Does he fancy you? Is he just a friend? Is he playing you? (Girls)

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    Does he often smile at you?

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Help anyone so this boy is in my school and he is in my group of friend..and he jokes a lot so he asked me out on text and i thought he was joking so i played it cool and was with laughing faces...but then the next day came and he was avoiding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 days ago
Anyone got any tips on making conversation???? My anxiety picks up with stuff like this and I worry that I need a reason to speak to people 😐 I really like this boy and I think there's a chance he likes me back but we haven't said much more than a couple sentences to each other :/
6 days ago
I am pretty sure that he likes me but there has been rumours that he likes another girl but he hardly ever talks to her but now that I have told my friends that I like him, there has been rumours that he likes me now so I am REALLY confused although that the test results are positive but if I tell my feelings to him, I am afraid that I might lose him forever and that we don't talk as much as we do now
17 days ago
I’m just taking this quiz bc I’m bored/ to confirm what I already know, but if you guys really wanna know you just gotta ask them? Regardless of the answer it’s better just to know.
34 days ago
34 days ago
I am defo in love. This boy acts ...........
43 days ago
Heya there. so i’m having some trouble figuring out if he likes me or not. yesterday at school i found out from his friend that i was his primary school crush. i don’t know if i should trust the friend since he does joke a lot. i don’t think he did joke but maybe that’s just me being hopeful. anyways he always makes eye contact with me and engages in conversation. does that mean he likes me as more than a friend? i have also had a crush on him since primary but i’m scared that if i make a move first and he says no i’ll lose him forever... what should i do?!?
- Raisa xo
65 days ago
For Emilia...

By the looks of it you should go for your gut feelins, if u feel she likes u then ask her out to the disco.I think she might like u :3

good luck remeber one thing, be yourself and dont be afraid of rejection we have all been through it once in our lives :)

65 days ago
Hy everyone....

okkkk, so i have a crush on this guy i have 4 lessons with him, In design class whenever he walks past my table he always walks with his chin up and back straight or he just looks at me or he kind of smirks when he looks at me.My best friend says "i think he likes u.." and sometimes he teases me about liking his friend.Once i kept my hand next to his so they were touching and he didnt move his hand away....I have seen him look at me in lessons and sometimes he smiles while talking to me.FOR A YEAR I HAVE BEEN DOING QUIZZZES LIKE THESE IDK IF HE LIKES ME :( i dont mind if he doesnt like me back....I just wanna know what he thinks/feels for me?

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz helppppppppppppp asapppppppppppppp xxxxxx

65 days ago
hey guyz! (or gals heheheh)
Emilia here. I was windering if you can help me pls XD
Emilia is my fav she pokes my back and the other day she even gave me big bruise while playing footsie in Chemistry. She let me use her H2S04, which made me fall even harder becoz i didnt pay for my equipment at the beginning of term. She did burn my hair off with her Bunsen burner but does this mean she likes me???? My bro (who is girl expert) said this defo means love, but should i listen to a stinky boy? pls write back ASAP, i need to know b4 i ask her to the disco. Its the most important day of my life!!!!!!!! ps: hope they play some Pitbull aka mr worldwide.
67 days ago
so my crush is one of my best fiends ex but when they were together he always hanged out with his ex when im around and he always s teases me and like when tease him aka punch him him always over eggagerates and yesterday we weredoing something in class and i kicked him and he kicked me back and it just keept going souldi ask my crush out sorry for bad spelling
67 days ago
I am pretty sure my crush is playing me bc he flirts and then ignores me and talks behind my back, calling me a snake. Idk he's just one of my best friends and I hate how our relationship is now. His friends say he likes me and my friends say he might but I don't think calling me names behind my back is flirting... I can't stop thinking about him though!!!!

How am I suppose to deal with him?? Help?!?
69 days ago

He either has the hots for you, or he thinks of you as a friend. Personally, I think he likes you more, but perhaps he isn't sure. Best of luck! Xx
75 days ago
Ok I'm very confused...

Sooo I have a few interesting stories between me and my crush they're way to long to explain in this butttt one minute it seems like he likes me the next he goes talking to other girls RIGHT INFRONT OF ME. He was play fighting his friend in maths and he was doing it right infront of me and kept looking at me and he kept starring at me in class - he's done this a few times actually. Then in science class he starts flirting with me and showing me really cool stuff and we're BOTH red, smiling, laughing & happy, but thennnnn HE GOES AND FLIRTS WITH OTHER GIRLS RIGHT INFRONT OF ME. Idk if its to make me jealous, if it is its working! Boys are so hard to read! Could y'all reply to this n let me know what you think??

Oh yeah, he kept starring at me in the lunch queue too so irdk at this point....
77 days ago
Demi FIERCE you wot mate?😂😂
80 days ago
we recently started speaking and he confessed he has feelings for me we got to know each other and i realised i liked him too . i told him but i also said am not ready for a realationship he asked me quiet a few times but each time i said no then he told me he doesnt like me and says we should stay as friends ??
81 days ago
Hey Charlotte, what's up girlfriend ??!!!
92 days ago
He’s my lab partner and in class we have assigned seats but our teacher isnt strict on who we work with. The other day me and my crush were gonna work together but then one of his friends comes over and goes: *****, I’m working with you. My crush looks @ me and doesn’t say anything and my crushes friend goes: why don’t you work with *******, I like her and she’s nice but I wanted to with my crush. My crush didn’t say anything and just looked a bit upset tbh. Ahhh does this mean he likes me?? He keeps looking and smiling at me and in science class our chairs are touching and we sit so close to each other. He keeps asking me questions aswell and always blushes when he’s around me so does this mean he likes me??? 😁😬❤️😍 (I’m in year 8 (7th grade) btw xo).
96 days ago
we have know each other for more than 3 years and he keeps staring at me now I don't know what to do I act to cringy around him now cause we don't speak anymore
103 days ago
I think I’ll tell him how I feel on the last day of school and ask if we can stay in contact even though he’s going to a diff high school than me :( he wants to go to a sports school and I want to ho to a grammar school :/ plus he doesn’t have a phone BUT awe live quite close 😄
Btw I’m 5’2 he’s like 4’5 XD