Am I In Love With Him? Quiz

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Let's just say he's fine and on your mind all the time.:-) So you might wonder, "Am I in love with him?" That's perfectly understandable! Don't worry...this isn't a quiz with stupid questions like, "Do you call each other every day?" So, what do you say? It can't hurt to try and find out how you truly feel!

  • 1
    When you see him for the first time that day/night, you feel:
  • 2
    Have you honestly ever felt the same way about this guy as you have with any other guys?
    Have you honestly ever felt the same way about this guy as you have with any other guys?
  • 3
    Say you two are not would you feel if you saw him talking to another girl?

  • 4
    Any time he looks at you, smiles at you, touches you, whatever - you feel:
  • 5
    Have you ever dreamed about him? (Be honest.)
  • 6
    When you think about him, you:

  • 7
    Can you describe your feelings for him?
  • 8
    Do you know much about him? Not just his favorite color, but also his morals, his goals, how he feels about his family/having a family, what he's most passionate about, what he does on a typical Saturday morning....
  • 9
    What do you like best about him?
  • 10
    I've stressed the importance of being honest with yourself while taking this quiz. If you haven't, save yourself from false hope and go back and take it again.

    Now, then. Can you imagine yourself with him? Not in some fantasy place where the sun is setting, or dancing under a starlit sky, or kissing in the rain. Big moments are very important - but I mean, can you imagine yourself with him on an everyday basis? Coming home from work to see him, cooking breakfast together, going shopping for baby clothes? Can you picture what he'd say or do? Do those things match up to his personality?

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14 days ago
I haven't known my boyfriend for very long, yet I have really strong feelings for him but don't know how to say it.
Also, this test said I'm in love!!! Oh god...
18 days ago
Wait I'm 11 and this is my 1st crush who has liked me back and im in love???????????????????????????????
19 days ago
as i was reading the last question, i started tearing up because thinking about a future with him makes me so happy.
26 days ago
i love her more than anything,
but i dont know how its going to work.
love u, l.
30 days ago
10th grade here. my bf broke up with me about a little more than a month ago. I was so into him I couldn't do anything for days except cry and cry. i still cry now. idek if im in love or what or if i jst like him sososo much. i cant even explain. i wanna get ovr him but he plays w me or attempts to but i brush him off. it hurts to brush him off tho, i don't want to but its whats best for me. i did so much for him so much. i gave him everything including my virginity but its ovr. i let him walk all over me. i cant deny i cried over him every night. he nevr left my mind i want him to. i want him to leave me alone. it hurts.
37 days ago
This guy lives in my home country, but I've been in love with him since I was able to form memories. We both share a cousin, but we're not cousins. He's the reason why I decided to learn Spanish. I used to be so shy and quiet. Every kid would play with my younger sister and he would play with me even if he didn't understand me. I'd kiss his cheeks all the time and he taught me how to swim. We used to take naps together. We always had that little spark. He, one day, confessed his feelings towards me to my sister and our cousin. I was dating someone at the time but I couldn't help think of him instead. A few years later, I traveled alone because of something personal I was single. We were talking and flirting and I was ready to date him but I didn't say anything until one day he came to pick his cousin up for baseball practice. Our cousin was showering so we decided to finally talk to each other and he confessed to me and kissed me.. I kissed back but I didn't say anything. We talk now and flirt innocently but idk this situation is so complicated. I really just want to be with him and love him and it's obvious he does too, but I'm not sure if he's even ready. We're both studying and obviously if I were to get involved with him, it'd be the most serious relationship I'd ever been. No one has my experience and it frustrates me.
43 days ago
I've been with my bf for 7 months and i've started to not think about him daily and i dont mention him in my daily conversation really, and if ppl i'm close with ask about him, i open up and say i just don't know what i feel for him now. I'm a very independent person and i dont like to be tied down, i think i need to be real with myself and probably realise i have issues with committing to my partner, but i don't cheat, i mean in the sense that i fall out of love quick, i get bored easily, the butterflies die soon, i become more annoyed by little things he does. But i think a part of me is scared to let him go, because he does mean a lot to me, i care about him a lot. I think i'm seeing him more as a friend
53 days ago
too bad he's not real...
68 days ago
So I had a bf in year 6 and he broke up with me 😔 and it’s been longer than 8 months since I’ve talked to him but I get dreams bout him all the time and I can’t stop thinking about him but I never ever see him 😢 🥺💖🌹
133 days ago
Dude I am so mean to the guy then he said he liked me then I panicked and said I don’t feel the same way but I actually kinda do and now I regret rejecting him
149 days ago
Apparently I'm 50% in love
162 days ago
this quiz was kinda hard. i couldn't really explain myself. It's complicated!
168 days ago
I can't tell him that I like him. I'm in middle school and my parents won't allow me to date. I imagine going telling him that I like him (okay we'll say his name is Jake) and I freak out. I really really want a different boy (we will call him Ed) to stop saying I like 'Jake'. He runs around after school telling every body that will listen that we supposeably like each other.
179 days ago
HIYA. my bf doesn’t make me happy he tries but I think he’s dreaming a bit. he got all these big plans and he knows I don’t approve so he says he will give up on his dream as for me but that’s not right. i’m also not attracted to him in any way and himself think he’d be better as a friend. but idk how to tell him that
183 days ago
The classic :) i’m in love with my guy best friend 🥺
193 days ago
I feel for my girfreind im kinda exited
206 days ago
40 % I guess I need to tell him
40 % you’re worried about the relationship
20 % you’re A bit obsessed
228 days ago
So cliche. I fell in love with my guy friend. And i dont know how to feel.
He says hi every morning and i get all fuzzy and resist the urge to hug him.
He sits next to me instead of his friends when i didnt even ask and its adorable and all but he doesnt need to do that.
He is the sweetest and i truely do love him for his dorkiness and being so 👮 cute ❤️❤️
Lol sorry had to vent somewhere
237 days ago
i've never talked to him before.... but he is so cute omg
250 days ago
also, i just took this quiz to see what you'd say.