Does He Like Me? (Totally Accurate, No Kidding!)

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Hey everybody, if you're wondering whether or not the guy you like (or might not like) likes you, take my Should I Date Him? quiz right now! What's the worst that could happen if you take it? You might find out you should move on from him. Or, it might work out perfectly. Take a chance!

  • 1
    Does he ever stare at you?
  • 2
    Do you two have anything in common (for example, favorite color, book, movie, etc.)?
  • 3
    Are you friends?

  • 4
    Does he ever act different when you're around (like he's more shy, or he blushes, etc.)?
  • 5
    Does he ask questions to get to know you personally?
  • 6
    Does he try to get physically closer to you (for example, does he try to make contact with you physically)?

  • 7
    Be honest here - do YOU think he likes you?
    Be honest here - do YOU think he likes you?
  • 8
    When you talk, who starts the conversation?
  • 9
    When you are talking, he:
  • 10
    Has he ever teased you?

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16 hours ago
So I’m dating this guy and I thought that I liked him, but now I think that I am just dating him to get this other guy off of my mind. 😩
Well, who is here just to pass the time in lockdown???
4 days ago
He totally loves me!!? He doesn’t show it.
26 days ago
Hi, I had a crush on a bball guy at school for 4 months now and idk if he's into me. There was this time at the lockers he asked me what was my name and he had to ask me like twice. Another time where i asked his name and he said 'yep, i already know your name i already asked you like twice' and i was like WOAH WOAH slow down mate. He listens to my conversations and stares at me sometimes, but im not positive if he likes me.
35 days ago
50 days ago
@Sports queen ooff, text him twice in a day, with a good time period in between. If he doesnt respond to either of those by the end of the day, he probs isnt interested and was just using it as a show of power. Otherwise, if he does, ask him why. If he makes up some lame excuse, then you know hes probably not serious. You should reach out to your crush through social media bc this guy might be getting in the way of your possible relationship.
Also coronavirus is a deadly pandemic. Wearing masks and having absolutely no human contact sounds way too extreme for me, but do try not to spread germs. Be considerate of other people and the elderly. Its important that we try to eradicate this virus asap so we can get back to our normal lives. Btw remember to appreciate all the healthcare workers, scientists, government and all the other workers for committing themselves to the country!!! They work rly hard everydau to ensure that the coronavirus situation doesn't escalate. Have a nice day :)
52 days ago
2 seconds ago
Ok so I really need help. I’ve had a crush on this guy for 2 years. And it’s borderline more than a crush at this point. He liked me first and then our paths just kinda never aligned. But a few weeks ago, another guy texted me asking me out. I found out that my crush had been talking to his friends about me and how this guy asked me out. It seems like he’s jealous but at the same time he is terrible at responding to my texts. So is he actually jealous? And does he like me? Cause it’s so hard to tell. The mixed signals are unreal and I have no idea what to do
53 days ago
Daisy, I agree with you because we can't flirt over Zoom if I don't have his number or a phone...
56 days ago
No no no no!!! Social distancing isn't the answer! It's not helping obviously. Ur body has to build up an immune to this virus! But we still have to wash our hands. And I'm NOT gonna listen to the social distancing rules!!!! Things have to get back to normal! We have to LIVE again and not feel trapped inside our houses and feel like we can't go anywhere! I'm just hoping things will get better cause this virus may never go away and will probably come back sometime in the fall!!!

ANYWAYS...... stay safe!!!:)
Plus not many kids get corona..... So..
66 days ago
@Charlotte. FINALLY, some one who understands. SOCIAL DISTANCING is the best thing we can do to help with the corona. If people keep going outside, the corona will keep spreading. People protesting not to wear masks, they don't know whats good for them, and what's not. Us not wearing masks is just causing more problems. It is going to cause doctors to work more.

So please. stay at home, social distance, wear masks. It's such an easy thing. and if we all do it, it will make a HUGE impact ❤️
67 days ago
@Daisy yeah......but people won't stop going out. There's a possibility that this'll continue until next year.
69 days ago
My crush moved at the end of fifth grade... and I’m in sixth so I don’t know if he likes me or not!!!! I really don’t know how to tell...
71 days ago
Social distancing definitely isn't helping with my "love" life. It hurts a little more to realize that he does like me after time apart.
80 days ago
*correction he did like me
80 days ago
people help! I recently just got out of a relationship with a guy and it was really serious (we talked about marriage)...but there is this guy and i think I may like him and he didn't like me at some point but I don't know if he still does...this test says he does but idk...advice??
80 days ago
Omigosh!!! I like someone but we never talk or anything. He's one of those boys I just notice all the time. We don't have ANY classes together. but in 6th grade we would play foursquare together. So it's really hard to do these test cuz I never talk to him or anything!!!
81 days ago
i online date how does this help me??
89 days ago
rosie- I think he would still like you, but make sure not to tease him too much. You could try to communicate with him more, build more friendship between you guys before writing another love letter.
89 days ago
The guy that I did the test on i like his best friend and I’m pretty sure that the guy I did a test likes me we had to sit next to each other in class for a few weeks we got to now each other and he’s pretty nice but in that time I didn’t notic he liked me and wrote a love letter to his best friend and since then he seems different but I think he still likes me and I like him a little I hope he likes me and it is also a good thing to tease him about hehe
92 days ago
Ned help asap - I guess you have a point... me and my crush were really go old friends... and when my friends told him I liked him.. he kinda ignored me for 2 to 3 days.. but we talked again but it wasn't really as much as before.. and we weren't as close... he didn't tell if he liked me back didn't.. but if he doesn't like you back, it's his loss! If he doesn't see your beauty and strength than he isnt worth it! Okay? You got "just Sharon" on YouTube to help you get through it.. and even if you're friendship changes.. i guess me and you at on the same page.. I'm sorry I cant help you..