Does He Like Me? (Totally Accurate, No Kidding!)

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Hey everybody, if you're wondering whether or not the guy you like (or might not like) likes you, take my Should I Date Him? quiz right now!

  • 1
    Does he ever stare at you?
  • 2
    Do you two have anything in common (for example, favorite color, book, movie, etc.)?
  • 3
    Are you friends?
  • 4
    Does he ever act different when you're around (like he's more shy, or he blushes, etc.)?
  • 5
    Does he ask questions to get to know you personally?
  • 6
    Does he try to get physically closer to you (for example, does he try to make contact with you physically)?
  • 7
    Be honest here - do YOU think he likes you?
    Be honest here - do YOU think he likes you?
  • 8
    When you talk, who starts the conversation?
  • 9
    When you are talking, he:
  • 10
    Has he ever teased you?

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There is boy who I am friends with. Let’s call him...Thomas. Now, I am not romantically interested in him, but I am his friend. Thomas seems as if he may like me, but it may just be we are turning into good friends. Feel free to ask questions. Thank you!
It said yes and I’m sacred

And his name is cooper
3 days ago
First let me give you a virtual hug.
Second, maybe just try to be good friends with him for now? I know being in a friend zone sucks, but maybe if you ask something like, "hey, I was hoping we could start over as friends, is that okay with you?" Being friends will allow you to get to know him better and take his mind off other girls, because he's gonna be dreaming about you.
After that, you could possibly be something in the future? Hope this helped. Good luck.

4 days ago
I have a crush named Dylan, turns out, he’s my ex. It’s all my fault, I have so many regrets in breaking up with him just because he was too flirty and wanted to kiss at a young age. I’m currently in 7th Grade and I got this feeling again when I first met him. Does anyone have any tips where I can somehow get back together with him..? I’m a bit too shy to confess again.. because all I know is that he’d probably not like me back. He likes this other girl.. they dated but broke up. And I asked his best friend If he still liked her.. he said “totally”. But, during break I saw this post of his cat and thought it was super cute, and I knew it was a chance to talk to him. I told him that his cat was cute and he slightly blushed, did that weird push-back thingy with his hair, and said “awh thanks”.
8 days ago
That's awssome you and Kaleb stayed in touch. Do you still like him as much as last year? More? Less? Also, how did you hurt your ankle? 😂

Nothing much has changed with me. Although, my BFF told me recently that she was done having crushes, and wouldn't think about it agian until after HS. I was personally surprised though... she was totally boy crazy last year, and she used to get new crushes pretty often...

I'm a bit upset because other than you and this site, she's really the only person I could trust to talk to crushes about, and she kinda shut me down. 😔 I don't know if I told you this or not, but I came out to her near the end of last year. Now, whenever I try to talk to her about my girl-crush, I can't tell if she brushes me off because she's not totally accepting, or if it's just because she's refraining from crushes altoghther..?

Sorry for going on the negetive side this time. (Maybe because I'm sick??? 😂) Anyway, I just had to vent a bit. Thanks for listening. I wish we could meet in person. Have a great day, Amy. Thanks!

Sadie 😀
14 days ago
Things are going well with Kaleb. He and I have outdoor Ed together so we litteritly spent the last outdoor Ed class talking about tons of stuff including, his hockey career, my dog, what parts of town we live in, school, how most things are never truly fun till someone gets hurt, the ride on lawn mowers cutting the grass in the feild(ya IKR totally random) his leg that he's hurt more time than he can remember, my busted up ankle, the crazy amount of injuries we've had(ya a lot of injury stuff) fighting with our siblings, and basically just kinda joking around. It was amazing. He's just as sweet as last year.
15 days ago
So today I have took 2 of these test today and I've found out he likes me and I like him.
My friends were right. 🤦‍♀️
Reah will probably happen. 👍
15 days ago
M once told an acquaintance he liked me (three years ago) and now, in eigth grade, he seems to STILL LIKE ME. he got put in my group for science and were studying water so i tell him and K to draw a river. M pours water on the page and K spreads it around while J goes to the bathroom (yes i am stuck with three guys). then J comes back and he sees that i'm pissed so he's trying not to laugh cause obviously he thinks what M and K did was funny.
however, M normally is NOT that immature. he also stares at me for like minutes at a time and when i look at him, he makes no reaction. it's like he doesn't even blink! then another time i was asking myself a question regarding the science homework and M goes, "what? do you need help?" he is NOT that caring and no, i do NOT need help cause my brain is one of the best in the class (i'm not kidding, i'm pretty smart). furthermore, M constantly brags in front of me. does he like me or like watching me acted annoyed????????
17 days ago
Confused Girl:
Hi! It's nice to hear from you agian! Sorry I didn't see your post untill today. (This page has been very quiet over summer.) Anyway, I'm now in 7th grade too as of September 4th. And, Amy, helping you through your move was no problem at all. When I switched schools, it was kinda hard even when my BFF came with me. So I know it must have been very hard moving AND changing schools. Talking to you over the internet was the least I could do. 😊

With all that aside, I think it's really cool that you joined cadets! That's really impressive. I hope it goes well for you and that school isn't too stressful. Let's go through one more year of teachers, drama, homework, crushes, and whatever else comes our way. 😂 Have a great day/night, Confused Girl. I'll try to stay in touch as much as possible. :)

- Sadie
18 days ago
...- I think you should casually just text him and then make it into a conversation ❤❤
19 days ago
So before summer break I was kinda close with my crush, we talked a lot and I thought he might like me. In summer break I called him and we talked for a while. A fews days later he texted me to ask why I had actually called him, so I said I was bored and thought I should call him because we usually had nice conversations.
Now summer break is over and he's not in my class. When we saw each other in the corridor he used to intently look at me, and today he actually said "hi" to me. I said "hi" and he continued walking to his locker. I followed him because my locker was also in that direction, and I actually saw he looked back, saw me and looked at me strangely, but I just walked to my locker. It was crowded, so I lost him in the crowd.
He was really nice to me before summer break, but we don't have any classes together anymore so I don't know how to talk to him/spend time with him. I don't know whether he likes me or not/ not anymore. Please help me!
20 days ago
I have a crush on a guy in my class and he doesn’t really know me but I like him and I’m really shy soooo..... what do I do?! My friend tried to hook us up, but he kinda said some weird stuff. So, I really don’t know what to do.
24 days ago
I think he likes you, it sounds like he is interested. You guys sound so cute together!!
PLEASE HELP ME- It also sounds like he likes you. Sometimes boys talk about other girls in front of their crush to make them jealous or something. You guys sound like you have a great relationship!! ♡
IDK- Idk if he likes you or not, but I bet you are prettier than you think! My mom always says boys and girls can't be JUST friends because someone will end up catching feelings. I know that a lot of boys like their girl friends so that's great for you! Good luck♡♡
25 days ago
There's this boy. He's my age, we have a lot in common. We're in the same classes, and we also both have the same lunchtime club. I like him a lot, but I'm not sure if he likes me. Let's just say, I'm not the prettiest girl in the world. We're really close as friends, but I can never tell him that I like him. Does he like me? Help me!
25 days ago
I like a boy and I think he likes me. The only problem is he said he liked someone else and he might ask her out. We sit beside each other in homeroom and we like to take each others stuff and hide it. We also tease each other too. I still sort of think he likes me even though he said he liked no one else to that girl. He just keeps looking up at me when he thinks I'm not paying attention and he kept giving me extra attention. What should I do? HELP ME PLEASE!!!
26 days ago
so... i really like this boy in my grade (i’m a freshman)

i’ve known him since fifth grade but i never really paid much attention to him until now

one day in sixth, he told a girl that he liked me, so she told me but i didn’t believe it

apparently, he liked me in sixth and seventh grade but i guess he kinda got over me after that because we stopped talking

since sixth grade, we’ve been playing a game that he started (only with me) called, “made you look”

he always used to try to make me look at something like my pencil, and if i did, then i lost the game

i would always fall for it, and when i did, he did this cute lil smile (that he still does)

we stopped talking for about a year but we’ve been talking a lot recently

i have him in a lot of my classes and i catch him staring at me sometimes but when i look back at him, he looks away really quickly

we still play the game and it’s so much fun

he still blushes whenever i look at him and whenever he makes a joke in class, he looks straight at me to see if i laughed at it

i’m not sure if he thinks i like him because whenever he says something “funny”, i look at him like he’s stupid

btw, the results of my quiz were:

HE TOTALLY LOVES YOU! He loves everything about you and is trying to tell you that he likes/loves you. Lucky you! We all want to find that special guy! Congrats!
32 days ago
@a 5th grader. Hmmm if he said it in his lying voice then that must mean he's lying...but if you guys are in 5th grade maybe it would be best to wait till your a little bit older.
33 days ago
Soooooooo my crush is my bff's MORTAL ENEMY. But I think he likes me back? he said to my bff that he doesnt like me in his LYING VOICE. sO I Took a QUiz AND IT SaYs he LiKEs/LOVES me And He aCts like he does and hes really cutee and he is soooo nice and what IF THE QUIZ IS RIGHTTTTT OMG Im so confused he said he dosent in his clear lying voice???? she known him for a long time but... Helppp
35 days ago
I think the only thing to do is paste my results...
"HE TOTALLY LOVES YOU! He loves everything about you and is trying to tell you that he likes/loves you. Lucky you! We all want to find that special guy! Congrats!"
37 days ago
Hi,so like I am really really confused this guy we talk for like 2 hours at a time we see each other at school every day he sits next too me every day and I am like uh ok I like him 2/3 and like I dunno everybody is referring us to dating and that.