Does He Like Me? (4th-7th Graders)

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I know there are a TON of "Does He/She Like Me?" quizzes, but a lot of them are: a) really specific; b) have answers that don't really apply to you, or; c) are wrong (i.e., he told you he likes you, but the quiz says he doesn't). Well, this quiz has a wide variety of answers, and is almost guaranteed to get the truth for you! Choose the answer that is closest to the truth, even if it isn't totally true.

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    Does he ever bump into you, or touch you?

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33 days ago
all of the people are bored at 12 at night, using the family computer, and right after this quiz, tried to delete the search history... change my mind.
83 days ago
I took this because my bus buddy and I walk home, my parents saw and said that he likes me, I am quite oblivious so i said he doesn't and I still don't know! UwU
113 days ago
So my crush lives a couple of streets away from me and we hung out at the park together a few times. This is going to be a long comment so just be prepared, okay.
We were best friends in 4th grade, but in 5th grade he transferred to another school. He is in my middle school now, but he is so complicated, around the beginning of the year, he said he liked me after he asked me if I liked someone and I told him I liked him, but the next day he was like "Oh, by the way, do you know who I like" and I was like " ... Maybee" and he was like, "oh no, I like Ava"
My heart sank and broke into a million pieces. He had tons of gfs this year but they never worked out. ( Btw we stopped being bff's after he moved schools) anyways I was hanging out with him at the park, and we had an absolutely great time.
I felt all of those feelings I'd hidden in the past come rushing back to me. A couple of weeks later, we were friends again, not bff's, but definitely friends.
I have him a note asking him to be my boyfriend because I'm shy. He said " can I think about it?" Me being myself said " of course!"
A week and one day later, he told my then friend to tell me that he said no...
My friend and I hung out with her a ton, but we knew her, and she is a toxic person that lies and doesn't care about anybody else's feelings.
So I didn't know whether to believe her or not. But the next day my friend invited me to hang out with their friend, D
D made fun of my mountain bike, and he showed my innocent friend, R, ( the one who invited us) p💗rn videos and D pushed me into my crush's house ( G's house) and I felt so awkward, so I just walked in and played with his dog...( FYI R was already in there and we were picking him up to have out)
While R and D were talking on the street, G asked me if I was mad at me, Ofc I say no
And he says " I just like someone else, it's just.. do you know that feeling when someone asks you out, but you like someone else?"
Him not knowing that nobody I'm close to likes me, asks me, the loner, crybaby girl he's known since 4th grade, this question... " No nobody has ever asked me out, it's always been me."
his face dropped and he looked so sad for me " oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know"

A month later I had gotten out of a relationship with a cheating guy... ( I found out he was cheating two days before Valentine's day, when I had already bought him gifts...) And the day after, a sweet, nice guy asks me to the Valentine's day dance, so I say yes
That was anticlimactic, considering we are both shy and only communicate with notes, we just nodded at each other when we saw each other and hung out with our friends XD
The next week, he asks me to be his gf, but I say no, honestly, I'm still hung up on G, who was dancing with his gf...
BUT THAT GUY COULD NOT HAVE BEEN THE ONE because, he had already dated 2 of my good friends, and a couple days after he asks me out, he asks out my bff, but she just pretends to not see the notes lol
I just can't help but get G out of my head, I know that his girlfriend is not the one, though because so think she will cheat
I'm not saying he is definitely the one for me because I don't think I will ever know if anyone is the one for me, plus my friends think he is a player... AnYwAyS that was mostly just to vent, but if you do want to share advice,, GO AHEAD nothing's stopping you...
123 days ago crush is my NIEGHBOR...and..umm.. he is also THREE years older than hope he likes me... :(
148 days ago
Me and my crush Brandon talk almost every single day! I don't know how to tell him that I like him.
150 days ago
I like this boy but I don't know how to tell him - -
153 days ago
I hope someone cute ever has a crush on me.
615 days ago
So there is this guy named Brody. We are both in 7th Grade and have most classes together. We used to walk home together in 5th grade when he was new but somehow our friendship died down. But in Art class he gains a confidence boost and talks to me, he teases me in a playful way and tried to make me mad, one time he made me angry and called me cute. I thought he liked my friend but now I am starting to get the feeling he likes me. I am a semi-shy, funny (I think) outgoing person yet I have butterflies in my stomach when I talk or see him. My friend says he likes me and his friend always wants us to be partners and when we have assigned partners i am usually with him (not that bit is a problem.)
616 days ago
My crush is one of friends classes (she doesn't know he's my crush) and she said he doesnt talk except the occasional "oh". But the thing is, he talks A LOT with me. And according to other people, he barely takes so?
616 days ago
My crush is super popular and way out of my league. He is always hanging with a group if girls . He barely even knows me but for some reason deep down i feel like there is something there . Is it just me? Should I trust my gut?
628 days ago
I got the results of him not liking me! I actually expected that, though... he’s one of those boys who is really popular and has a lot of friends (including girls). I’m an introvert and I only have a few friends. I don’t talk much to anyone but them and my family. I’m in 7th grade, and he’s in a few of my classes. In 6th grade he was in all of my classes and he stared at me a lot. I have liked him since 6th grade. So yeah... I didn’t really expect the results to say that he likes me. Just being hopeful.😔
630 days ago
i like this guy and he told me that he liked me at school and he also told me his friend likes me, and i used to like his friend last year and now they want me to choose but i cant because i dont wanna break up their friendship
632 days ago
Hi I'm in sixth grade and I like this boy in seventh grade, I don't realy know if he likes me but after this test I think he doesn't :(
633 days ago
I like this guy named Brady and we text and all but I met him at a summer camp and he is two years older than me! I don't know what to do and my mom has no idea I can text him!
654 days ago
I really really like this guy and at my school boys think girls are annoying aspecally if they like you but just in3 and 4rth grade
663 days ago
clsyton its the same thing but more touchy
664 days ago
Is there a test like this but for guys to see if a giy likes him
664 days ago
one day i was in science class and we were having a conversation with my friend and his friends. the conversation got to a point where we were saying what jobs we wanted. i told everyone that i wanted to be. my crush then replied with saying that i should be a model cuz I'm pretty, we stared at each other for a good forty seconds when my best friend ruined the moment by saying" she's not that pretty!" it was so romantic until she said that!LOL!
669 days ago
i asked him out the next day and he said yesssssssssssssssssssssssss
671 days ago
Go ahead and get ur man atleast u know he likes u back