Are you pretty, cute, hot or beautiful?

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There are many great looks for females, and each has its own undeniable allure. Which of these are you - pretty, cute, hot or beautiful? Take this test to find out! For the most accurate result, BE HONEST! And if you don't get the exact result you wanted, that's OK - because your own unique beauty is MORE than good enough.:)

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    What color is your hair?
    What color is your hair?

Comments (347)


LeeLee (26457)
4 days ago
😋I'm beautiful😋
Willow (51573)
12 days ago
It says here that, for 30% you are: you’re cute dont feel DONT about this cute girls are the ones guys notice, for a good reason your spirit is pure and your awesome to be around everything about you is awesome. Your results were not clear you could also get for 30 % your are: you’re beautiful inside and out your a mysterious and you attract others because you always keep them guessing you’re a loyal friend and a amzing girl.
Snowy (97431)
14 days ago
it said that i am 50% cute

the heck???
i dont think that i am cute at all eventhough i am a sweet person XD

im 14 lmao
Javi (74353)
14 days ago
I guess it said I’m cute, huh I feel like I’m not tho.
Alyssa (13458)
17 days ago
I'm hot cute and funny
boy no (33354)
21 days ago
i wanna upload a selfie of link and see what he gets we all know it’s gunna be good
Natalie (61635)
23 days ago
Well, I guess I’m cute.
Tahnalia (62326)
23 days ago
It says 100 percent 4 everything but i jave this huuuuge crush on thus guy and his freinds were luke today look he kbows how to treat u right so im guess im very vute and butiful lol hes really tall and im small do u think this relationship would work?????????
Hii (02519)
23 days ago
100 omggggggg i gess im hotttttttt i do have a boyfrienddddd😋
Alexa (02519)
23 days ago
It said I was 100% cute 100% hot 100% beautiful!!!!!

I guess I am! I mean a lot of boys in my class like me but I already have a boyfriend and im only 17!! welp im hot stuff people and my boyfriend is hot and amazing im a cute blondie with black tips and a lot of guys that like her im a senior in highschool and my boyfriend is in college (he has a bachelor degree and he asked me instead of me asking him and usually guys pick up girls that are in their grade or school but I guess he just adores me because im cute, hot, and beautiful I guess) and at least 22 guys like me they all told me or they asked a friend to tell me! so yeah I am hot so guys and sometimes I M.O. with him (make out with him)
Cadence (57377)
23 days ago
It said I was cute and it's right cuz I have 12 guys crushing on me!

I love my life😭😭
mr pie (58609)
28 days ago
so that means im gay
The only fact (70056)
28 days ago
40 percent beautiful at least someone admires my potato face lol.
Zoey (79834)
32 days ago
40% beautiful 40% hot stuff
Kerri (31985)
32 days ago
So sorry for the comments i think made 4 counting this on-)
Kerri (31985)
32 days ago
YES I got 100% cute now I can just keep on saying now don,t hate me just because i,m cute:)
Kerri (31985)
32 days ago
I got cute YAY now I can keep on saying don,t hate me just because i,m cute
Kerri (31985)
32 days ago
I got cute YAY I can keep on saying don,t hate me just because i,m cute
Leah (75107)
33 days ago
90% I am cute....okay like it 😃
Ivory Hunter (33443)
33 days ago
You're cute!
Don't feel down about this - cute girls are the ones guys notice, for a good reason: Your spirit is pure and you're awesome to be around! Everything about you is awesome!

Really??? I don't think so.