Does He Fancy Me? Is He Just A Friend? Is He Playing Me? (Girls)

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    Does he often smile at you?
    Does he often smile at you?

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2 days ago
I’m happy I got even 43%. I feel like it’s hard for me to get close to him because his friend group is just boys :,(
3 days ago
Me and my crush don’t really talk anymore because I was forced to ask him out after I got a certain amount of likes. Before that our friends would always force us together and we were given a ship name. It never really annoyed him. We just told each other we would forget about how I had to ask him out. But I don’t know where we stand since he never said yes but he never said no.
5 days ago
so I think he likes me because he always secretive around me and shy and whispers all the time and he's really cute so I hope he does but idk
6 days ago
My crush’s name is Ryan okay he’s kinda cute and I like his personality and we always are thinking the same thing so he could like me

At gym one time I was giving him a high five and held my hand for like 2 minutes and looked straight in my eyes and both started to blush
6 days ago
It's rlly funny how girls on here are like:

OMG he kisses me, give me flowers and chocolate, he walks me home from school,we chat every day to like 1am in the morning BUT I don't know if he likes me...

7 days ago
OMG, I have no clue what to think any more! I think he possibly likes me but then he seems to kinda act like that around other girls, too, and so I'm not sure whether I'm just not used to this type of relationship (as haven't REALLY had a proper boyfriend until recently) and just can't really notice signs that easily. Although the only bad thing, too, is that I've been off from school for about a year and a half with weight and mental health problems, and so I'm extremely worried as to whether he'll even want to be FRIENDS anymore! I really do hope that he'll (or just someone) will accept me in life.... x
9 days ago
I don't want to say the name of my crush because if any of my classmates ever see my name they'll know that I'm from thier class (yes, the glistening pizza is famous where I'm from) and our class is really small but close. Our principal and our CCO both said that we're a special class (check out my fan fics please) and so if they knew who I am and caught me saying the name of my crush I'd die. K I said enough.
9 days ago
My crush's name is Sam and he is in band with me. He acts really sweet and he once offered his family to watch my little sister so I could stay at the concert longer. Hasn't asked me out though
9 days ago
I have a similar thing going on. I have been rejected a few times so I am unsure what to do next. However I just told my crush last week my feelings and he has been acting weird since, what do I do?
17 days ago
Today at lunch my friends and I were standing at the edge of the path talking and my crush was watching us from about 20 metres behind me and suddenly my friend said 'dont turn around Skyla' but I turned around and my crush was standing literally right behind me
18 days ago
I really like this guy called James but the thing is we don't really know each other because we only see each other like 1 a week. I do keep catching him staring at me but it could be my friend! He hardly knows I exist!! I HOOOPPPEE he likes me back!
21 days ago
My guys name is Nate, I really like him , we talk at school almost everyday and then on snap chat every night, I think he likes me but I’m honestly not sure.
22 days ago
I like this boy at swimming but the only problem is I only see him 1 or 2 a week because I moved swimming groups. I'm 90% sure he likes me and I like him but idk what to do!!! We have amazing chats and he's pretty cute. Ugh! I don't knowwwww
24 days ago
My guys name is Bryan and he's really confusing we had a thing but once school started he said I was too ugly and dated his cousin now it's almost the end of the school year and he told his friends that I'm his girlfriend and Everytime they see me and he's near them they go oooo Bryan and he blushes but is he genuine idek plus him and I used to be close friends until he got on the football team
24 days ago
Idk if I like him but his name is Ryan and we used to date but I think he likes be I just broke up with my bf who cheated on me and Ryan really made me feel happy 😊
33 days ago
There is this boy called Tom and we have maths together and we used to sit by each other but I got moved because we kept playing around he always smiled and states at me and whenever we talk, he looks at my lips or my eyes. All of my friends say that we flirt and should be together but I dk if he likes me but I like him! What do I do? x
38 days ago
I really like this guy and everyone says I should go out with him. We are quite good friends and we always talk. I’ve weitten this whole message to him and every time I think about sending it I feel sick because IDK if he likes me back
45 days ago
Lol all my friends think he likes me but I’m super skeptical of like everything the quiz said he probably does but I still don’t knowwww I HOPE he likes meee but I’m also like does he like that girl? R they just friends? Lol idk I’m probably driving myself crazy 😛😅
53 days ago
I REALLY like him and I think he likes me too but I'm not sure!! I have taken a few tests most of them say he likes me I'm still not sure!!
58 days ago
I love him sooooooooooooooo much I heard him talking about me I think as well.basically I was with my two other friends walking past his group and I see them all turn my way and the. Turn back when I walk past and he’s staring at me.also I heard them say c u think she’s pretty