Am I Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual or Just Bi-Curious?

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Are you confused about your sexuality and want to understand it better? Do you have doubts about your orientation and believe it has changed since you were born? I am 17 and considered myself straight up until age 13. I now consider myself bi-curious, meaning I'm still straight, but would like to experiment. I hope my experiences helped make this quiz one that will help you.

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    Which sex do you suspect yourself of being from a physical standpoint? (Physical attractiveness, body, etc.)
    Which sex do you suspect yourself of being from a physical standpoint? (Physical attractiveness, body, etc.)

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10 days ago
I am so confused right now. I was 💗 straight three weeks ago, but now I have a mild crush on my friend, I have butterfly feelings for boys who are kinda cute, I have a insta crush on this girl, and I feel like a mix of Heterosexual&Hetero Flexible&Bisexual. So I am Prob Hetero Flexible. But ever since Stay home orders were inforced where I live, my gender and sexuality have been like "aNd I oOp" so one day I want a binder, and the next I want to kiss a girl then two minutes after that, I want to text my BFF and be like "want to go to homecoming with me?" even thoug its like 6 months away. ;////
11 days ago
I'm a male and I'm really scared that I might be a little but homosexual and tbh I'm a bit homophobic and the fact that I'm hetero flexible is horrible
22 days ago
Who else took this quiz even tho they know how they identify#bisexual
82 days ago
i don't really think i'm straight even if I'm confused about my sexuality lol. And I never had any relationship in my life (I don't even kiss).
107 days ago
This isn't very accurate. You can like girls more than boys or vice versa and still be bisexual, and your sexuality can't change.
111 days ago
I got 42% gay, 25% Bi-Curious, 17% Straight, and 17% Bi... I always thought I was straight and I recently had a suspicion I was Bi-Curious...I am a girl... oh whatever this is just AllTheTests, they are never right!!!!!!!
120 days ago
lmao 0% straight 😂😂
126 days ago
Yup gay as I figured haha I’m happy to be so
171 days ago
Defaq? This was designed for boiees. How dare you just assume my gender like that and not give a faq about if i was a girl.
184 days ago
It said I was straight and I’m cackling
220 days ago
Romantically and physically 100 % to other men. And that gives happiness to me.
222 days ago
I knew I was bi but recently I’ve been almost exclusively drawn to other men, hence me checking out the test. Can’t really explain it. Romantically and physically I’m exclusively hetero. But sexually I feel as though I’m strictly homosexual lately. There’s something about the idea of having💗with men that’s just intoxicating at the moment in my life.

I’ve flexed quite a bit too. I used to be disgusted by the thought of kissing another man drives me wild. Argh I have no idea where I am right now.
228 days ago
I'm 14 this thing seems weirdly directed to only a small group of people in the world...
295 days ago
I'm 14, ok?! I didn't have a girl- or boyfriend ever. How should I answer these questions? You can't tick "didn't have any". What a dumb quiz (sry, I'm confused, I have to let steam off)
298 days ago
I’m honestly so confused
319 days ago
My results are unclear but I’m only 8% straight which is what I identify as...oops
325 days ago
50% might be transitioning into another sexual preference. 0.o
330 days ago
75% bi- curious 12% bisexual (I'm a girl)😝
354 days ago
yalls i’ve been questioning since i was 12 i thought i was bi in grade 6 so i told people and i got hate for it... but like idk why is the first question “what are you” like hello i’m taking this test because I DONT KNOW 😂
354 days ago
I'm bisexual!!😁❤️ I love her❤️