Does He Like You? (4-7th Graders)

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I know that there is a TON of quizzes like these, but a lot of them are..

a) Really specific.
b) The answers don't apply to you.
c)They're wrong, and he told you he likes you, but this quiz says he doesn't.

This quiz has a wide variety of answers, and is almost guaranteed to get the truth for you! Choose the answer that is closet to the truth, even if it isn't totally true, just if it's the closet.

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    Does he ever bump into you, or touch you?

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4 days ago
BUT HOW TO TALK TO HIM ?I AM NERVOUS............................................................................
YouDontNeedToKnow (08041)
17 days ago
He knows I like him and he hints that he likes me and he even said, “I wouldn’t mind going out on at least one date with you.” But he says he only likes me as a friend but evidence proves wrong. Also my mom said he did.
Hhhh (42655)
17 days ago
Does trying to put me in a chokehold count as touching??? Also he slapped me once and told me to slap him but i didn't?
It's not in a bullying way either, because he calls me pretty and beautiful and stuff. Maybe he's into that kind of thing?
I don't know but things are pretty interesting around him not gonna lie ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Hi peeps (14390)
17 days ago
So basically there's this guy. We're both in 7th grade, and I kinda like him, but I'm not sure if he likes me back. We talked like two times, the first time being actually not awkward, but the second time was kinda sad. Basically his brother was with him and I was sorta nervous, so I was talking to his brother not him. Lol I was laughing when I came home
Idk if he likes me back, but I feel like he is trying to show off when im around. Today when we had field day in tug o war, there were legit so many places for him to stand but he stood in front of me. It was like awkward.

Thanks peeps
Naomi Flores (65076)
17 days ago
I like I'm but not insane for him I at least want to have a little conversation in the 5th grade we talked al the time but then 6th and 7th he just stopped I didn't like him in the fifth but started liking him in the 6th but in the 7th I'm very close to just giving up and my friend was saying that he might not be the right one for you but when I'm meat him I start getting shy and he is just shy around everyone except his friends. "But I just need help figuring out my feeling"
Lillian Perry (70112)
18 days ago
Makenna (06030)
19 days ago
The guy is in my class and someone told him I liked him and before I never thought that he'd like me. When that person said I liked him he lit up like a Christmas tree. Then me and my friends told him I don't. Now he hangs out with me a lot. The other day I was in art class with him and I was at a table with my friends and he came over. I put a dot of paint on my nose and he said "Aw! It's so cute!" I then laughed and said "You wanna become like me?" He said no at first then let me do it to him! I died. I think I like him I don't know. I searched him name on urban dictionary and it said that he's so perfect that girls are unsure of their love. Then the person that said I liked him said "You hate him so much.... You love him!" She ran away and talked to him. I kinda love him like 3.5/5 but I'm unsure cuz he asked a girl to date him. I don't know if he just asked her because he thought we'd never work out. I don't wanna hurt the lil guy! ;-;help
Brooklyn! (16038)
29 days ago
I really like my crush and my answer is that he likes me too! He flirts with me a little, some people even say we're more than friends! He blushes a little after hearing that. Thanks for making this quiz!
Ok? (88338)
31 days ago
I dont even know anymore😂
Welp.😜 (88338)
34 days ago
Im in 5th grade bout to be in 6th and the guy i like is derek💙and everybody always says i ship u guys and people come up 2 him and say our mashup names and his face turns into a tomato 🍅 and he said nuts to me and i figured out wat dat meant witch was love 💘 and i was in the hallway reading and he went to his class and kept looking at me and he went on the table and he started doing somthing inappropriate while looking at me and when i looked at him he got off the table and he thot i was finna tell the teacher on him but i didn't😂
mahogany (14123)
40 days ago
I love him but do he love me back
Nevaeh (93329)
41 days ago
ok so u like this boy named Adam and he’s also my boyfriend and ik that seems like well then why am I on here and I am because it’s like we are just friends not dating and I’m in 7th and he’s in 8th so I have no clue what he wants he says stuff that sounds 😏 but then I’ll try to hold his hand or hug him and he backs away and says what are you doing and I’m like well I am your girlfriend and we’ve been dating for 8 mouths come may 10th 2018 so I mean we kiss and we only hug when he wants to so I feel like I’m just a puppet in this relationship between use and whatever it is it’s just hard bc it feels like I’m only there for when he wants something form me like scence he does not have a phone he uses mine but I won’t let him usually and then he’ll get al lovey dove y’all over me grabbing my waist and then kissing me and hugging me and holding my hand and telling me I’m his girl and he loves me soooo much and he’s die without me and then when I do finally let him use my phone that all stops and I’m like what the flip why can’t you do that all the time not when you want something like come on Mann!!!!
..... (03031)
43 days ago
I'm in 6th grade and I like this guy in 7th grade and he's player so he breaks up with girls easily and honestly IDC and so he knows I like him but I just feel so bad and hurt becuz I feel like he doesn't like me and today he ignored me two times and idk If I said something to him becuz we barely talk all we do is say " hi " I just don't know what to do.....I don't have a feeling we're ever gonna date... helppppppp my peopled what to do :( I've been sad and confused a lot..!
Coltin is mine for ever (31885)
43 days ago
So Colton is my man. He I in my grade and kind of talks to me but he Alsoteases me. I catch him staring at mw every so often but I think I heard him and his friends saying ge had a girlfriend 😣😣😣😣😣😣😣. He looks at me while talking to me. He sometimes touches me but its just like a brush. Awnser asap I need to know if I should give him a note or have a friend tell him.💏💑👫💏💑👫💏💑👫💏💑👫💏👫💑💏💑👫
Erin (80605)
43 days ago
He gives me random stuff saying “for ya :))” diahdjsjdhwhdbwbshhdd
luv (84096)
44 days ago
it this guy i like and it like i got to other guys chasing after me 2 of them tease me nicely one and give me compliment about my body and im scared to talk to 0 of them how about if they dont like me it like im scared to talk to then i dont know if they already got a girl friend and sometime they flirt with other girls but im in the 4th grade please comment down what i should do next
Ashley (16956)
44 days ago
I don't now what to do I like this guy in my grade. But I'm not positive if he really likes me back. He's always supper nice to me and we talk a lot! But we have just been friends for so long and he says that he's not going to date for a while. So do u guys think he likes me and if so what should I do?
Fake name bob (67208)
47 days ago
The dude who likes me always touches me bum XD but he likes this other girl more than me, but still he used to never like me so... progress am I right?! XD
a sleepings wreck (52150)
47 days ago
Hello. I'm a fourth grader and I like this guy in my grade. we tease each other but, it's just for fun. we sit pretty close to each other in l.a. and we talk sometimes. He always sits with the boys and I never get a chance to talk to him separately.. any tips?
Some kiddo who should be doing something usef (13460)
53 days ago
If anyone can help plz.

I am a 11 year old girl in 5th grade, My crush is a 4th grader named C**** (I know it might seem weird that he’s the grade under me but idc). We are in elementary school, so when we switch classes are next class is right in front of our first one, so I never bump into him in the Hall because we are in different grades! So my problem is how can I communicate with him if I never come in contact with him? (P.s I’m not clueless about him, I know a lot of stuff from asking people who know him)