Am I Skinny, Curvy, Chubby Or Obese?

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It can be hard to tell where you try this quiz! Be very honest or it won't be accurate. And if you don't get the result you wanted, don't feel bad! Even small changes in diet and exercise can yield big results over time.

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Bob (90091)
3 days ago
It said I was curvy but I am so fat I weigh 103lbs and I am 11. I couldn’t sit in my chair at class because i was so heavy. I think i should have been obese
Em (97826)
9 days ago
That’s not fat I’m only 5’0 and I weigh 94 ibs
wattatta (52908)
11 days ago
im so fat i weigh almost 80lbs and im 5'4 i hate my body
Nickname-C (67325)
16 days ago
I got curvy, I am 14, 5'1 and 145 pounds, I am told by many that I don't look my weight and that I'm pretty and tiny, I have a small stomach and no thigh gap, My boob to butt ratio is apparently very good and my body is balanced out. I also am very active, I do sports, but I am homeschooled officially in a few days, I am moving to Alabama and I'm trying to get a new body and a new personality, kind of like a fresh start. I am trying to lose weight. Should I?
Chub (05129)
17 days ago
Yo, it says I’m curvy, obese Andy chubby all at the same time but I’m not skinny. I love jiggling with my chubby’s belly. I’m nearly 12 yrs old, 5’5’ and 44 kgs (96 pounds approx). Even if I’m chubby. I wanna gain weight and squish my belly loads. :)
someone that u used to know (39294)
18 days ago
i am female, 15 5'7 and 222 pounds i am not fat just chubby and i am also curvy idk should i lose some weight?
Hailie (80433)
20 days ago
50% cury, 17% skinny 17% chubby 17% obese. I'm 12, 5"6 and I weigh 163.2 pounds.
Julissa (70614)
22 days ago
In all together, I'm 11, 5''1, and I weigh 118 pounds. My results are 67% Curvy, 17% Skinny, 17% Chubby, and 0% Obese. I should exercise more to decrease my weight because I want to have a happy and healthier life :)
Julissa (70614)
22 days ago
I'm also 11 and 5''1
Julissa (70614)
22 days ago
67%-Curvy 17%-Skinny 17%-Chubby 0%-Obese. I exercise almost every day, and I'm always curvy, and I want to stay Curvy, because I want to live a happy and healthier life :)
aroo (84145)
24 days ago
im 4'10 and 102
i got 58% curvy 33% skinny 8% chubby adn 0 obese. Im sure im not obese and i am curvy ish? im 13 and i fit into a womens 6 size pants and a kids 14 or s in womens for shirts. idk why (i can never find good pants). i am a little chubby though because my arms are huge and my stomach sticks out a little. also my thighs hold like 60% of my fat no joke smh.
Ava (34686)
25 days ago
I’m 11 and 5’3. I weigh 110 to 120. Last time I checked I was 120. I’m fat
reeeee (62077)
28 days ago
,Im a 13 female, 163cm or 5”4, and weigh 55kg ( 121 lbs ), and I got 50% curvy 33% chubby, 8 % skinny and 8% obese , but I see myself as big
Laura (35703)
29 days ago
5.7 118 lbs
I don’t see myself as skinny
My stomach shows a bit,Like a bump
chubby (03087)
31 days ago
13yo, 5"2 and 126lb.
I think im chubby too.. When I am 108lb maybe curvy? or normal.
50% Chubby 42% Curvy 8% Obese 0% Skinny
egg (71745)
35 days ago
33% chubby, 25% skinny, 25% curvy, 17% obese.
I'm a 13 year old, 5' and 121 pounds. You can faintly see my ribs, but I'm pretty chubby at my lower stomach. Seems about right, although being so short and being heavy concerns me.
not-important (58672)
38 days ago
33% chubby, 33%curvy, 33% obese 0%skinny. hm...
13, 5’3, 204lbs
i should be in the overweight category but whatevs
CURVYY (67629)
40 days ago
58% Curvy, 25% chubby, 17% skinny and 0% obese.
Anna-rexic (09856)
43 days ago
I’m 12, female, 34kg and 146 cm (yes, I’m short). I’m anorexic, but people say I’m not just because I’m not bone thin. Anyone can be anorexic, regardless of age, weight, gender or anything. I got skinny, but I still don’t believe that I’m skinny. I think the fact that I put ‘I think I’m fat’ contributed to me getting 8% obese.
William (72115)
46 days ago
I’m 15 and 5,8 210lbs