Does He Like Me? (Totally accurate, no kidding)

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Hey guys, if you're wondering about whether or not the guy you like (or might not like) likes you.

  • 1
    I know this question comes up in most of these tests, but does he stare at you?
  • 2
    Do you two have anything in common? (like for example favorite color, book, movie, etc.)
  • 3
    Are you friends?
  • 4
    Does he ever act different when you're around? (like more shy, blushes, etc.)
  • 5
    Does he ask questions to get to know you personally?
  • 6
    Does he try to get physically closer to you? (for example does he try to make contact with you physically)
  • 7
    Be honest here, do you think he likes you?
  • 8
    When you talk, who starts the conversation?
  • 9
    When you are talking he ...
  • 10
    Has he ever teased you?

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Fact no Experience (93808)
2 days ago
: Are you asking me a question or just chatting?
Ok ok ok (97259)
3 days ago
So this boy is kinda cute and he add me on sc and sends me selfies of him so idk but my best friend knows i dont really like him but like my most hated friend keeps saying i like him and i told her i dont like him u do and she ran into class and told my best friends that i liked him only one believed her my number one best friend didn’t believe her so idk what to do is dont know at all
Confused (81969)
8 days ago
Thank u!!!! that’s kinda what i thought but 1) he’s literally perfect and there is no way he likes me 2) we barely ever talk cause i’m nervous too 3)im not sure if he only looks at me cause he knows i like him... sometimes i’m like he definitely likes me. but then sometimes he’s totally distant and i’m like there is no way he does.
he never looks at me when i’m like the center of attention if that makes sense. like when i’m doing a presentation he doesn’t ever look at me, he only looks at me when he thinks i’m not paying attention... but i am. i cant not pay attention to him. i literally can’t stop thinking about him.
Fact no Experience (93808)
11 days ago
Confused: That would be an obvious yes. He is nervous around you, so you should get to know him more by warming him up. He would overcome his timidness and be happy to see you.

If you want to ask him out, you should warm him up first. Don't "play hard to get" because he would get mixed feelings about you. You don't want to drive him away because he thinks you hate him or he doesn't think he deserves you.
Also, make sure your body language is positive towards him when you are trying to ask him out. You might even do this subconsciously, without even knowing, but it helps to know for better results. Your eyes and your smile would get his attention, as they are one of the most useful weapons that a girl can use in her arsenal.
Confused (45575)
13 days ago
He looks at me a lot during the classes we have and he turns red when someone says my name. But we never really talk at all. When we do talk he looks like a statue... like no reaction at all. And I see him around EVERYWHERE (not complaining but...), so i can tell he does stuff to be closer/ around me, but does he like me???? I REALLY want him to ask me out, more than I’ve wanted anything.HELLLLPPPPP
Fact no Experience (93808)
14 days ago
Tanisha: I am confused due to what you said, thus I cannot provide you with a specific answer.

Get to know him better and he might like you.
Roxy (68477)
16 days ago
He is confused whether he likes me???? Umm... ok?
Tanisha (78180)
16 days ago
advice needed!!! My crush is weird sometimes. like since we dont go to the same schools and we met on the bus some weeks he'll stand or sit right near my friends
and i and will listen to our conversation and other times he will ask me a million questions. But every since his sister got on the bus too he has only talked to me 3 times and sometimes only stares at me quietly. I AM SO CONFUSED. like a day ago he was sitting right next to me and asked if i had social media and today he sat all the way at the back when there was 1 seat next to his sister at the front who was across the isle from me. and for a period of time he wasnt on the bus and his friend called me his 'girlfriend ' whenever i was getting off. also my crush would always ask if i had a boyfriend.....
as much as i want him to like me he is comfusing. i am also too nervous and scared to add him as a friend on social media.

Also according to my friend when i aasnt on the bus he asked,"where is she?"

soo umm HeLp
Fact no Experience (93808)
16 days ago
Ashleyyy: He does like you. He blushes, wants to get to know you better, looks at you, gazes at you when he is being funny to watch your reaction, smiling, etc.

It is obvious.
Ashleyyy (78837)
16 days ago
I really need some advice. So recently for the past 3 weeks all he ever does is talk, look, or text me. I really really like him and my gut feeling is yes he likes me too. So one time my friends that ride his bus asked him if he liked me and his face got super red and he said, "Why you wanna know?" My friends responded with, "We just assumed he did." He didn't say anything and my friends like, you do like her cuz your not denying it. And he didn't say anything. For the past week he's been texting me and asking a bunch of questions to get to know me better. I told him there was this guy that made fun of me all the time and my crushes response was I'll talk to him about it. I askes, "do you always do this with other people like talk to the people bugging them?" He said, "no not really." Almost everytime I look at hum he is already looking at me and we always hold eye contact for like 8 seconds and break away. He always looks for my reaction when he does something funny. He always smiles when I'm with him. And now we're trying to figure out a time so we can hang out. He has a girlfriend though but they never talk or hang out. Do you think he likes me?? Please give me advice or tell me your opinion!!
Tigerage (35943)
25 days ago
Advice needed:

I personally think so, but it may just be that he's a flirty, teasing guy. Does he do this to anyone else?

If not, he's probably picking on you with nicknames and such because he likes you. If yes, then he could just be a flirter.

:> I hope I helped!
XXXcottoncutie_candyXXX7 (87795)
25 days ago
Ok hes confused ❓❓❓
Advice needed (81043)
25 days ago
One of my fiercest competitors at tennis is always comparing everything with me, calling me nicknames, and purposely annoying me. Every time I go into class he strolls over and presses our bodies together to compare heights with me, and he has created about 50 nicknames. He admitted that most of the time he only comes to clsss if I do because he just likes to annoy me and whenever I walk into the club and see him he catches my eye and we both smirk, and he teases me so much you'd think we were actually dating. I really like him but do you think he likes me?
Tigerevenge (35943)
26 days ago

Heck yes! ouo

All those I like yous, no matter how disguised, make me DEFINITELY think he likes you!! Count how many times he has said that to you, it's got to be a lot! :>
ThePotatoFam (01168)
26 days ago
Uggghhh I really like him, but I want someone else's opinion.
He teases me about my height, pulls my hair, nudges me with his shoulder, puts his elbow on my shoulder (which says a lot about my height XD), gave me a one-armed hug, and said he liked me under very strange circumstances. Also, since we go to the same church, we have to shake hands for peace, and he held onto it for longer than he needed to. One time this happened, he said "We were not holding hands."
On when he said he liked me, we were talking about the yearbook (he's graduating this year). He said he left me something nice. I said, "Nice?! From you?!" and he said, "Yeah, if I could, I'd give you a deadly disease. I don't like you." I said, "I know." and then he said, "No, I do like you." While he was saying that, he sorta grabbed my head and shaking it. Another time, he had just gotten a haircut and I was going to tell him I liked his haircut, but he pushed me. I said, "I was going to give you a compliment, but I guess not." He said, "A compliment? From you?! What if I give you a compliment? I like... youuuuuu...r glasses."
Touka & Kaneki (18500)
29 days ago
I really hope he likes me because we dated at the beginning of the school year,
but we broke up and now we're talking all day and he doesn't really do much with his girlfriend anymore and my friend likes to joke and say,"I'm waiting for him to ask you out again.." and I really do love him and only him,
Fact no Experience (93808)
32 days ago
Trinh: Yes, he does. Go ask him out!

Meowzies: From this point, I cannot tell if there is any chance that he likes you back. A smile could just mean a smile. You should find more signs before you jump to a conclusion.
Braelyn (81628)
33 days ago
Yay!!! It says he loves me
Meowzies (19161)
34 days ago
So, one time in math class, I was sitting behind my crush. He caught me looking at him a few times (but I was still paying attention to the class because I can multitask). On the last time he caught me we both smiled at each other. It wasn’t like an evil smirk or anything, it was just a grin. When you do a grin, sometimes your head move down just a little, and he did that. He may have blushed lightly too. Does this means he likes me?
Trinh (80790)
35 days ago
I need some advice! So the last week of winter break, according to my friend on a Tuesday the class was doing a lab while I was sick at home. Then one of my crush's friend (One of his friends knows I liked him) literally said to my crush "Hey Jack! You're girl ain't here" So he looked at my seat and then my friend asked "Do you like Trinh?" he replied "Pf! No" and then notices he was turning red and thought he was blushing and said "You're turning red" and then he replied "No I'm not!"

Signs he might likes me!
1.On the first day of school in science I came in and took a random seat and then he comes in and then seat one seat next to me.
2.He teases me in pe, in cricket he distracted me by saying no to me for no reason so I would get distracted. And when I hold the door for everyone because we were in the gym he said he'll hold it and then later he would say jk.
3.He friends gave it away big time because one morning he and his friends walked out of the cafeteria and one of his friends yelled his name and pointed at me. Then in pe he and two of his friends were standing behind us while my friend and I were siting in front of them and his friends kept saying "You should ask her out" like millions of times.
4.We made lots of eye contact. While heading to lunch my friend and I walked pass him and when I turned my back I saw him looking at me!
5.Last, so when I walked out of the restroom I saw him walked out of the restroom too across campus and we were both heading to the same class. He makes it to the classroom first and I didn't hear the door close, once I got to the door he was holding it and waiting for me to come in!!!

Does this means he likes me?!?!?!