The Unova Region Quiz (Pokemon)

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A quiz about Pokemon from the Pokemon Black/White video game.

  • 1
    Which of these Pokemon is a starter Pokemon?
  • 2
    Which of these Pokemon IS native to Unova?
  • 3
    What is the name of the "Tricky Fox Pokemon" that can make itself look like it is something else?

  • 4
    What does Pidove evolve into?
  • 5
    Which of these places can you find a karrablast?
  • 6
    Which of these Pokemon is not in Generation V, but shows up in Unova?

  • 7
    What is a Rare Candy used for?
  • 8
    True of False, Skyarrow Bridge is a drawbridge.
  • 9
    Which Pokemon ISN'T native to Unova?
  • 10
    Which Pokemon are named after their real life conterpart's Latin name?

  • 11
    Which Pokemon is a water type?
  • 12
    What object turns into Zekrom?
  • 13
    Which Pokemon is NOT a legendary?
  • 14
    Which Pokéball works best in a cave?
  • 15
    What is team Plasma?
  • 16
    How do you get the HM strength?

  • 17
    Which move can't Reshiram learn?
  • 18
    What is the Chinchilla Pokémon?
  • 19
    If you choose Tepig at the beginning of the game, which Pokemon will the woman in the dreamyard give you?
  • 20
    The old woman who lives in the town close to Giant Crater has a story is that one night, a huge meteorite crashed in the forest close to town and that it made a huge crater, and that meteor had a monster inside. The monster came out at night and kidnapped people and their Pokemon, so the townspeople built a wall to keep it out. To this day everyone stays inside at night in her town. What Pokemon is this "Monster"?

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901 days ago
Well I don't so it was very difficult and I like the nova region and pick oshawatt as your starter he/she is the best choice for the game
1458 days ago
hey playing pokemon white and black 2 so its really easy