Am I Skinny, Curvy, Chubby Or Obese?

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It can be hard to tell where you try this quiz! Be very honest or it won't be accurate. And if you don't get the result you wanted, don't feel bad! Even small changes in diet and exercise can yield big results over time.

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15 hours ago
Hey, to all the girls here. All of you are tweens/teens and I know you're going through a really tough time. In 6th and 7th grade, I wasn't even very chubby, but I became extremely anorexic and bulimic. DO NOT DO IT. It ruins your life and I look back on those times and shiver. It was HORRIFIC. YOU WILL DESTROY YOUR CHILDHOOD. I'm lucky to have a great support system, and I healed myself. But you might not be that lucky. Please, I'm begging you. I recommend just eating a little healthier, one desert a week, and not eat a ton of food. Also, go by this -
Morning (Pre Breakfast):
50 jumping jacks
45 high knees
30 squats
20 bridges
30 leg raises
40 russian twists
40 calf raises
15 jump lunges
20 side lunges

Afternoon (Post Lunch)
50 crunches
45 squats
15 fire hydrants
15 lunges
25 dead bugs
25 jackknives
25 leg raises
50 jumping jacks

Night (Pre Bedtime)
1 minute plank
50 russian twists
50 crunches deadbugs
20 squats
50 jumping jacks

It really works and within a few months you'll see massive change and a slim-thicc body coming in! Once I recovered from my disorders, I became an extremely healthy eater and I work out multiple times a week. It doesn't matter what you look like now or your genetics. You are BEAUTIFUL. You have to power to CHANGE your body. LOVE YOURSELF. DON'T HAVE EXPECTATIONS. Don't compare yourself to others, just to yourself the day before. You are BEAUTIFUL.
3 days ago
50% obese. I'm only 13 and am 43 inches round. I weigh 160 lbs. My belly is big and bouncy but I have small breasts, arms, legs, and backside. I can't see my feet unless I stretch my neck out all the way. I can't run 5 laps around my gym without stopping. I get laughed at when I try to do pushups. I wish I was at least a little less fat...
5 days ago
It said that my scores weren't clear so I got, 33%Chubby, 33%Curvy and 33%Obese. Why did I take this quiz? Now I'm even more insecure abt my body. Btw I'm 12
6 days ago
I am curvy and it’s not what I wanted but it’s better that obese
12 days ago
It said I’m chubby but I’m obese and I love how fat I am
20 days ago
I’m 11 I’m 4”11 and I weight 94 pounds I’m fat 😕 I’m going to become anorexia
21 days ago
i’m 12, i got 89% skinny and i’m 5”6 and i’m only 6 stone, my doctor says that i’m underwrite got my height as i’m very tall, but it turns out i have fast metabolism
22 days ago
It says 50% curvy, but tbh all I see in the mirror is some fat. Idk how but when I think I am fat, I can always see my ribs. It also says 0% skinny, but am I fat?
23 days ago
I'm 13 and I'm like 72kg I feel really fat and I can't wear jeans and when I wear my school clothes all the other boys laugh at me when I move and in p.e I can't do a quarter of a mile in the whole lesson and that's just the warmup! My best friend told me that she's worried for me and told me I should lose weight but I can't stop eating. Also there is this really mean girl in my school because she always pokes my belly and it sways from side to side and she says time to lay of the carbs. My boyfriend (yes my boyfriend) is really nice and I went to his house one time to watch a movie as it was his bday and I ate so much that my fat was overflowing onto his knee he said he didn't mind though so I just kept eating. And another time I was at his house I had this really tight dress on that felt it was gonna pop any moment and I ate so much and when I went to sit down the seams broke and i was sitting in my undergarments my belly touching my knees
25 days ago
I got 50% obese, I love having a huge belly and i want to gain soooo much more!!!
25 days ago
I am 12 skinny and curly gang btw I am 4'10 4'11
28 days ago
I am 42% skinny 50% curvy and 8% cubby
29 days ago
What a pity there's no choice for muscular or lean, so I got a skinny instead
34 days ago
Ima a curvyyyy⌛️
34 days ago
My last comment 42+42+17=101 🤦🏼‍♀️
34 days ago
According to this I’m 42% skinny/ 42% curvy/ and 17% chubby that doesn’t add up 🤦🏼‍♀️
35 days ago
According to this I'm 33% chubby/33% curvy/16% skinny/16% obese lol
41 days ago
You're gay, I'm pathetic
46 days ago
I am a fattie im 51pounds and only 13 I’m obese
46 days ago
I’m 11 19kg and. Just anorexic