When Will I Get My First Period?

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This question is on every girl's mind once she approaches 'tweenhood, and for good reason: Your period changes your life significantly, and signifies the beginning of becoming a woman. Take my period quiz to get a better idea of when you'll start yours.

  • 1
    How old are you?
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How much pubic hair do you have (hair "down there")?
  • 3
    How much discharge do you have (goop in your underwear)?
  • 4
    How much underarm hair do you have?
  • 5
    Not to pry, but weight is an important factor in all this. What's yours, approximately?
  • 6
    What's your breast size?
  • 7
    What's the hair on your legs like?
  • 8
    Another boobs question...choose the one below that yours are the most like:
  • 9
    Have you been moody lately? How often?
  • 10
    Have you ever had cramps below your belly button?

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caitlin (23199)
1 hour ago
Get ready to welcome your womanhood. Wear a pad at all times so you won't stain your panties, and take over-the-counter painkillers for any cramps. Good luck.:)
Maddu (23844)
6 hours ago
It's nice quiz for help
Bella (60077)
7 hours ago
I'm going to start my period VERY SOON!!! I'm 12 sooo that is abt the time u start your period....,......right?????
Someone (91094)
7 hours ago
Oh deeeeeeeerrrr... I think I got it noww.... wiped and there was blood, JUST GREAT CONSIDERING I HAVE DANCING IN 2 HOURS
Pizza (83767)
8 hours ago
The test said any day no (which i believe the symptoms are going stronggg!!

Oof i’ve had SOOOOO much discharge lately and my mood... well let’s just not..!! (also every other symptom except for spotting)
Pizza (83767)
8 hours ago
@someone I’m pretty sure that’s spotting which means your period should come soon!!
Pizza (83767)
8 hours ago
@Oof yo have discharge for 6 months to a year (or longer for most people)
😺 (45435)
10 hours ago
I got 6 months. To a year 😿👎.
Oof (51282)
11 hours ago
@when will I get my period
If there is no discharge yet, then it is probably a ways away. I, myself, am close because the discharge is thick and goopy. If you get discharge, your period should be about a month away or so. (This means it could happen this or next week for me!)
unknown (45257)
11 hours ago
it’s said good luck so i’m less then a week away
Sophie (14579)
18 hours ago
Usually age 12 but I very ones different
freya (92932)
18 hours ago
what age do you start your period
Sophie (14579)
19 hours ago
I'm bisexual
I don't know why I said that, I'm weird
Gabby (48769)
20 hours ago
@O# why do you say that
O# (11045)
23 hours ago
This so not accurate
When will I get my period (11045)
24 hours ago
Someone plz estimate me

13 years old
Mum got it at 12
42_3 kgs
Where a training bra
Some armpit hair
Got to shave legs
Here down there is halfway
Moody all the time
Camps only once by it was really BAD
No dishcarge
Tucker (72743)
I got It is almost your time.
Can someone please estimate Me.
I am 14 my Mum was 15 and
My sister was 13
Bra size 10 A-B
Not pit hair, alittle hair on legs
Lots of Discharge that I have
To wear pantiliners
Half full of hair down there
34-5 kgs
My breasts have been developings
For 1-2 years
Moody everyday
No cramps that I know of
Someone (91094)
Everyone's giving into about them so guess I will too because I wanna know when I will get period

13 in a week
QUITE A BIT of hair on...👇
No armpit hair
No cramps
Moody sometimes... not rlly that much
Tiny bit of faint light pink stuff when I wiped
Discharge since pretty much this time last year
Mum got hers at 14 (pretty sure)
I weigh about 51-2 kilos (don't know about pounds)
Started getting budding when I was about 10ish, not too sure but I was in grade 4 or 5
Only maybe A cup??? I have no idea still only wear trainer bras

Yeahhhh... Answer??
Someone (91094)
Well today I wiped after going to the toilet and there was some faint light pink stuff on the paper! What is it??? 🙁
NoNamePlease♡ (65380)
Can somebody give me an in depth description on how cramps are, feel and where you feel them? I like to know a lot of information on these types of things but don't feel like looking it up. I've had cramps before but I'd like some more information thanks!!