Does he fancy you? Is he just a friend? Is he playing you? (Girls)

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    Does he often smile at you?

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5 days ago
I like this guy and he told me he liked me and I said I liked him back and then walked away (In a full sprint most of the way home) But then one of my friends texted me that he said he liked her like a couple of days before that... And that she liked him back a bit. She said that she thinks that he only likes me now but I'm not sure... Also, almost every girl in our grade has a crush on him so I don't know what to do. I guess it was kinda obvious that he liked me because he did things like hug me and tell ummm person things..*Cough Cough sexual habits Cough* and I don't really know what to do... please help your basic white girl
19 days ago
So basically my crush is my bestfriend and we’re so close with eachother we tell eachother everything nd we’re so dirty with eachother but he jus broke up with his gf on Monday nd my friend thinks he’s confused, is he?🤷🏽‍♀️😂🤦🏽‍♀️💙💯
24 days ago
i got totally but im still not quite sure
36 days ago
Put it in my poop-er
36 days ago
People say me and my crush match so well but if we r like siblings people say he likes me but others say it's nothing... IDKKK
43 days ago
So I like this boy but I found out today he is my best friends ex what do i do I really like him plz help
46 days ago
So, I like this boy but apparently he likes someone else. I want to ask him out but my friend likes him and two used to and would be offended if I asked him out. I don't know what to do! Pls help!
49 days ago
Hey if you think your guy likes you why don't u ask him who he likes then he might say you!! I have tried it once it really helped but it never went far for I didn't want a relationship so he decided to go and like someone else because there were rumours of him liking another girl. Why would you do that? HE IS AN 💗
51 days ago
I need some advice please, i think he likes me but I’m not sure: my best friend likes him to and he knows, and he likes to tease her a lot About that subject, he hugs me a lot in front of her and compliment me a lot in front of her. But he make those things even if she’s not here( he protects me a lot). So I’m really confused and don’t know what to do because its been a year that my other friends ship us and are pretty sure that he likes me. On one hand I want to talk to him about it but on the other hand I don’t want to lose my best friend. And also I want to make sure he doesn’t play me just to make my friend jealous. It’s benn like 6 month that this thing is stressing me out and confusing me. I’m afraid that if i talk to him and he dont like me back it will affect our friendship and we won’t be as it used to be before. And im also scared of what the people will think about this whole thing because this guys is kind of the popular guy of my age so....what should i do???
Plleassee i really need help thank youu💗💗
54 days ago
I would like some advice... Should I ask him... Who do you like or not? It is really crazy because I used to like this other guy and he liked mw back but after Christmas he liked let's just say Sophia then another girl called ummm let's say Emily so I think he is a player but the guy who I like is sooo cute and kind he sits next to me he touches me everyday but I think he does it on purpose for he doesn't say anything about. What so you guys think does he like me? Hope you guys give me some advice!
54 days ago
I guess he likes me but still unsure I will ask him at school who he likes
66 days ago
Help anyone so this boy is in my school and he is in my group of friend..and he jokes a lot so he asked me out on text and i thought he was joking so i played it cool and was with laughing faces...but then the next day came and he was avoiding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
67 days ago
Anyone got any tips on making conversation???? My anxiety picks up with stuff like this and I worry that I need a reason to speak to people 😐 I really like this boy and I think there's a chance he likes me back but we haven't said much more than a couple sentences to each other :/
71 days ago
I am pretty sure that he likes me but there has been rumours that he likes another girl but he hardly ever talks to her but now that I have told my friends that I like him, there has been rumours that he likes me now so I am REALLY confused although that the test results are positive but if I tell my feelings to him, I am afraid that I might lose him forever and that we don't talk as much as we do now
81 days ago
I’m just taking this quiz bc I’m bored/ to confirm what I already know, but if you guys really wanna know you just gotta ask them? Regardless of the answer it’s better just to know.
99 days ago
99 days ago
I am defo in love. This boy acts ...........
107 days ago
Heya there. so i’m having some trouble figuring out if he likes me or not. yesterday at school i found out from his friend that i was his primary school crush. i don’t know if i should trust the friend since he does joke a lot. i don’t think he did joke but maybe that’s just me being hopeful. anyways he always makes eye contact with me and engages in conversation. does that mean he likes me as more than a friend? i have also had a crush on him since primary but i’m scared that if i make a move first and he says no i’ll lose him forever... what should i do?!?
- Raisa xo
129 days ago
For Emilia...

By the looks of it you should go for your gut feelins, if u feel she likes u then ask her out to the disco.I think she might like u :3

good luck remeber one thing, be yourself and dont be afraid of rejection we have all been through it once in our lives :)

129 days ago
Hy everyone....

okkkk, so i have a crush on this guy i have 4 lessons with him, In design class whenever he walks past my table he always walks with his chin up and back straight or he just looks at me or he kind of smirks when he looks at me.My best friend says "i think he likes u.." and sometimes he teases me about liking his friend.Once i kept my hand next to his so they were touching and he didnt move his hand away....I have seen him look at me in lessons and sometimes he smiles while talking to me.FOR A YEAR I HAVE BEEN DOING QUIZZZES LIKE THESE IDK IF HE LIKES ME :( i dont mind if he doesnt like me back....I just wanna know what he thinks/feels for me?

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz helppppppppppppp asapppppppppppppp xxxxxx