How much do you know about Percy Jackson?

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Based on the ultimate guide to Percy Jackson, I have developed a quiz to see how much you know about the books.

  • 1
    When was Percy Jackson born?
  • 2
    How was Sally Jackson orphaned?
  • 3
    What floor is Olympus at?
  • 4
    Circe turns sailors and pirates into ________ using magic.
  • 5
    What is the name of Daedalus's hellhound?
  • 6
    Zoe Nightshade gets bitten by ________, a dragon who guards the golden apples of the Hesperides.
  • 7
    Bessie the sea cow is the _____________.
  • 8
    _____________ is an enormous green-brown monster once trapped under a mountain by the gods.
  • 9
    What sport did Laistrygonian giants play against Percy and Tyson?
  • 10
    Dr. Thorn is a ___________.
  • 11
    The currency used by the gods is
  • 12
    The Colchis bulls were made by ________.
  • 13
    The role of the Oracle is taken up by
  • 14
    ________ held up the sky.
  • 15
    Who fulfills the Great Prophecy?
  • 16
    What fruit is grown at camp Half-Blood?
  • 17
    What card game is played at camp Half-Blood?
  • 18
    What sport is commonly played at camp Half-Blood?
  • 19
    Luke's last name is _________.
  • 20
    Lee Fletcher is the son of _____________.
  • 21
    What is Castor's (son of Dionysus) twin's name?
  • 22
    Nemesis is the goddess of:
  • 23
    Annabeth is afraid of:
  • 24
    Percy is immune to:
  • 25
    What is the drink of the gods?
  • 26
    How is it possible for Bianca to be over fifty years old?
  • 27
    Aegis belongs to:
  • 28
    Who is the goddess of the home, hearth and family?
  • 29
    Arachne got turned into a spider by ______
  • 30
    Mr. Brunner's real name is:

Comments (13)


ApolloGirlYa (75312)
117 days ago
imma pure Apollo Demi-God y'all!
i only got 23 but that ain't matter.. Anyway. i don't think all these questions are right like, come on! We need some Athena kids please!
Wisegirl17 (28934)
142 days ago
Seriously? I'm pretty sure hestia is the goddess of hearth. And olympus is on the 600th floor .
Evana (64503)
184 days ago
In question 28, the answer would be Hestia as clearly stated in both The Last Olympian and Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods. Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty as clearly stated in Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods and Percy Jackson books 1 and 3, Heroes of Olympus books 1, 3, 4, and 5, and mentioned in Percy Jackson books 2, 4, and 5. Also Olympus is on the 600th floor. I’m sorry for being so perfectionistic about this, but a) I would have gotten a perfect score if not for question 28, b) I’m a total OCD perfectionist, and c) I’m a daughter of Athena and I don’t like being told that I’m wrong.
Thalia Grace (66328)
230 days ago
Nikki (66328)
230 days ago
It was 600th floor not 50th.Mount Olympus.
Typo was trapped under a volcano.You should really read the books again.You have a really bad memory.
Nikki (66328)
230 days ago
The goddess of hearth ,family and home is hestia.
So,that way I have 28 out of 30.
Rameen (07288)
453 days ago
Your question of the goddess of home, hearth, and family was SO wrong. The question of floor of Olympus was wrong too
AnnabethChase (61872)
579 days ago
I like how all of the comments are saying how wrong your test is and the questions are still not fixed. -__-
PJjackson98 (88442)
717 days ago
There are two wrong things with this questionnaire. First of all, it is the 600th floor not the 500th. Then there is the fact that apparently you put the goddess of the home, hearth, and family is Aphrodite, who in actuality is the goddess of love and beauty. The actual goddess is Hestia, the eldest god in fact. Also, Typhon was never trapped underneath a mountain, he was trapped underneath a volcano. I'm if it was a mountain, then Percy would have never met Calypso. Get your facts straight.
Aliza (66861)
798 days ago
Seriously?!?! You call yourself a Percy Jackson fan?!
1. Olympus is at 600th floor.
2. Typhon was trapped under a volcano
3. Aphrodite is goddess of love and beauty.
4. Hestia is the goddess of home/hearth/family
pertemisforever27 (06852)
847 days ago
first hestia is the goddess of the hearth and hera is the goddess of family and olympus is on the 600th floor not any of the others it is the 600th floor so if you put hestia/hera for goddess of hearth/family/home than you are right and if you put nothing for the floor of olympus than you are right but if you didnt do those things than 💗 and should not take percy jackson and the olympians test ever again
Annabeth (34763)
912 days ago
It's Hestia not Aphrodite
also Typhon wasn't trapped under a mountain he was
Trapped under a volcano
percabeth1233 (94201)
915 days ago
it's Hestia not Aphrodite