Legend of Zelda Expert Quiz

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This is a very specific quiz and it tends to gravitate towards 5 different Zelda games. May include some questions about one of the mangas. This is a multiple choice quiz, so you have a 25% chance of getting things right. This quiz also contains spoilers. No cheating or you won’t get accurate results. Enjoy the quiz!

  • 1
    Let's start out with a very basic question. Who is Zelda?
  • 2
    2. Which Zelda game is set in a different world than most of the other games, and what is the world called?
  • 3
    3. Which Link out of the four betrays Shadow Link in the Four Swords manga?

  • 4
    4. Which Zelda stage does not exist in Super Smash Brothers Brawl?
  • 5
    5. Who helps Link out as his companion in Twilight Princess?
  • 6
    6. Which form of transportation has Link not used?

  • 7
    7. Which is not a Zelda game?
  • 8
    8. Which of these companions is actually not a companion?
  • 9
    9. What is the only game in which the Octoroks are not present?
  • 10
    10. Which of these was not a controversy of Ocarina of Time?

  • 11
    Which of these items does NOT belong in Twilight Princess?
  • 12
    12. What tablet does Link get first in Skyward Sword?
  • 13
    13. Which of these is NOT a sage from Ocarina of Time?
  • 14
    14. Where do the four Links meet Elne?
  • 15
    15. What is the name of the main villain in the original Four Swords manga?
  • 16
    16. In which of these Zelda games can you not fish?

  • 17
    17. There is an easter egg in Hena’s fishing shack in Twilight Princess; she refers to a man in a picture as the greatest fisherman of all time. Which Zelda game is he originally from?
  • 18
    18. How does Ghirahim feel?
  • 19
    19. Which of these is the correct title of the song that plays when you have to rush Midna to Zelda in Twilight Princess?
  • 20
    20. How does the Wind God’s Aria go in Wind Waker? (for example: Up, Down, Right)

  • 21
    21. What are the correct personalities of the Four Links, according to the original Japanese manga?
  • 22
    22. Which two items can you use to distract the main villains in Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess?
  • 23
    23. How much time do you have to get to find each Tear of Light before Guardians activate themselves in Skyward Sword?
  • 24
    24. Who stole Majora’s Mask?
  • 25
    25. In which game did Zelda and Link know each other since they were children?
  • 26
    26. How many sages are there?

  • 27
    27. What is Ganondorf exactly?
  • 28
    28. Which of these does not belong?
  • 29
    29. Which of these games have I not made a reference to in this quiz?
  • 30
    30. What are Darknuts, exactly?

  • 31
    31. Which of these is not a goddess?
  • 32
    32. Which of these is not a piece of the Triforce?
  • 33
    33. Which of these is a recurring enemy in the entire series?
  • 34
  • 35
    35. What was Ganondorf’s fate in Wind Waker?
  • 36
    36. What was Ganondorf’s fate in Ocarina of Time?
  • 37
    37. Which of these places has Link not lived in?
  • 38
    38. What boots are not acquired in Ocarina of Time?
  • 39
    39. Which of these is NOT a fairy?
  • 40
    40. What are the birds called in Skyward Sword?

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1758 days ago
There are a few things I have to say. First, WEEPING ANGELS! YAY! Secondly, I read the Four Swords manga long before I did this test and his name is Gufuu. Just so you know. Allon-sy!