Does He Like Me? (Totally Accurate, No Kidding!)

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Hey everybody, if you're wondering whether or not the guy you like (or might not like) likes you, take my Should I Date Him? quiz right now!

  • 1
    Does he ever stare at you?
  • 2
    Do you two have anything in common (for example, favorite color, book, movie, etc.)?
  • 3
    Are you friends?
  • 4
    Does he ever act different when you're around (like he's more shy, or he blushes, etc.)?
  • 5
    Does he ask questions to get to know you personally?
  • 6
    Does he try to get physically closer to you (for example, does he try to make contact with you physically)?
  • 7
    Be honest here - do YOU think he likes you?
    Be honest here - do YOU think he likes you?
  • 8
    When you talk, who starts the conversation?
  • 9
    When you are talking, he:
  • 10
    Has he ever teased you?

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2 hours ago
I have a plan!!!!!!! (credits to Sadie ❤️❤️❤️) I don't think I'm ready to tell my parents but that's besides the fact. Any ways what I plan to do is if I feel comfortable enough around him before I move and if I get the chance I'll tell him. If not I'll have to just get on with life. (I've had I get on with life many times before so I'm used to it(hence my "tough girl" label)) If I'm feel comfortable doing it I'll do what you said and keep his number for a long time if not, Oh well.I ❤️ U Jack
14 hours ago
Confused girl-
Have you accually tried talking to you parents? I don’t mean talking, i mean the digging-your-guts-out-and-spilling-your- feelings-all-over-the -table-until-they-drip-onto-the-floor-an d-drown-everything kinda way.

If you have and they won’t let you/listen (knowing they are REALLY listening is very important) to you- that you cannot have ANY contact whatsoever with a boy......... I’m sorry.
You will just have to say goodbye to him.... probably for a very long time. Maybe plan a goodbye event for you in or out of school.

Honestly what I would do: ask him for his number and write it down on a piece of paper. Keep that paper very safe, in a place you will NOT lose it. Then when you are allowed to have a boy’s number or social media, you can contact him. Just a thought.

- Sadie ☺️
Hi sorry I didn't get back to you sooner I've been really sick (and I still am but feeling a bit better) anyways good idea with whatsapp unfortunately my parents made it very clear that they don't want me to have it. (this was before the whole "Jack-thing" even came up) I kinda feel like this is a lost cause considering I probably won't be allowed or able to do anything I or anyone else thinks of. Plus my parents look though my phone frequently so it would be hard to keep anything a secret 😔🙁
Mr. KhalifeXElyas—
Ummmm... I’m very confused by what you said. I don’t understand. You said you needed help. With what?
2 days ago
Old if he really likes me. There were really stupid rumours that we likes each other that he kinda started and then when I told him '💗 u doing ppl are asking me how you are and if we are datin.g what u did boii?' Then he just laughed and blamed another guy. Ppl say he does like me and him friends say that we just need d to stop being total p*ssies and own up. Then this other girl started singing I'd give him head. I went totally red and he smiled and laughed. Then I hear he had his tongue down another girls throat. Sometimes he seems intend and sometimes he seems to not even want to know I exist. He listens in to conversations i have with my friends.
Help . a person who is totally dense. Worse than Ash Ketchum from pokémon.
3 days ago
Hi, it's me again~
@confused girl, I have some ideas:
save jack as something secretive/unsuspicious in your contacts
I recommend you get a whatsapp, if you want to stay in contact with most people
if using whatsapp, archive your chats w/ him. All your messages with him will always be there, it's just hidden from the menu that shows who you've talked to recently, To find it again, press the green speech bubble button at the button and search his name up.
You could also use an online game or something that he might play or something and chat there? Kind of based on what we're doing right now. It could be another subject to bond on, and also because that kind of stuff is fun.
You could possibly make a word document that you could save to your PC that only you and him have access to. If your parents check your PC, save the document on a USB Drive. Hey, speaking of proposing, maybe you could write your confession and hand it to him on the Drive! Personally, I tried confessing with a letter too, but I was too nervous to approach my crush to give it to him. If you have music with him, maybe write him some lyrics or a song to confess. Or you could pass him a box of chocolates and a small note that confesses, as you're leaving. It's up to you; I appreciate that you initially tried to write a letter but realised it wasn't you: being yourself is good, so give your confession your own touch. I write poetry as a hobby, so I'd love to help you out with song lyrics if you decide in that way! Good luck! ❤
3 days ago
Confused girl-
No no! Don’t apologize. It’s totally fine. This is about YOU not me. Whatever you feel most comfortable with will be the best choice. 😉
- Sadie
3 days ago
Hey Sadie! Long time no see! Or chat? Anyways I may not actually do the letter. 😬 No offence. It was a good idea but that's not really my style. Sorry girl!
3 days ago
Confused girl-
Hi! I just wanted to know how the letter is going. How far are you? Are you done? Did you give it to him? Thanks! 😁
- Sadie
4 days ago
Miss Sophistication, Thanks girl! You seem like an awesome person! I don't know if you got the message but I'm moving. And I'll be out of town by May first. I know I should tell him I like him and I really want to but I don't know how. Any advice? Also, how do I keep in touch with him after I'm gone if he likes me back. I can't email, send letters, or contact him on social media. (I don't have any) Plus, I doubt my parents will let me get a dude's phone number till I'm like, 18! (They're really strict) It's so complex!

PS I'm just about to write some advice for you. It'll take a little bit but it'll come as soon as I can get it. Thanks for your patience! 😄
4 days ago
I'm not sure if you people remember my situation (it was some time ago, gosh) but I'm kind of receiving mixed signals. School's currently out for Easter break (thank goodness) and we haven't been talking much. I've had to be the one to always send messages, and he only checks them, not really replying, but instead he's been writing stuff on his status in Filipino, which is his first language and posting selfies. He wrote 'I love you, ugly' in his language after I asked him if he wanted to call for studying (ended up doing it alone, tragic) and I wasn't sure of what to think of it. Being the only non-family female in his contacts (he's shy, but really annoying once you know him, lol) I thought it was intended for me, but I could be wrong. I wasn't sure if it was serious, so it kind of annoyed me too. About the selfies, I asked him one day why he ever posts them, and he never answered it. He just started posting more. And to be fair, I'm not exactly physically attracted to him, I just think he's really gentle and warm and has a loveable personality, and I've told him countless times that he's cute, but he acts like it's nothing. I've even confessed to him in Korean, a language I speak, but he never replied. This was all during break, and at school we're best friends and are always together.
Any thoughts?
Thank you in advance, I'll try to help out around here more often 😙❤
4 days ago
This thread is squad goals, I love it! 😭💖
@confused girl, here's my take on the situation; Jack likes you and your company. He was glad that you were involved in the faux raccoon conversation, even *smiling* at you: he may have not smiled wide, but enough for you to notice that he thinks your chuckles are cute and/or he's flustered. He seems to care for you and is interested in what you are talking about even when you're not with him. He wanted to agree with you on the kids being annoying note, because having that one extra similarity makes you feel more special to a boy, even if it's trivial. When you get on the bus, you seem to have eased and your actions must've told him that you're comfortable with laughing with each other, which is reassuring for a guy. I'm glad thaf that the both of you laughed it off, it could be a really cute inside joke (haha, Spongebob teeth!) and those things make friendships stronger.
❤My advice is to keep trying to make him laugh, and to test the waters occasionally add in some friendly physical contact (arm touching, etc.) but don't overdo it. Also, keep finding similarities with him, as that seems to bring him more closer to you, and to him it means the world. Don't forget to smile! He seems to really like you, and you sound awesome. I hope things go well, good luck!
~Miss Sophistication 💜
6 days ago
Today on the bus (again sorry) Jack was two seats ahead of me. There was a grade four kid who was in the seat between us and to the left. (the kid is REALLY weird) Anyways the kid was talking to some other kids and suddenly he said "spongebob teeth!" Jack and I both looked at him. Turns out he was talking to me. (supposedly it was supposed to mean I have buck teeth even though I don't.) Then he said Jack had "spongebob teeth" too. We both looked at each other and chuckled.

Also, before I got on the bus I was standing waiting and muttered that I hated kids (I had just spent my afternoon with younger kids and the comment was in spite) Jack was standing nearby and said, "ya I hate them too. They're so annoying"
6 days ago
These tests are kinda fun to do.I love to test myself if i am gay or bisexual,and it mostly tell me that I am most bisexual than gay.I am in a reletionship with this website like my boy friend.
6 days ago
These tests are kinda fun to do.I love to test myself if i am gay or bisexual,and it mostly tell me that I am most bisexual than gay.
6 days ago
Yesterday on the bus (sorry if I talk about being on the bus a lot, I don't have any classes with jack besides music class) Anyways he was one seat ahead of me and to the left (if that makes any sense) and talking to the little boy in front of him (who also happens to be my neighbor) The boy was telling him about his faux raccoon hat. Jack was nodding along. I was watching, very amused by the fact that the boy was saying the tail part of the hat had a bone. I let multiple small chuckles slip and every time Jack would look back at me, smiling shyly.
7 days ago
Just treat him nicely. Don’t show any particular interest
7 days ago
Sadie: sorry I cant tell
Potato: Im not sure...
7 days ago
He always stares at me, teases me, flirts With me. What should I do? (I dont like him)
7 days ago

No problem!