Find your Warrior Cats name, Clan, and description! ~For she-cats only!~

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This is a fun quiz to find out what your name, Clan, and description would be if you were a warrior cat. Enjoy!:)

  • 1
    What Clan would you like to belong in?
  • 2
    What rank would you prefer?
  • 3
    Do you have a mate?

  • 4
    Would you like to have kits?
  • 5
    What describes you best?
  • 6
    What would you rather do?

  • 7
    What season do you like best?
  • 8
    What's your favourite colour?
  • 9
    Roleplay! It's leafbare. You are patrolling the border, when you see a kit from another Clan, lost and cold. What do you do?
  • 10
    Last question: Did you enjoy this quiz?

Comments (217)


370 days ago
I got Cinderfall! I’m very happy with my result, But I’m more of a RC.
372 days ago
I got CinderFall! I love that I'm a Medicine cat, but Im ThunderClan, Not WindClan
380 days ago
380 days ago
For 50% you are: You are Dawnstar! You are the ShadowClan leader. You don have a mate; you feel it would distract you from your duties as leader. You have a dark brown coat, with solemn amber eyes. You are fierce, loyal, and a born leader!
387 days ago
Im Flowerwish and Sandflower okay
396 days ago
You make me Flowerwish? I am a medicine cat, not a deputy! I have no mate and no kits!
401 days ago
I got Flowerwish.. wait flowerwish has a mate and kits I put no mate no kits what the flip who else has this problem?!
403 days ago
That had nothing to do with my character, i said i have a mate and they said that i dont want one so i didnt have one
404 days ago
Now I got Sandflower.........
409 days ago
Cool! I got Flowerwish!
410 days ago
I got Sandflower but I’m really called Rayshade. (Ray from The Promised Neverland! He my 2nd fav)
412 days ago
sandflower from thunderclan
415 days ago
I got Cinderfall. I am okay with this answer, but it says Im in Windclan. When I hoped to be Riverclan.
424 days ago
I got Sandflower 🙂. I enjoyed the quiz but I feel like Sandflower is a little to close to Sandstorm
439 days ago
I actually got cinderfall! Only 10% with me, apparently.
441 days ago
I got 40% Flower wish the RiverClan deputy. I have a have a light gray and white coat, with sparkling blue eyes mate named Bluestorm, and your kits are named Shimmerkit, Featherkit and Pebblekit. You are fun, energetic and loving. 
442 days ago
I got Flower wish too
446 days ago
I Flowerwish. She do describe me pretty good
449 days ago
I also got flowerwish.😑
449 days ago
Of course I got sandflower!