a nurd,and i want to become a scientist
Evelyn (82328)
100 days ago
Says I'll probably be something in the medical field, and something about marrying an old boyfriend. I'm perfectly fine with surgery and things like that, but straight incisions make me wanna vomit! XD And also I've never had a boyfriend....
Boom (77614)
108 days ago
How can a political science become doctor nurse or surgeon??
Sydney Matt (90867)
116 days ago
Well it says that I'll be an actress but the odds of it actually happening are quite low. I actually am quite studious and want to be a scientist 😂
Qaria Iqbal (10137)
123 days ago
I like it because I want to become a doctor it says that l will become a doctor successfully THANK YOU
Jonty (09482)
124 days ago
i want to become Pro EDM player
Anonymous (49696)
133 days ago
It's totally nonsense... How can a commerce student become a scientist or a surgeon or a doctor?
Heer (18902)
135 days ago
But do not like since