Does He Fancy Me? Is He Just A Friend? Is He Playing Me? (Girls)

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    Does he often smile at you?
    Does he often smile at you?

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I think my crush fancesme. Because.
He loookes at me and blushes.
14 days ago
Okay so i m not sure of my feelings.. whether i like him or just an infatuation? We totally have different tastes. When i first met him.. i had a strange feeling (not the feeling we experience in our crushes) a very different feeling.. like admiration and fondness you can say. I rarely think of him, but when i do i care for him. Even my relatives tease me with his name. Like i m not serious about him. I still have this feeling and it has been 9 years. Idk i m really confused.. do everyone experience this feeling or me? And really what's this feeling? Plss tell me.
18 days ago
Don’t worry, Friend (egh that sounds weird), I won’t judge. My longest crush was a year and a half and I’m only in seventh grade.
22 days ago
So, don't judge but I've liked this dude for 4 years. It says that love is in the air. Yeah right. Lol
30 days ago
Also one of his friends told me that he wanted me to be his girlfriend but they might’ve been messing with me. X
30 days ago
So I’ve liked this guy for about 6 months and I’m getting mixed signals from him. We are on the same table in English and Maths and he talks to me like a lot and I catch him looking at me.
In the halls if I walk past him and his friends he’ll smile at me and one of friends elbow him or when we’ve walked past they’ll start laughing or whispering.
Also, he shows off when I’m around like football etc and my friends think he likes me but idk. He also like lowkey flirts with me sometimes and blushes a lot when I talk to him or if he stutters.
But sometimes he totally ignores me and I really don’t know what to do!
If anyone’s got any advice please help
37 days ago
So... My crush this dude Ameriey, I'm been crush on him since 1 1/2 years ago and this year, He told me that he does like me and i didn't know that, but i like him for sure. Next day, I knew he is player, wasn't loyal at all! He did actually playing my heart and i already got depression since 2 weeks!
41 days ago
Hey Em, I get why ur confused. Laughing at sexist jokes is definitely a turn off! If I were u, I'd just keep casually talking to Charlie, bc if he's liked this girl for a while, chances are he'll get over her. As for James, just stop talking to him. If u fade out of his life, there's no heartbreak involved.
Khads x
41 days ago
I've been crushing on this guy, let's call him Charlie, for a while now. He's liked my best friend for ages, but I got major vibes from him when we sat next to each other in math class. He's really cute, and all my friends ship us together. Then there's another guy, called James. We started texting platonically at first, but now he sends me 'xx' and 'I love you'. I don't like him back, but I also don't wanna hurt him. Only one person knows about James, and she doesn't think he's cute. He also laughs at sexist jokes and things, which is a major problem for me.
Em xx
45 days ago
Okay, so my crush is this dude named Ashton and he is like so cute! Anyways
-w- I learned that if he tells you to do something he will get really strict like a dad and say "Bad girl" or " No, that's bad! " I think it's cute but do you think it's toxic or funny? To tell me say @Potato and then right ur answers! ❤
63 days ago
So basically i have a crush on this guy and one day we were walking out of class and he stopped and pulled me into the bathroom. He
72 days ago
Lol I'm just taking these quizzes because I'm bored. He's gay and I'm bi-curious
73 days ago
Omg somebody please help me my boyfriend lately has not been talking to me at all And has been talking to other girls A LOT I need to know whether I should and this relationship cos I really like him and it's been hurting me so much inside to see him just ignoring me. All so just to let u know I got the lowest score possible!!! 😢😭😭😭
85 days ago
I'm so stressed about my.boyfriend cheating on me like omg this is not funny he was talking to girls the other day and they kept touching him.and ugh I hate this.
86 days ago
Hello...I just wanna say that I have a crush on someone who I think might be able to like me back, I’m not sure. And I’ve just met him a couple of days ago by my other crush who I now don’t have a crush on anymore cuz reasons but anyways I have a crush on this boy and he’s really sweet and caring and kind and UGHH everything I could possibly imagine. We also have been talking and FaceTiming each other every now and then and I don’t know what to do but I feel like I might have to wait to tell him I like him after he tells me if he likes me first cuz I have some type of problem with telling guys that I like them before they even get a chance to like me back sooo.. Anyways.. I don’t know my crush THAT well but I know a few things about him and (I think) he knows a bit about me. But yeah.. oh right. I’m also on thanksgiving break right now sooo... yeah.. but still.. I just wanted to say this to someone cuz I felt like it would be good for me to tell some ppl. But yeah.. that’s all I wanted to say for now. I might come back here to tell y’all some other details about the guy I like so stay tuned for more of my juicy tea. 😄 Bye bye now!!! 👋🏽
86 days ago
I’m gonna ask ‘im out
90 days ago
Hey guys, so there's this guy..... and I’ve liked him for ages maybe I even love him idk but he told me he likes someone else... my friends seem to think he is just saying that to cover the fact that he likes me but obviously they did I mean.. they’re my best friends! Idk if I should tell him that I like him.... he has a brother in my year... should I ask him girls? I need help asap🤪❤️Love yall💋
103 days ago
Dear Annie, if that guy is putting his hand/ arm into your thighs and going there, and also grabbing your butt, those are the main signs that that guy wants to have “Netflix and Chill” with you and if you don’t know if he likes you, then why are you putting your hand over his d***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And with the whole “Netflix and Chill” thing, he badly wants to do some weird things/stuff to you and your body parts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. a guy should never be doing that to you in class or anywhere in public where everyone can see what you too are doing and if he is starting to grab your butt and touch you there, then he reeeaaalllyyy wants to do very weird stuff to you and ALL of your body parts, and I am only 12 years old.
105 days ago
Yknow... i managed to get a pretty awesome bf even with all my weird awesomeness....... luv u 2 ♡♡♡♡
105 days ago
*perverse or violence glorifying writing*