Are you a true Linkin Park Soldier?

Developed by: Lili

Sure, you say you love LP. But are you truly a Linkin Park Soldier? This quiz will test your knowledge and see if you eat, sleep and breath LP.

  • 1
    On "Live In Texas" (the DVD), What is "pouring" when Chester sings One Step Closer?
  • 2
    On Frat party at the pancake festival, Mike throws room service chicken out of the balcony. What does he throw it at?
  • 3
    Which song do these lyrics belong to: Hold myself up and love my scars?
  • 4
    How has Chester felt before?
  • 5
    Mike Shinoda's son's name is?
  • 6
    Brad Delson plays which instrument?
  • 7
    On the LPTV episode 10: Japan '06, Chester puts a neck rest pillow on his head and says ...
  • 8
    Does Rob wear glasses?
  • 9
    Which album was released after Hybrid Theory?
  • 10
    Who is Phoenix?
  • 11
    Who designs the albums artwork?
  • 12
    Which song plays on Transformers 2?
  • 13
    Which band member stars in Saw 7?
  • 14
    Mike's middle name is ..
  • 15
    What did Chester break on stage?

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