Find your Warrior Cats name, Clan, and description! ~For she-cats only!~

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This is a fun quiz to find out what your name, Clan, and description would be if you were a warrior cat. Enjoy!:)

  • 1
    What Clan would you like to belong in?
  • 2
    What rank would you prefer?
  • 3
    Do you have a mate?
  • 4
    Would you like to have kits?
  • 5
    What describes you best?
  • 6
    What would you rather do?
  • 7
    What season do you like best?
  • 8
    What's your favourite colour?
  • 9
    Roleplay! It's leafbare. You are patrolling the border, when you see a kit from another Clan, lost and cold. What do you do?
  • 10
    Last question: Did you enjoy this quiz?

Comments (45)


spacefork (65599)
20 days ago
hey, im Cinderfall, the medicine cat of Windclan, my apprentice is Brightpaw
Pdizl (30421)
25 days ago
I’m patchfur and I’m a warrior
Scarletstar (88109)
40 days ago
Hi im scarletstar leader of a caclio colored cat.i just wanted to greet you
Dragon Night (26861)
42 days ago
i love it sandflower
Sandflower (40652)
47 days ago
I love warrior cats!!!!
Silverbreeze (23967)
79 days ago
You are Sandflower! You are a ThunderClan warrior. Your mate is named Stormcloud, and you have two kits - Leafkit and Poppykit. You have a light, sandy coloured pelt and green eyes. You are caring, protective and are a fierce warrior.
I_Got_Dawnstar (37332)
81 days ago
You are Dawnstar! You are the ShadowClan leader. You don have a mate; you feel it would distract you from your duties as leader. You have a dark brown coat, with solemn amber eyes. You are fierce, loyal, and a born leader!
Lightingflower (78749)
84 days ago
You are Cinderfall! You are WindClan's beloved medicine cat. Your apprentice is named Brightpaw. You are a tortoiseshell she-cat with pretty brown eyes. You love helpings others, but you can have a slightly short temper.
Sydney_warrior Lover (66478)
89 days ago
Sandflower Haven't read her book yet I should Great!
Ivyglow (40272)
104 days ago
Sandflower,thunderclan,Stormcloud,LeafKit and PoppyKit,light sandy colored pelt and green eyes,caring,protective and fierce warrior.
Xallow (63374)
119 days ago
Dawnstar.. ShadowClan, Check. No Mate, check. I don’t care, Check. I’m happy with this.
I guess..
Oceanstar (31528)
132 days ago
Flowerwish? Am I a queen?! YESSSSSSS
Oceansong (14440)
133 days ago
I’d rather be a calico cat than light sandy but good quiz! With my friends I have Silverkit and Featherkit though....
Ravenshade (25942)
136 days ago
I got Flowerwish good quiz ouo ;p
Dawnstar (29641)
154 days ago
Yay a fierce loyal and independent born-to-lead ShadowClan leader. No mate, dark solemn amber eyes,
Cinderfall (95370)
166 days ago
Well the other test that I took had a pic of the cat and is it just me or did the person that made this test spelled color wrong.
Finchtail (85875)
179 days ago
Well I said shadow clan and I got thunder clan
Liondusk (44099)
179 days ago
Flowerwish sounds so cute!
Fernkit (31528)
184 days ago
I got Sandflower? Can anybody tell me who she is? I never saw her in the warrior series before.
Whiteface (34926)
188 days ago
OMG I GOT SandFlower, my mate is Stormcloud, my kits are Leafkit and Poppykit, I LOVE THAT NAME, POPPYKIT! AND IM FROM THUNDERCLAN yassss i love all the names!