Does he fancy you? Is he just a friend? Is he playing you? (Girls)

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    Does he often smile at you?

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But I still love him (14649)
25 days ago
I think I’m gonna tell him I like him after the six weeks holiday, hopefully then he would still be single
Ella (12461)
85 days ago
He says he likes me and I like him back which is great, but I think he might be playing me I don’t think that’s him however my friends keep warning me and I don’t want to believe them but I still keep it in mind.
Myra (33881)
95 days ago
He has a girlfriend..
Bipper (16950)
123 days ago
My crush is called Kyle he punches me in a playful way all the time and we get along really well I just think that one of his friends are jealous when we’re together . I don’t know but when he talks to me he ignores them
Sarah (46132)
135 days ago
I like Connor ❤️
Bella2 (13524)
176 days ago
My friends in his class always tell me he has liked me since second grade and he has given me something. I have been to the dance with him and I have been his friend since we were five so it's exiting but different
Mara the SeaWing (01168)
176 days ago
Okie, so he likes me, I like him, I'M TOO SHY TO TELL HIM! help me plzzz
Meeeeeee! (88069)
181 days ago
Dude, so this guy sends really mixed signals all the time, but he will be mine.
Lucy (71531)
213 days ago
He looks at me sometimes, he smiles at me, and he seems rly nice, but he has a gf that doesn’t rly trust him, I hope he likes me but is just not seeing it!!! He said no every time I asked him out but we were on the bus so I think he wanted to say yes!!
Lisa (78853)
218 days ago
We met once and we got along very good. Now we chat on Instagram and I asked him if he wanted to go do something together sometime, and he replied that he's busy with back to school shoppings and that he'll dm me if he's available. Does it mean that he's really busy or is he playing it cool? And should I say anything?
Bipper (76353)
227 days ago
I think my friend has given the note to him by now but I'm not sure because they are at a babysitter's house.. (and no they are not five they are 11 and 12) The reason I'm not sure if she gave it to him yet is because I told her to give it to him when he leaves.. EITHER WAY HES GONNA GET IT HHHHH
Bipper (76353)
228 days ago
I think my crush likes me, he shows a lot of the signs, like he looks at me and when I look at him he will look down and blush, he always seems a bit nervous around me and seems like he wants to impress me, he draws me stuff, and he says I'm super cool and talented all the time. Tomorrow my friend is giving him a note that I wrote to him saying I like him.. WISH ME LUCK! (I will update on the situation tomorrow or after tomorrow)
I have this obsession over crush quizzes (01306)
251 days ago
My crush and I are friends, maybe a bit more idk, and we have this eyebrow raise/half smile greeting thing
Lol that was random I'll leave now
Eunice (75624)
254 days ago
I love you Angelo 💗💕
F--- off (84563)
256 days ago
angel (98704)
261 days ago
I love u Elvis 💖❤💕
Mimi (80426)
281 days ago
I love you Tony❤️💖💕!!!
LIZZY (13432)
282 days ago
Summer (21772)
297 days ago
The guy that likes me I don't like him. I like his best friend. Am I a terrible person?
Sarah (80202)
306 days ago
I have crush Evan he sometimes pokes my back or he once said am I your fav