Does He Fancy Me? Is He Just A Friend? Is He Playing Me? (Girls)

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    Does he often smile at you?
    Does he often smile at you?

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10 days ago
I really like this guy called Ed.
16 days ago
I like a boy named Laurenz
17 days ago
I like a guy named Steven. He has a great personality and we really hit it off on our first “one-on-one” hangout. The only thing I’m worried about is that he hasn’t texted me for like 2 weeks afterwards and I’m hoping he hasn’t lost interest. Any advice?
19 days ago
I like a guy called jack
19 days ago
I like a boy named Harvey too!
19 days ago
I like a lad called Harvey
23 days ago
Everyone thinks they have got it bad when you don't know if a guy likes you but when your secret crush for 11 years starts dating your best friend and saying he has loved her for ages then you know what bad really means. And he keeps saying he's your best friend on all of that! Really!
23 days ago
I like this guy but I also like another guy! The first guy and me always fake argue and I pretend to be mad and he smiles at me and I smile back cute, right? Then the other guy we have been friends since we were toddlers and I really really like him in fact I could even say I love him,but he now dates my best friend 😭😭😭. So after being sad but hiding it for over six months I think I should move on. What do you guys think?!
25 days ago
I like a boy in my class named Jarvis 😱😱😱😱😱😱
41 days ago
I meant Megman was a nickname I was given
41 days ago
I have a crush on a player but I think he has a crush on me too. He always stares at me and is really nice. I have told no one about my crush. He has a secret crush too. I may be me 😁. What should I do???
Megan is a nickname I have been given
46 days ago
Clair you texted himm?????
What did he say???
48 days ago
For 48% you are: Ready for your result? It's a good one! You've got mostly top answers. Looks like love is in the air, you lucky thing. Now go get him!
48 days ago
Ok😂I'll text him tomorrow night
49 days ago
i’m going to a party saturday and he will be there. i know that if he is single he 90% likes me. If not then he’s just being nice. Idk if he is single though
51 days ago
Ok 😂 I’ll tell him tomorrow night
53 days ago
Clair you don't need help
It is clear that he likes you
Try telling him you like him by texting
53 days ago
For 43% you are: Ready for your result? It's a good one! You've got mostly top answers. Looks like love is in the air, you lucky thing. Now go get him!
53 days ago
Hi. I Need some help.... a few days ago at the end of the day my crush was asking me something and saying I’m his best friend and I said no and he said pls I love u and my bff and I were like OMG and then he kept repeating it and he said it to My bff too and then he said I love u as a friend and then he said I love u as a girl friend over and over and Me friend was like ok well I’m officially breaking up with u. Also once when we were texting I said I’m awesome and he said no your not and I said how rude and he said fine your the best ❤️ Will u marry me (and he has a joke abt the marry thing cuz at lunch once he asked everyone if they would marry him). And yesterday He kept saying we r bffs and he even said I love u bff. And he kept wanting to sit by me. And he gave me his Hershey bar. And we had this end of the year party at a beach and I saw him with his shirt off and he saw me in a bikini. And he kept trying to get me to high five him or fist bump. and he was following me around everywhere.


Ps I think I’m gonna tell him I like him on the last day of school
54 days ago
Friend : she has a crush on you
Crush: we are all 💗
Me: does he like me or not???