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Hey! I'm a real astronomer and the quizzes I find here in the internet are extra extra boring.TRY SAASTA ASTRONOMY QUIZ TODAY AND YOU MIGHT BE OUR NEXT ASTRONOMER! G00d luck

  • 1
    Which planet sucks up space garbage?
  • 2
    Which planet has the coldest atmosphere in the solar system?
  • 3
    Which group does our galaxy the milky way belong?
  • 4
    Which planet's year is shorter than it's day?
  • 5
    Who is the father of the big bang?
  • 6
    Which star is a main sequence star?
  • 7
    What is nuclear fusion?
  • 8
    What is a star?
  • 9
    Where are stars born?
  • 10
    What does AU stand for?

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Comments (29)


80 days ago
i got 9 corrects of 10 i am so glad
98 days ago
I rate it as a 5 star quiz
182 days ago
That was pretty easy..
223 days ago
This quiz was soo easy.
226 days ago
this quiz is so fun hey but i am looking for tests and i cannot find them.
286 days ago
Interesting ,but on question 4 mercury is the correct answer
308 days ago
I'm not quite impressed with my marks but I did my best
Anyways I think this app is cool
314 days ago
Question 4 (A day on Juperter is 9h55 minutes and a year on Jupiter is 11.9 earth year.)
Mercury's year is 88 earth days and a day on Mercury is 176 earth days. You do not have Mercury as a option. Mercury is the only Planet were its day is longer than its year according to my knowledge.
362 days ago
This quiz is. Good and contains a lot of interesting questions
363 days ago
nebula is singular and nebulae is plural so whether stars are born in nebula or nebulae are the same thing it should to nebulae as there are stars in the question.
363 days ago
yes question 4 is wrong it's venus
whoever made this quiz should know astronomy or not make quizzes at all
368 days ago
question 4 is wrong. The correct answer is Venus.
394 days ago
I thought Jupiter's year is shorter than its day!!!!
424 days ago
I thought mercury's year is shorter than its day!!!
447 days ago
Thank u 4 those interesting questions i made 9/10 . I made q.4 wrong but i think venus is the planet with its days more than its year
Time of rotaton;243 days
Time of revolution;255 days...!
542 days ago
Im not really impressed i got 5 out of 10 but surely i will learn from my mistakes
557 days ago
Ohhh this astro quiz is nice i did my best :*
567 days ago
Wow like oh these question.... Tshego, Rea,Motso you bettr be careful
629 days ago
Question 9 is also wrong semantically. Stars is plural, nebula is singular (although many stars are born in them - as individual nebula), therefore if the question is plural then the answer must also be plural, as in nebulae.
633 days ago
You need to be sure of your facts!
VENUS's year is longer than it's day NOT Jupiter.
It's day is Approx. 243 earth days
It's year is approx. 225 earth days
Question 4 is wrong