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Extreme Friends Quiz

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Think you know Friends? Take the ultimate test to see how well you know your favourite characters! This is different than most other Friends quizzes. It gets very specific...so you'll need to have really paid attention to the seemingly innocuous things they said and did. Anyway, I know you're up to the challenge! There are 36 questions in all. Good luck!

  • 1
    What did Ross "grab" after he asked if he could go out with Rachel sometime?
    What did Ross "grab" after he asked if he could go out with Rachel sometime?
  • 2
    In Joey's original speech for Monica and Chandler's wedding that he was the minister for, what words did he keep repeating?
  • 3
    Who was Monica looking for the night she and Chandler hooked up in London?

  • 4
    What tricks does Rachel not teach Ben?
  • 5
    What did Monica trade to have the Swing Kings at her and Chandler's wedding?
  • 6
    Who has a no-sex pact with every woman in America?

  • 7
    What is the name of Rachel's daughter?
  • 8
    Who can't stop staring at Monica's cousin?
  • 9
    Which wedding scenario does Chandler have enough money saved for?
  • 10
    How many days did Rachel and Phoebe have to plan Monica's bridal shower?

  • 11
    What doesn't Joey share?
  • 12
    What was the cause of the fire at Phoebe and Rachel's apartment?
  • 13
    Who lost the race with Emma's wind-up toys?
  • 14
    Whose tuxedo does Ross wear to Chandler and Monica's wedding?
  • 15
    Which Friends character hasn't kissed a woman?
  • 16
    Which of these is Chandler's favorite drink?

  • 17
    What other TV show does the Friends cast watch?
  • 18
    What did Rachel exchange Ross's necklace from Christmas for?
  • 19
    What did Monica make Chandler for Thanksgiving dinner when she was still in high school?
  • 20
    What soap opera hasn't Joey been in yet?

  • 21
    Who is "The Divorce Force"?
  • 22
    Who was the first person to find out about Monica and Chandler's relationship?
  • 23
    How many times do Chandler and Janice kiss after he and Monica are together?
  • 24
    Who says, "The messers become the messies!"?
  • 25
    Who says, "My team always wins!"?
  • 26
    Who says, "I'm very bendy"?

  • 27
    Where did Phoebe get the tune for Smelly Cat?
  • 28
    What did Marcel star in?
  • 29
    Where did Phoebe meet her birth mom?
  • 30
    Who isn't allowed to drive Monica's Porsche?

  • 31
    Why did Chandler not invite his dad to his wedding?
  • 32
    How many more annoying habits did Janice pick up from Chandler from their first to second relationship?
  • 33
    What did Chandler do to Susie when they were in fourth grade?
  • 34
    What song did Chandler's father sing when Monica and Chandler went to visit him in Los Vegas?
  • 35
    How many women has Rachel kissed?
  • 36
    What did Rachel convince Ben after telling him no more tricks?

Comments (29)


304 days ago
The question regarding how many woman Rachel kissed IS 3.. Her college bestie with their coconut bras kept knocking together, Monica when they stole the apartment back from the guys, and Phoebe after the collage friend denied ever kissing Rachel and she had to see what all the fuss was about regarding her kissing.... That's 3!!
968 days ago
Actually Rachel has kissed four women: Melissa, Phoebe, Monica and Mindy(bc she said she learned kissing from her)
1126 days ago
On some questions there weren’t the right options and in general a very bad quiz
1163 days ago
Rachel kissed three women. With Monica, Phoebe and Melissa the coconut girl.
1274 days ago
These were inaccurate on like five of them.
1287 days ago
Definitely not correct. Some questions don’t have the correct answer. Phoebe kissed Rachel. Monica and Rachel kiss when they leave for London, also when they want their apartment back. It’s not seen, but implied. Hopefully one day, a quiz will come out that’s accurate and challenging!
1292 days ago
This is not accurate. Chandler pantsed suzie in grade 4 phoebe and rachel have kissed! The creators of dos quiz need to get their head around this quiz
1390 days ago
this test is not really accurate they need to fix it
1397 days ago
Phoebe has kissed Rachel. It's wrong.
1415 days ago
Phoebe has kissed a woman! Phoebe kissed Rachel in S7 E20 'The One With Rachel's Big Kiss'
This is a terrible quiz just because of that. Thank God I checked my answers. 👎😡
1483 days ago
Many of your answers are wrong. Phoebe kissed Rachel once right after Rachel kissed Melissa. And Rachel kissed 3 women; Monica, Phoebe, and Melissa.
1522 days ago
There are questions that marked me as wrong when I was not.
1607 days ago
Um you seem to forget that phoebe kissed rachel out side the restaurant after winona Ryder did. So two of your answers are wrong.
1622 days ago
Question 15s answer is wrong because phoebe kissed Rachel to see what alll the fuss was about when Rachel kissed her sorority sister
1639 days ago
Some of these questions are so stupid, they don't make sense.
1649 days ago
Your answer to question 15 is incorrect. Phoebe kissed Rachel in the same episode that rachel kissed her college friend
1729 days ago
Also there were no numbered wedding scenarios, just letters because they had enough for wedding scenarios A.
1729 days ago
Phoebe kissed Rachel after their dinner with Melissa, Monica kissed Rachel to get their apartment back from Joey and Chandler.
1739 days ago
Rachel Kisses three women, Monica, Phoebe and Mellisa (Wynona Ryder) so questions 35 & 15 have incorrect answers...2 more to me!!
1863 days ago