Which Warrior Cat Am I?

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Hi, Warrior Cat fan! This is a test to tell you which cat you're most like. Are you loyal and brave like Firestar? Kind and gentle like Leafpool? Independent and fierce like Squirrelflight? Or dark-hearted and evil like Tigerstar? Take this quiz and find out! It would a cat-astrophe to pass this one up! ;) P.S.: Sorry there wasn't room for more choices, but I hope you like my favorites!

  • 1
    You want:
  • 2
    You could be best described as:
  • 3
    You see a cat from another clan drowning in your territory. What do you do?

  • 4
    There is one rabbit on the fresh-kill pile. Who do you give it to?
  • 5
    While on patrol, you see a fox in your territory. What do you do?
  • 6
    An enemy clan is attacking! Quick, what do you do?

  • 7
    In battle, your mate and your leader (who's on its last life) are trapped. Which cat do you save?
  • 8
    What do you do in your free time?
    What do you do in your free time?
  • 9
    You fall in love with a cat from another clan - what do you do?
  • 10
    You get a dream from Starclan saying your clan will be destroyed. What do you do?

Comments (378)


10 days ago
I get killed by a tree and my friend is tigerstar that gets killed by my evil step brother lol
10 days ago
50% Leafpool 30% Firestar 10%Tigerstar the first 10% Squirrelflight
12 days ago
I’m 50% firestar, 30%squirrelflight, and 20% Tigerstar
13 days ago
Also 30% leafpool, 10% tigerstar and 10% squirrelflight but that doesn't matter.
13 days ago
Wahhhh! I am 50% Firestar!
19 days ago
My 90% firestar 10% squirrelflight 0% leafpool and 0% tigerstar
19 days ago
80% firestar 10% squirrelflight 10% tigerstar and 0%leafpool
20 days ago
I am 50 squirrelflight 20 tiger star 20 fire star and 10 leaf pool UwU
22 days ago
Yay! I'm 40% Squirrelflight,40% Firestar,10%Tigerstar 10%Leafpool!
24 days ago
Lol in most sights I get shadow clan tiger star!
26 days ago
Oopsie iv'e got 100%tigerstar!!!!!
27 days ago
60% Firestar 40% Squirrelflight 0% Leafpool 0% Tigerstar. Exactly the results I wanted
28 days ago
bwahahaha om 90%firestar
34 days ago
Is anybody here the same as me...? Well?
34 days ago
I am 80% Firestar (YAY!!!!), 10% Squirrelflight, 10% Leafpool and 0% Tigerstar. Exactly the profile I wanted to have.
35 days ago
93% Jayfeather and 5%tigerstar and 2%Firestar
38 days ago
80 percent Leafpool, 20 percent Firestar, 0 percent Tigerstar, 0 percent Squirrelflight.
45 days ago
Before I got 70% of FireStar and I got 40% Of FireStar again ;-; even though I didn’t do the same answers for most
47 days ago
60% Firestar! Yay! He’s my 4th fave character! I also got 0% Tigerstar, so that’s good too!
48 days ago
40% Leafpool 10% TigerStar. I guess I'm a mix of good and evil.