Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual or Bi-curious?

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Are you confused about your sexuality and wish to help yourself understand what it’s like to be the above? Do you have doubts about what you once were and feel you have changed or changing to a different sexual orientation? I am 17 yrs old and considered myself exclusively Straight up until I was 13. My friend and I shared experiences of Homosexuality and now I'd consider myself Bi-curious; meaning I am still Straight but would like Homosexual experiences too.

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    Which do you suspect yourself of being; only through a sexual viewpoint? (E.g. physical attractiveness, body, )

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Sugar Sweet (34682)
Just realized this is supposed to be for boys.... ah. I’ll leave now
Kyrie . (25688)
54 days ago
I'm Bisexual, Even Though I Already Knew That, I Just Did This Out Of Boredom .
Izaiah Florés (68704)
79 days ago
Mostly straight, but I developed feelings for a guy in my school...
Anna (52017)
79 days ago
I think I'm more of a Heteroflexible than any other cuz I found that I like girls as well few months ago when I started 7th grade
James (16830)
104 days ago
Bi-Curious and Straight 50:50 guess being curious must be true I get it on most tests
=^_^= (43379)
126 days ago
I've been attracted to boys for 10 years, but when I started 6th grade, I started having a crush on this girl in my class.
^~^ (83713)
128 days ago
Idk anymore...I like a guy but I like my friend as well..Im so confused about this stuff -.-
panic! at my sexuality (04752)
132 days ago
im confused cause i have had a crush on this guy for 3 years or somthing. but this year i started having a crush on my best friend but i dont really have a crush on any other girls.
Sid (49202)
134 days ago
SOMETIMES 😭😭😭😭😭👿👿👿👿👿
Sid (49202)
134 days ago
I want to believe I am straight but I maybe have this feeling that I'm bi it is confusing to me I think I like guys and girls and it told me I was bi and bi-curious IDK IT IS SO CONFUSING TO KNOW YOUR SEXUALITY👿😭
SKy (23507)
140 days ago
where you girls at ?
Hello (21270)
186 days ago
I believe I am straight (only have been in relationships with guys), but now I think I am bicurious as well since I developed huge crushes on a female celebrity and also female anime characters for a few years now. (Which cannot seem to go away for some reason)

..it is really confusing for me.
greyro (59602)
193 days ago
yep im bicurious? idk if im asexual of not now bcos i would want to try it with a girl but i still dont feel attracted sexually to guys
owO (64874)
213 days ago
Well.... I think i like my best friend who is a girl, but I'm not sure if I like other girls. I don't even think I've ever have had a guy crush/considered if it was? Haaaaalp
Lev (85110)
244 days ago
people don't realize that this quiz is for males
Wuut (22762)
257 days ago
Did ya even ask if I’m a girl or a guy?
Jabba The Hut (62955)
282 days ago
It never asked if I was a girl or a guy so how would it know?
Maddie smith (82810)
287 days ago
I don't know if i am gay. I am trying to work me out yestday. I look at my friend she is a girl. On the i really like this boy name jye. But please help me
Cole (62103)
320 days ago
That was a good test straight again
Anon (82770)
376 days ago
Ummm.....Does being attracted to anime characters count? I'm a girl and I'm pretty sure I'm straight (You will not believe how many guys I have privately checked out) (But alas, they are not real, and the ratio of real guys I have liked pales in comparison), but I just have a million doubts and am second-guessing myself and the mere fact that I am perturbed by the notion of same-sex sexual encounters and have always preferred boys does not settle me :'(((( I thought I knew what I felt, but I am so inexplicably unsure and I respect the choices of homosexual couples but I really don't want to be one, I'm always doubting my own sincerity :'''( . I've concocted so many different scenarios, but I just can't decide what to feel in them... I really CANNot be..you know... I don't think I could accept or fathom it >·< Sorry for the long, irritating rant :(