Does He Fancy Me? Is He Just A Friend? Is He Playing Me? (Girls)

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    Does he often smile at you?
    Does he often smile at you?

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7 days ago
Dear Annie, if that guy is putting his hand/ arm into your thighs and going there, and also grabbing your butt, those are the main signs that that guy wants to have “Netflix and Chill” with you and if you don’t know if he likes you, then why are you putting your hand over his d***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And with the whole “Netflix and Chill” thing, he badly wants to do some weird things/stuff to you and your body parts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. a guy should never be doing that to you in class or anywhere in public where everyone can see what you too are doing and if he is starting to grab your butt and touch you there, then he reeeaaalllyyy wants to do very weird stuff to you and ALL of your body parts, and I am only 12 years old.
9 days ago
Yknow... i managed to get a pretty awesome bf even with all my weird awesomeness....... luv u 2 ♡♡♡♡
9 days ago
*perverse or violence glorifying writing*
11 days ago
So this guy that I like is one of my besties but he’s moving schools at the end of the year. Should I tell him I like him now and risk ruining the friendship, tell him on the last days of school or not tell him at all? I’m kinda stressed out by this. Please someone help me. Also someone told me that my friend liked me but that was 2 years agothanks for the help of you reply
13 days ago
their is this guy in my physics group, he is the Classclown, he honestly is so funny his name is called domimic. And me and him sit next to each other and Like me and him we flirt do much!!, But like today in physics, he like went do it far. He was slowly getting his hand into my thigh and slowly go up to my p**** and he pretty much fingered me like 5 times in the lesson. (Me and him are not dating) we are rlly good friends, and repeatedly kept putting my hand on his d***, and we kept ho!ding hands. (Interlocked). on and he keeps grabbing my ass. Does he like me??
15 days ago
Boom boom im totally confessing today! Oh wait... he already did! 😘😍💑💘💋💌💝💖💓💕💗
16 days ago
I don't like him but I'm not sure if caden likes me
29 days ago
I like this guy named Michael. He’s really hot and athletic. But of course he’s a cool kid and prolly doesn’t like me. But idk bc I catch him looking at me ALL the time. We have math science language art and social studies together. I really want to get seated next to him but I ALWAYS get the ugly/annoying kid. Also I have taken a bunch of test and they all say he like me. I wanna ask him out but I fell that’s odd. Also this other guy named Kirk just asked me out and I rejected him. I don’t want him to fell even worse bc I just moved right along any tips???
37 days ago
Hehe I'm gonna tell all ya'll my crushes names,Ramsey,William,Aidan(my ex), Eric, SHAWN MENDES! Pizza, My Brothers friend AKA Xander! And we'll MYSELF jkjkjkjk
37 days ago
Wow what a funny quiz, But I already who he likes/loves me he tells me every day,he also has been my bae for like 3 years.
39 days ago
Hello,anonymous.You seem like you and him are pretty close,so why would you not go for it?
I am sure you will be fine as long as you are honest to him,and you don't do something dramatic. :)
39 days ago
hello! how can i be brave enough to tell my crush that i like him? Or how should I do it?
If he rejects me,our friendship would be over?
40 days ago
you are wrong my crush actually does like me
42 days ago
can someone tell me what to do im the one below this
can someone tell me what to do im the one below this(epurple))
43 days ago
I have liked this guy ever since I first met him i fourth grade ever since i first looked at him becasue we sat by each other then. we became really close friends and now he is my best friend ever. I have never liked anone beides him and im in 9th grade now and feeling like I really would like him to be my boyfriend he talks to me a lot and we text and we are in theater together but we tell each other literally everything I just want to know do you think its to late to get us together has he friend zoned me, i just love this guy and I want him to be my boyfriend should I go for it? or is it never gonna happen?
43 days ago
I’ve been best mates with Luke practically all my life and we have history together and we are sat the start of history I was sat 3 seats away from him and he made an effort to move next to me as he got the 2 people in between to swap with him. He also texts me quite a bit and arranges to go to the cinema and that. Idk what to do tho coz he’s sending mixed messages someone help((
47 days ago
i like this boy called sid
48 days ago
I like this guy but he goes to school with my ex who was abusive. And i want to be with him like talk and eat and hug, but im scared my ex will say something to him. Sigh i dont know what to do. Also im 19 and hes 17 is that ok?
50 days ago
I really like this guy named Abram. I've seen him around town. He used to go to my church. And now we have the same PE! In PE we have a alphabetical circle and I'm sitting right next to him. He pretends to forget my name!😏😍 He is at the school games, hanging out in group of friends I'm hanging out in. I try to stay calm. And we talk to each other a little bit. He's so hot and funny! ❤
67 days ago
Foster, I am your LONG LOST LOVER luve u. 💙💙💙💙💙💙😍