When Will My First Kiss Be?

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When a special someone first lays one on your lips, will you be 12? 15? 18? Or older or younger? We know you can't wait to find out, so take this quiz now!

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    Where do you want your first kiss to happen?
    Where do you want your first kiss to happen?
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    How long do you want your first kiss to be?
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    When do you want your first kiss to happen?
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    How fast do you take a relationship?
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    How would you describe your crush?
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    Will you (or she) be wearing lip gloss?
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    Only two questions left!:(
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    Now this is REALLY goodbye!

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5 days ago
It said I would have my first kiss between 10 and 12 well I am 13 lol
7 days ago

im 12 turning 13 in 3 weeks.

i have 💗 3 CRUSHES!!!!! i think.. i mean,

ughhh storytimeee!


there is this one boy.. lets call him jack. so me and jack "dated" over the summer. i mean, i wouldn't say dated because it lasted 3 days and we didn't even meet up.. it was just texting. anyways.. something wEiRd happened today. so during recess (ima 8th grader btw), he came up to me. he hugged me, and we usually hug for a long time cuz he's also my bestfriend, and that's just wha we do. so, then he sat down on the floor in the recess yard and told me to sit down next to him. so i did. outside. on the floor. so, he put his arm around my shoulder and we were just sitting there, watching the basketball game in front of us (kids from my school were playing basketball in recess. and mind u, EVERYBODY WAS THERE!!!) we stayed like that for a little, and then one of my friends made me stand up so she could show me something. the second i stood up, he did too. then he went to play with his friends. like, 7 minutes after he came back. i am a 12 turning 13 year old girl who is 5'6. YES I'M TALL. so, jack is 5'9. thats one of the things i like abt him, hes taller than me. girls my height dont rly find 💗s taller than them. anyways, we was arguing abt who's taller than the other, Then he held both of my hands and came close to me. we were closer than usual, it was different. he kept on talking in a low💗voice tha he was taller, and he was looking straight into my eyes. but one of my friends just had to ruin the moment! i swear, i thought we were gonna kiss! i dont know if he still likes me, we dated beginning of july, and it's october. when we were sitting down, when he had his arm wrapped around me, whenever he talked to me, he would turn to look at me and i would look at him, and then he'd talk in that amazing voice, the kind guys have when they first wake up. ladies, YOU KNO WHA I MEANNN!

here's my other crush.. let's call him tyrone. so, tyrone is ALSO taller than me. he's sorta kinda a jock... he plays basketball, soccer, and football so yea, pretty much a jock. youd think ALL the girls would be ALL over him, which is surprisingly not true. not many girls like him like tha. anywyas, we dont rly talk tha much, but i find him staring at me SOOO many timess. we only have 2 classes together, and he be staring at me odee. even in between classes. whenever we talk, i find it flirting, but idk. we just be teasing each other.

next guy... let's call him arthur. so, arthur is.. well... complicated. he had this problem over the summer in which one of my friends accused him of sexual assault when it relly wasn't. i mean, they both got high and next thing u kno they was on the bathroom floor (clothes ON, my friends not tha inappropiate). and he had his hand on her boob, OUTSIDE OF THE SHIRT. anyways, last year we never even talked, but this year we got mad close and, idk i just have a feeling tha he likes me so i may like him.. idkkkk!!!!!!

so yea... that's my 💗 "love life" (not much of a love life if i've neva even kissed no one before...)
9 days ago
It said I'd get my first kiss at 10-12 I'm already older than that....
9 days ago
Im 12
I have a crush 🤔
Im gonna have a heart attack
14 days ago
I am 14 and I got 10 12 yep I am pretty lonely
21 days ago
I got 16-18 and I will be 15 in October, less than a month. I hope it comes really soon! I want it to be amazing and special! I have a crush but I have not seen him in 2 and a half years so...I don’t think it is going to come anytime soon. I just want to see him and want him to like me. I want it to work out
24 days ago
Whatttt I am 11 and I got 10 to 12 ... HELP!!!!! I am legit dead
27 days ago
Umm I had my first kiss and I am 11 I had my one in primary 2 and it said 16 to 18 lol haaahaahaa
28 days ago
I'm 11 and it said 10 to 12!!!!!
29 days ago
10-12 I'm 12 So.....well me and my friend had a bet to see if I would kiss a girl I have been friends with since kindergarten! BTW I think most of u r girls
29 days ago
It said 10-12 I’m 14
33 days ago
It said 10-12 and I’m 10 so omg
34 days ago
It said 10-12 and I turn 13 in December so if it doesn't happen in 3 months then... like seriously, no one's ever liked me in that way so...
46 days ago
Past the estimation by five years. Doesn’t look too promising
46 days ago
it said 10-12 yet im 13...
46 days ago
I’m 10 and it said 13-15 which about when I want it to be
48 days ago
Mine said 13-14 and I’m 12 yayyy!!
52 days ago
I'm 10 and I got 13 to 15 welp got to wait for 3 to 5 years
53 days ago
I got 10- 12 and Im 14 and still haven't had my first kiss yet.... what the everloving heck
60 days ago
They gave me 10-12 as well and I’m 14 almost 15