When Will I Get My First Period?

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This question is on every girl's mind once she approaches 'tweenhood, and for good reason: Your period changes your life significantly, and signifies the beginning of becoming a woman. Take my period quiz to get a better idea of when you'll start yours.

  • 1
    How old are you?
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How much pubic hair do you have (hair "down there")?
  • 3
    How much discharge do you have (goop in your underwear)?
  • 4
    How much underarm hair do you have?
  • 5
    Not to pry, but weight is an important factor in all this. What's yours, approximately?
  • 6
    What's your breast size?
  • 7
    What's the hair on your legs like?
  • 8
    Another boobs question...choose the one below that yours are the most like:
  • 9
    Have you been moody lately? How often?
  • 10
    Have you ever had cramps below your belly button?

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Zoe (82304)
7 hours ago
10 days ago
Can someone estimate?
Age: 13
Height: 5’5, in a growth spurt
Weight: 109 lbs as of 1 month ago
Discharge: TONS of clear, sticky discharge. Been having it for a month. some days are heavier than others
Breasts: I’d say an A more towards B cup.
Mom: She has PCOs causing her to get it at 15
Cramps: Ehh. Not really.
Hair: I have a fair amount of armpit hair. Without one night of shaving, it grows about a centimeter. The hair down there is just about full, black, curly, and bushy. I’ve had to shave since 5th grade.
Moody: Yea kinda
Side notes: This is kinda weird but i’ve been gassy lately and feeling like imma throw up. Sorry for that TMI.
Shari frank (44812)
10 hours ago
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PandaGirl103 (26150)
14 hours ago
Wow this is bull——
Ghost pepper. (68210)
19 hours ago
help!!! I think you will be Very soon about 3-5 months. Good luck!
help!!! (57590)
oh and I forgot to mention I have acne as well, I have to wash my hair almost every day and I sweat a lot!!
help!!! (57590)
estimate me someone??
- I wear a C bra my 💗 are full
- Had discharge for about 3 months now
- full pubic hair
- I shave my legs almost every day
- Shave my armpits 1 every week or so but the hair is thin and blonde
- My Mum got her period at 15
- My sister who’s two years younger then me already has hers and she’s 11
- I’m 13 and weigh over 100 Pounds I’m 5.4f
- Moody a lot
- Had cramps a few times but starting to become more frequent
pink bear (02074)
omg. I woke up wanting to pee as I felt really wet down there... I looked down and there was a pool of blood in my underwear... like a lot...when I went back to my bed, I realised it soaked through my bed sheets... god...my cramps hurts soooo muchhh
Lana (51611)
Someone pls estimate me

Had discharge for like 5 and a half monthes

A lot of discharge liners

Cramps ever now and then
´craving every now and then

Lots of headaches

I am like 96 pounds and 4"11

💗 triangular but starting to round out ´

Vag in a pain sometimes

Mood swings a lot

Starting to get underarm hair

Leg hair somewhat

Sweat a lot

I'm eleven mom got it at 13 sister and 12 and a half and grandma at fourteen

I turn twelve in the next month January
Whenwillithappen??? (26150)
@Confuzzled, I think you will get it in a couple of months!
Whenwillithappen??? (26150)
Whoops, the tiny text didn’t work, I don’t think! Ah, whatever.
Whenwillithappen??? (26150)
((tiny))Can anyone estimate me??

-I’m 10, turning 11 in less than a month. (yay, golden birthday!)

-I have been wearing a bra since I
was 8. I wear padded ones (A).

-my leg hair is SUPER noticeable but my mom won’t let me shave them until I’m 11.

-I have light, blond underarm hairs. Not at all noticeable unless you look closely. (Wouldn’t advise...)

-I sweeeeaaaatttt. I need to wash my face and stuff and if you’re anything like me, you know how THAT goes. If not, it’s acne, acne, acne, basically.

-I’ve been into boys since preschool. I had this serious crush on some kid who looked kinda cute then, but not anymore, LOL!

-cramps: Meh. Only a few times a month and when they happen the sometimes hurt but sometimes won’t. One time, I was eating Oreos and I got a stomachache. Don’t know where that came from but whatevs.

-I’m frickin’ 100 or so pounds. Geez. All my friends are lighter than me. At least I don’t LOOK like I’m 100 pounds! 😏

-I have discharge. Light, though. Can’t remember when it started.

-I will tend to get moody especially at my mom... (*signs “sorry Mom...” to Mom*) Sometimes in conversation I will kind of get upset at my friends or when they don’t pay attention to me, I will get upset, but I keep it inside.

If I missed anything, pleeese tell me!((etiny))
Confuzzled (49668)
Hey guys!!! Pls estimate?
-12 yrs old

-watery light yellow discharge...just realized it's not pee. for 6 months I've been thinking I wet myself every day LOL, Yeah...

-Odd 'Its wet down there' feeling

- 75 lbs and height is approx 4"6 I'm short and underweight ik

- mom got at 13

-I cry if anyone calls me anything....even just annoying, or if they look at my phone...basically,my emotions have a mind of their own

-so I have pubic hair, and it's about halfway full

-no armpit hair

-Lega and arms r naturally hairy...I'm not allowed to shave tho lol

-Cravings are really bad...

-ive gained 12 lbs in the last 3 months.

Cramps are about 4-5 days a week, and they are moderate

-I fit an AA, almost an A32.

Please estimate as soon as possible!!!
Elisa (90694)
2 to 4 months
Elisa (90694)
@pink bear
Any time now
Estimator xoxo (15389)
2 days ago
@Sahhhhhhh In my opinion, I think you will get yours in 1-4 weeks! You are definitely showing all of the signs that you should have before your Period. Make sure to carry a pad around with you and good luck! xoxo
Sahhhhhhh (82135)
2 days ago
Can someone please estimate me?
- I am 12 years old (Grade 6)
- My mum got hers at 14 but my sister got hers at 12
- Breasts: 30AA, have started to round out but not fully developed, hurt to touch, started in grade 3
- Weight: 100+
- Armpit Hair: Dark, Full and started in grade 3
- Pubic Hair: Dark, Curly, Covers The Whole Area, started in grade 3
- Sweat: A lot, started in grade 3
- Leg Hair: quite noticeable
- Cramps: Mild cramps about once every week
- Mood Swings: yessssss I'm mad one minute and happy another
- Acne: All over my face, since grade 3
- Discharge: Goes through my underwear, probs should wear a pantyliner, since grade 5
- Hair: Super Oily
- Height: I dont know my height but I know I have grown at least 2 inches
- Spotting: 3 times
- Cravings: Everything Especially Chocolate (KitKat in particular)
- My mum says Ill get it soon
- I had a stomach ache yesterday but it was horrible, it was worse than a stomach ache but wasn't a cramp, I tried eating but the only thing that sort of helped was crawling up into a ball. Does anyone know what it was? (I've had it about 3 times)

Thanks for estimating me if you do 💗
Doggo (14844)
2 days ago
Please estimate me
Im 11 and 5 months
I never really have cramps
I always feel sick
I get bad headaches
I’ve been on puberty for about 2 years
I get lots of discharge
I weigh 98 pounds
My mom got hers when she was 13
I’m always moody
I have a bit of hair under my arms
I have lots of pubic hair
I have big breasts
I got into a D cup

Thanks! 💜
pink bear (41354)
2 days ago
please estimate me
I'm 13 this year
started puberty since 10
I've been developing breast since 10, and I can fit in a c cup. I've been wearing these bras for 6 months but just a week ago, my breast seem to grew really fast and all of my bras are tight on me so I'm in d cup now. I also get rlly tender breast, and it hurts so much
my pubic hair is thick and long, it covers the whole area, thigh to thigh. I have tons of armpit hair, and I shave every two days
I have extremely terrible cramps that it's rly hard for me to sleep these days
I have thick discharge for 6 months now and I wear pantiliners
I had brown discharge twice two weeks ago
I also have really bad back pains, and my mood swings are really terrible
Wrayne (37465)
2 days ago
What if your a Sagittarius girl
Ermygerd (26150)
2 days ago
And, not to prove your mom wrong or something @Eva, but if you have tiny bumps or red dots on your face, then you DO have acne. It varies from person to person, so your mom can’t really say that it’s not acne. But, yet again, I’m not a doctor, it’s all experience. I’m 10, less than a month from turning 12 but have gotten acne since I was 9 so... my mom was quite the earlier bloomer so, yeah. Got her period at 11.