Chapter 11 - Info Systems Concepts

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Ch 11 for test on 2/27/13

  • 1
    Pay more to switch phone services then to stay with your regular company.
  • 2
    Supports monitoring, collection, storage and processing of data from a company's transactions (each transaction creates data).

    Typically collects data in real time, supports core operations, has to handle high volume, large variations, must avoid errors and downtime.
  • 3
    Planning process that integrates production, purchasing & inventory management of interdependent (dependent on each other) items.

  • 4
    Integrates a company's production, inventory management, purchasing, financing and labor activities.

    Adds functions to regular MRP system (evolved into ERP - enterprise resource planning)
  • 5
    Automatic TPS (works on its own)
  • 6
    A company collects data from transactions as they occur and places them in groups or batches.

  • 7
    Used by manufacturing units provide info about materials and parts when they are incoming, in-process (semi finished) and finished.

    Web based sensors collect the data and use real time (stored in database)
  • 8
    Responsibilities include processes that transform inputs (data) into useful outputs
  • 9
    Business strategy that allows manufactures to share product related data that supports its product design and development & supply chain operations
  • 10
    These 3 goals below are goals of what?

    1) Simplify all manufacturing technologies & techniques

    2) Automate as many manufacturing processes as possible

    3) Integrate & coordinate all aspects of design, manufacturing & any other related functions via computer systems

  • 11
    A strategy used by large companies that allow their suppliers to monitor their inventory levels and ship products when they are needed.
  • 12
    1) Provides web-enabled links among company's key business systems

    2) Links integrate internal facing ERP apps with external-focused apps of supply chain management and customer relationship management

    GOAL: To operate most of the business using a single web-enabled system of integrated software instead of a variety of separate e-business apps
  • 13
    What are these benefits of?

    1) Make company organized and quick to reacting to changes in a company.

    2) Help make decisions

    3) Improve a company's business processes (results in better customer service, production & distribution)
  • 14
    What are these drawbacks of?

    1) Extremely complex, expensive & time consuming

    2) Creating a new ____ & having it fail can cost tons of money and put the company out of business
  • 15
    Who makes these 2 decisions?

    1) When to order
    2) How much to order (inventory)

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