IQ Test for 10-12 year olds

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10 Questions - Developed by: Thomas - Developed on: - 661.488 taken - User Rating: 1.74 of 5.0 - 652 Votes - 166 people like it

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nali (54825)
161 days ago
dude this exam must be for 18 year's they don't get full
zhir (54825)
161 days ago
look its not a good exam it's easy
gloria (81570)
161 days ago
omg a brain dead 1st grader could do this sorry but thats the truth, you should put the age to 6-7 yr olds IQ test
Priscilla Ofori (34889)
162 days ago
It was nice but I had the 7th question wrong
Talia (92094)
162 days ago
Wow this is silly a 2nd grader could do this in 5 minutes or less this was a complete waste of time
Morgan (92613)
162 days ago
im 11 years old and got every single one correct and didn’t answer the sports one. I have a college reading level and a 11th grade math level. I wanted to see my iq level and I’m disappointed with the questions on this test.
Natlie (90282)
163 days ago
I hope to get this thing right and prove it wrong
Me (04542)
164 days ago
I'm 11 years old and I'm literally laughing at all the 8 years old on here who think they're freaking "smart" because they got this right. I got all of them right (I didn't answer the sports question, I don't even like sports) and KNOW that these "scores" are not accurate at all. These questions are literally 3rd-grade questions. You're not smart for getting adding, subtracting, and division problems correct.
Personally, I think this quiz is silly and I'm very disappointed in the results. It doesn't prove anything. Just because I'm able to answer 3rd-grade questions doesn't mean anything. 10-12-year-olds should be learning things on THEIR grade level and higher, not below it.
Not an 💗. (58568)
168 days ago
I got 100% and could have when I was 7. I do math at 10th grade and read at post high school level and wanted to find out my IQ and I am very dissatisfied with this.
len (90747)
169 days ago
Ok ok anyone who believes this is a real IQ test needs some mental help. I’m 11 but honestly this is a test for 5 year olds????
tash tash (93529)
169 days ago
Just to clarify, anybody who is insolent enough to believe that they are even eminently higher in IQ than other people who are 10-12, are not smart, they are extremely narcissistic or maybe even obnoxious.
Furthermore, yes I am 12 years old and I am sat on my laptop laughing like a crazed llama at all the kids saying, "I am so smart for a *insert age here* year-old". Jesus Christ where you raised with your parents creating an idealistic life telling you that you are exceptionally smart? Have you no human intellect or modesty?
Just joking, by the way, I'm just typings this comment because I'm ultra procrastinating doing my bedroom and also maybe procrastinating my life...
I'm going to go have a 12-year-old version of an existential crisis right now.
Well, see you in 8 years when we are both working at Mcdonalds because we dropped out of college.
tash tash (93529)
169 days ago
I got the NRL one wrong, I picked Sydney roosters because the Sydney roosters won in 2013.
Maria Emad (32083)
170 days ago
Iam so smart for 11 yearsold child✌
keiko is a meme (77424)
170 days ago
im a freaking genius yo
Kayla (39103)
170 days ago
I’m going on 12 in June! My little sister can do this maths! I’m not getting a accurate score whatsoever🔥🔥
Danielle (04496)
171 days ago
This thing is rigged the nrl test is how the heck was i suppose to know that
dipro (74961)
172 days ago
I got ten of ten right
Aubrey (42509)
172 days ago
#7 is rigged and Im almost 12 years old why? I bet this creator is 5.
Chloe (42256)
173 days ago
I got everything right but the NRL one, but I chose who actually won that game, it is unfair that I got that wrong.
Nottelling umyname (04792)
174 days ago