What Color Should I Dye My Hair?

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Trying to decide what color you should dye your hair? I would guess yes, since you're checking out my quiz.:-) Take it to find a curated suggestion! Your result will just be my personal opinion, so don't take it too seriously - unless you actually like it. Which I hope you do - you're gonna look GREAT!:-)

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    You usually like ______ colors.
    You usually like ______ colors.

Comments (72)


5 days ago
I was hoping for a black to blue or purple. I got: " If you are a brunette try navy or blue". YAY!
6 days ago
I’m gonna die my hair black tho
6 days ago
What did like half the questions have to do with hair
8 days ago
I was hoping for a color of the rainbow or two. I’m not dying my hair blonde
11 days ago
14 days ago
I got “go for rainbow colors”, thanks
16 days ago
Good quiz I like it bye
23 days ago
Look forward eagerly for the recomendation
23 days ago
i have black hair and it told me to get red or blonde highlights, i don’t really like highlights but i’m not sure what fits me yet so maybe that might work. i’m not trying it out tho, i’ll probably ask a friend or family member for tips on what color would look great in me.
30 days ago
WHY did everybody get jet black or feiry red?!?!
30 days ago
jet black orfeiry red
38 days ago
that was not helpful at all it should tell you at lest 1 color not A WHOLE RANGE!!! i got firey red to jet black
40 days ago
I got pastel colors I wish it was a little more specific tho but I think I'll try something like that.
41 days ago
i took it and it told me to go ginger but i already have ginger hair
41 days ago
So like EVERY quiz I take says black Res or blue so i think i'm gonna go for blue. But the thing is. I'M TO YOUNG! 'cries' PS when i was like 8 i was like 'guys my hair is NEVER gonna change'. i watch a couple of wengie videos and i'm like GUYS I MUST DIE MY HAIR RIGHT NOW!

Oh and to 'Somebody' if it says the same as other quizes it is probably right.
42 days ago
"UGH" Is the only thing I have to say. Do NOT take this quiz if you want it to give you a good color. I'm pretty sure EVERYBODY gets Fiery red or jet black -_- This did not help at all. DO NOT recommend the quiz...
42 days ago
It was not good for one it told me to not dye all my hair like it’s the quizzes Decisionso dont do the quiz if you want anything helpful
56 days ago
okay, that result was not useful at all, it basically told me to go for a pop color...i mean....i want to know WHICH color to go for!!! not a range of colors i COULD go for...i know you can dye your hair in those colors i was just having a hard time figuring out which one i should i pick, that's why i used the test!
this was the least helpful test from your collection. sorry.
67 days ago
I was looking at some comments and I think that everyone gets fiery red and black
71 days ago
i have blak hair..and i want to make a new look..so what is the best choice..it s the first time that i change my hair color