Does He Like Me? (Totally Accurate, No Kidding!)

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Hey everybody, if you're wondering whether or not the guy you like (or might not like) likes you, take my Should I Date Him? quiz right now!

  • 1
    Does he ever stare at you?
  • 2
    Do you two have anything in common (for example, favorite color, book, movie, etc.)?
  • 3
    Are you friends?
  • 4
    Does he ever act different when you're around (like he's more shy, or he blushes, etc.)?
  • 5
    Does he ask questions to get to know you personally?
  • 6
    Does he try to get physically closer to you (for example, does he try to make contact with you physically)?
  • 7
    Be honest here - do YOU think he likes you?
    Be honest here - do YOU think he likes you?
  • 8
    When you talk, who starts the conversation?
  • 9
    When you are talking, he:
  • 10
    Has he ever teased you?

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1 hour ago
Oops I pressed the add comment button. Anyway, every time the guy teases us my crush gets super mad. I asked him about it and he said “i hate him so much” “thats false info”, “every time he says that I wanna punch him so hard”, it’s like saying the earth is flat”. He said all those things in about 1 minute. I don’t know what to think of that. He also picked at my looks a second time. I remember when he was looking through the yearbook and I was around. He found my picture and said “ew” and then pointed at me and said “also ew!” (I was right next to him).
I don’t know what to do anymore please help
2 hours ago
So um basically, there is this guy who teases me and my crush about liking each other and the guy I like says it’s false in
5 hours ago
Tomorrow is my last day of school. I'll definitely miss Kaleb over the summer. For the last week or so I've seen him many times but he hasn't talked to me. Maybe he feels the same way as me. Like he really wants to say something but just can't because he knows he's gonna loose me over the summer. Even if he doesn't like me I definitely feel like that. They say to never fall in love with someone your gonna loose but I can't help it. I'm kinda filled with doubt. Like, maybe he won't be at the same school as me next year or maybe he doesn't like me and I'm just living in a fake truth. What do I do!

PS hey Sadie! haven't seen you on here in FOREVER! How's it going! Hope you're as great as always! ❤️
5 hours ago
Lizzie, TBH I'm kinda getting mixed signals from what I read on your comment. It seems like he likes you back cause he stares, makes eye contact, smiles, and if his mood changes when he sees you with other guys that's a great sign. The thing that makes me kinda feel like he doesn't is that he isn't in contact with you. But really, the pros definitely outway the cons so he might actually like you! Good luck and I hope this helped!
I need help
My friends says that he likes me.
He stears me a lot when i catch him he makes eye contact maybe it takes 1 minute
When i am alone without my friends he smiles me
When he saws me with another boys and touching him or laughing with him his mood changes and he dont look back
But he doesn’t contact me and we aren’t friends
He dont text me and i haven’t him at social media
Pleaser help meee
Sadie: dude trust me, I would make a move if I had the courage but I don’t do can anyone tell me what I should do?
2 days ago
Thank you, Sadie, for the advice! :)
2 days ago
Ok, he looks at me a lot at school (especially in science when doing groups but we can’t chose our partners, but when we are together he listens to me and me only) I somewhat like him and he talks to me a lot. He picks on me but always means it as a joke. And we were doing high school musical for my theater club (he isn’t in it) and I was talking to his like best friend and he said that I should be Gabriela and the guy I somewhat like should be Troy. I tried to cover up my embarrassment and I think it worked. But I don’t know if that was like his friend ratting him out that he has a crush on me or not. Not to mention he listens to my conversations and on the last day of school, I’m the only person he did it to, he shouted “BYE *MY NAME*!” It was super awkward and my friend laughed at me. Everyone outside was staring from me and back to him. We had our eyes locked together and I may or may not of gave him a death stare causing him to look away. His friends all laughed and I walked away. Can anyone help me understand if he likes me or not?
2 days ago
Yee Yee: uhh ... why are you even here? he is head over heels for you! The quiz you took wasn’t lying. Make a move! Best of luck to you! 😁
2 days ago
HELP: he sooo likes u. If he’s giving you mixed signals, he probably doesn’t want to give it away or he is playing hard to get. If he is helping you every chance he gets, and keeps his eyes on you on group conversations, then that is a major sign that he probably likes you a lot. I hope I helped you and good luck!
2 days ago
Ello there guys, can one of you help me out with this guy and what I should do, my “story” is down below somewhere
3 days ago
Also, guys, I need some help on what really happened on the last day of school!
Thanks, guys you all are so helpful!!!!!! :)))))))
what happened was I was playing with him at recess and he hit my friend with the volleyball by accident and she was fine but we started laughing and he looked at me and when we were talking about a guy in my class he accidentally called him 'mommy' we were all laughing a ton! He looked at me and said 'why did I just say that' and that made our whole group laugh even more. Then, as usual, I was putting the volleyball nets away and as usual, he helped. Then put the ball away and him this other guy in my class and me where the only ones who were not lined up and my crushes soccer ball mysteriously ended up near my feet and since I am not the best at soccer I passed it to him after he asked and it went the other way and I nervously ran to the line to my friends. anyway, later on, we were signing yearbooks and me and my friend went to his classroom to get our yearbook signed by his teacher, Anyway I was getting it signed he came up to me and said my name and said 'feel this tinfoil ball that my class have been collecting throughout the whole year' he slowly handed it to me and I was talking to him about it and he touched my hand while passing it. Then after school, he was crying because his friend was leaving (since it was the last day of school) and I was too because my friend was leaving also and then he looked at me. Anyway then after school I saw him at the park were a lot of families went and he almost ignored me even though we were hanging out in the same group even though he was always looking at me. Even though he was hanging with this girl (I kinda felt jealous) even though I was with my friend's XD anyway after the park hangout sesh was over- he almost left when he stopped and he looked at me then I did not see him after that. Then I sent the email that he has not responded to yet XD (he is sending me so many mixed signals) its like when we were at school generally he was sweet and kind (the guy I knew) then when we were with the other kids at the park (who were known to be the popular kids) we did not talk to me and he was acting so cool and so NOT him (the guy that I don't have a crush on) please help thanks!
3 days ago
Thank you Daphne :) for the advice!
ok so Daphne :) it seems like he likes you and not your friend for what you have told me (don't worry same with my crush he is the biggest and longest crush I have ever had!) honestly Daphne I believe you have a big chance especially if he is always near you and adds you on snapchat and you guys text a lot! also if he is shy or nervous around you that is a really good sign. (It means he does not want to mess up in front of you and at the same time does not want to give away his feeling for you!) Also, does he stare at you a lot? if so what happened? good luck! but I would say you have a great chance! :))
3 days ago
Biggie.chz.girl, I would ask, but I’m really scared that he’ll laugh at me if I do because he’s the kind of person who will laugh at anyone if they do something dumb or stupid so I don’t know
4 days ago
Yee Yee 🤠, I think he likes you, he’s showing a lot of signs and when he said that he rated your looks -100 I think he’s just teasing like guys do when they’re flirting sometimes. I feel like you should just go for it and ask him if he likes you, if he says yes yay and if he says no, no big deal you guys are still friends then and if he doesn’t wanna he your friend after that or whatever then he’s not a good choice but I believe in you just ask 👑🌺
4 days ago
Ello there guys,

I have this crush on this guy who I think likes me back but I’m not sure. My result said that he totally loves me but I don’t know if I should believe that, so I need some help. Me and the guy that I’m talking about are very good friends and he seems to like my company. He’s done some pretty cute things like walk with me to my bus, switch instruments with me (what I mean by that is we’d walk around the halls with each other’s instruments and sometimes trust each other enough to take them to the classes we don’t have together), he always gets close to me (my friend said that he was about 3 inches apart from me when we were walking once!), he stares at me, and listens to what I have to say all the time. There are some things he’s done that have me wondering. For instance, one day in class I was talking to his friend and only his friend and the guy I like sits in the next row in front of us. So me and his friend were talking when I accidentally spit (it was so gross) and then, right when that happens, my crush shouts “I SAW THAT (my name)”. So that pretty much means that he was looking at me while I was talking to his friend.

I also remember during the same class me and two of his friends we’re having a conversation about doggos. We were pulling up pictures of our dogs on our laptops and showing them off when my crush comes out of nowhere and says “this is my dog” and he said that with a huge smile and he was looking at me right in the eyes like he was talking to me.

I remember this other time where outside. Me and his friends were playing around and teasing each other. At one point I called this guy gay and he started coming towards me with this weird “ropist” (you guys should know what I’m talking about) look and this is how things went down:

Me: AHH! Ropist! He’s following me
(Let’s call my crush Jesse)
Jesse: Bro get away *comes out behind me and kicks the guy who’s following me*

One weird thing he lets me do is tell other people that me and him are dating. One day I asked him “dude, my friend thinks we’re dating and I wanna say yes but idk” and he just responded with “well then say yes” . Or another time where he’s pretended to be my boyfriend and give me compliments over texts so I could show this creepy guy to go away cuz I have a boyfriend.

There was this one time where I told him to stop spamming me because I had to call my dad and when I came back after the call he said “ok” “what happened?”

One day, we were playing volleyball and this guy called my trash because I missed the ball and my crush comes out of nowhere (again lol) and “accidentally” trips him. After a few minutes he comes up to me and whispers “I tripped him on purpose”

All my friends say that he likes me after I tell them these things that he’s done. One of my friends says that she noticed that he speaks in a monotone voice when he talks to me which is different from what he does with his friends.

The reason I’m confused is because he also tried to do things like trip me when I was leaving the locker room. He put his full leg out! Or another time where I asked him to rate my looks from 1-10 and he said “-100”.

Can someone please help me out with this please, thanks in advance!

(Also sorry if this whole thing sounds off it’s 2:00am when I’m typing this)
4 days ago
Hi everyone! So I’ve liked this guy for awhile and he’s super sweet to me, he stands and sits near me in class (well, last year but summer just started) and he talks to me a lot even though he seems kinda awkward and shy when it’s just us. He added me on Snapchat and we text on their a lot, he’s also showing a lot of other signs he likes me but I’ve been thinking if he likes one of my friends like he used to like one of them but doesn’t anymore I don’t think and he is in touch with her and with my other friend he’s always talking to her I’m really scared that he likes one of them because honestly I’ve never liked someone as much as him. I need HELP anyone have any tips?
4 days ago
H-E-L-P, You’re right he probably does like you, he probably just hasn’t answered the email because he’s busy or isn’t on his email that often. If he ignores it for weeks it’s not a big deal maybe just like send him another one or call him. But I am pretty sure he likes you, if not maybe you’re just a really good friend
4 days ago
So I have liked this guy for a while and it seems like he likes me back (especially recently) he has pretty much given me every sign that he likes me and we always play together at recess and he laughs and smiles and jokes around with me anyway know that schools over I sent him an email saying (have a great summer- see you next year...) but he has not responded in two days and im so confused any H-E-L-P! thank you!
5 days ago
So I got a crush named Riley and he's actually been very sweet to me but Im too dumb to talk to him(Cause u feel cringey)I actually want to ask him for a date I was scared to ask lmao cause his freaking cute his always staring at me like for the whole class and I was tryin to wave but nah I might be rejected his freakin amazing I really love him we doesn't talk that much cause b o th of us were shy lol