Straight, Bisexual, or Gay for teens!

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Find out the truth and take this quiz. After searching the web for the perfect test for teens I finally just gave up a made my own. This test helped me find out the truth so I hope it does for you too.

  • 1
    First off, what do you think you are?
  • 2
    Have you ever, or do you ever want to kiss a member of the opposite sex?
  • 3
    Have you or do you ever want to Kiss a member of the same sex?
  • 4
    Have you ever fantasized while masturbating about a member of the opposite sex?
  • 5
    Have you ever fantasized about the same sex while masturbating?
  • 6
    Have you ever "played around or experimented" with a member of the opposite sex?
  • 7
    Have you ever "played around or experimented" with a member of the same sex?
  • 8
    Have you experimented with the same gender and not the opposite gender (yet) and want to do it again?
  • 9
    If you are a guy, have you ever fantasized about being anal penetrated by either gender or do you anal masturbate when you are extremely horny?
  • 10
    If you are a girl, do you ever fantasize about getting oral sex or getting penetrated by a member of either gender?

Comments (18)


Sam (84882)
10 days ago
Im a boy who is 14 years old and i have got naked with a boy. However i dont feel like im gay but i am pretty sure that i am bisexual
Jae (18412)
58 days ago
This is actually pretty correct... 70% Bi, 30% Straight. Huh. Go figure.
Nobody (56736)
115 days ago
This is kinda bad, I was just curious, but this is for teens, I meant you do teens, so I couldneed answer a tonne of the questions cuz of the masturbation and playing around. This was no help. I'm just a confused teenager 😂
Bad (19283)
124 days ago
This is suppose to be for teens so I was suspected to have nothing to with 💗 So maybe add an option that says I haven’t had💗yet.
Stephen (62569)
140 days ago
50 bi 40 striaght 10 gay, What DO I DO
Jasmine (93253)
159 days ago
I'm 100% bisexual Yay!
Robin (27194)
164 days ago
60% gay, 20% bi, 20% straight, I
Ben Doverson (12700)
210 days ago
Just like le my name(a joke say it fast) I am gay.

Lol jk I’m bi
Angie (56355)
219 days ago
80% straight, 20% gay. Im still young and I have years to figure this out,but bc of my religion I don't want to be gay,(No I don't have problems with gay people,)
%uD83D%uDCA6%uD83D%uDCA6%uD83D%uDCA6%uD83D%uD (83587)
219 days ago
60% bisexual...20% gay 20% straight...Cmon boys and girls I'm open
Quinn (98559)
229 days ago
90% straight. 10% bi
Ray (05006)
251 days ago
60%bi & 20%gay I'm actually happy I'm still young and have more years to find out but this helps a lot.
Rob (65663)
272 days ago
50% bi,30% gay. Does anyone want be in a relationship with me
la burgs (95473)
315 days ago
i kinda found out my sexuality tnx a lot!
Justice (00793)
318 days ago
Didn’t doubt it 80% bi
Timmy (62103)
320 days ago
I even lied on that test and you still said I was gay.hoping for a bi.i think you all no it's me so you automatically give me gay.last 17 test you always call me gay.
Thomas (29565)
383 days ago
Hey guys, i am gay! I love boys and they are hot
Ethan (41902)
794 days ago
this is not epic and it calle d me gay