I Just Met A Guy - Does He Like Me? (Girls)

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You met a guy somewhere. You thought he was hot, maybe he gave you some feels. Let me guess - now you want to know if he likes you! Maybe you really like him; maybe you're just curious. Either way, this test will reveal the answer you seek! Try it now!

  • 1
    Have you ever talked to him?
    Have you ever talked to him?
  • 2
    Does he ever hang out with you?
  • 3
    Does he ever touch you?

  • 4
    Does he talk to/text other girls?
  • 5
    Does he sometimes stutter in front of you?
  • 6
    Does he ever tease you?

  • 7
    Do you have his phone number? If so, how did you get it?
  • 8
    If you talk to another guy, what does this one do?
  • 9
    What do you talk about with him?
  • 10
    Last Question!

    What do you think of him?

Comments (5)


964 days ago
Yeah I agree with Jada, I just met the guy today at a bike camp, but we totally didn't get to hang out, he was interning in a different group, he was super cute tho. Some of the questions didn't even go with the title.
970 days ago
I honestly don't know if the guy I just met while camping when I went swimming with some other guys and my best friends likes me or not. I haven't known him long and we talked for a pretty good bit but the questions were hard for this test and I didn't know what to answer for most of them because i just met this person and he never teased me but my friends and the guy and I kept pushing each other playfully off of a pier.
1118 days ago
there are not many options to answer so for some questions I don’t k ow hat to put and I literally JUST met him cause everyone just started in this school and it has only been a week!!
1391 days ago
Crush, if you're reading this, (I don't know why you would be) I hope you like me too!
1605 days ago
This answer was the entire reason I took this test. And I still don't know if it was worth! You're supposed to answer for me! Answer for ME!