When Will I Get My First Period?

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This question is on every girl's mind once she approaches 'tweenhood, and for good reason: Your period changes your day-to-day life significantly, and signifies the beginning of becoming a woman. Take my period quiz to get a better idea of when you'll start yours. Because you need to know these kinds of things!

  • 1
    How old are you?
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How much pubic hair do you have (hair "down there")?
  • 3
    How much discharge do you have (goop in your underwear)?

  • 4
    How much underarm hair do you have?
  • 5
    Not to pry, but weight is an important factor in all this. What's yours, approximately?
  • 6
    What's your breast size?

  • 7
    What's the hair on your legs like?
  • 8
    Another boobs question...choose the one below that yours are the most like:
  • 9
    Have you been moody lately? How often?
  • 10
    Have you ever had cramps below your belly button?

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LOL 6 months or fewer! I'm literally only 11 yr old and mah hair is growing on my thingy and LOL not trynna be weird....
Your period will come in 1-5 weeks i think very soon though.Start wearing a pad to bed and in day time.For the bra part ask your mum,aunt,older sister or any close female to take you bra shopping.Or if your a little nervous order one from Amazon or an online shop.if your comfortable get bra fitted.Good luck girli!
2-6 weeks make a period bag to carry around with 2-4 pairs undies 4+ pads it can be in your purse or in a backpack dont be embarrassed.
Period will come in 1-4 weeks be careful it could come tmrw.At night put a pad on and in day carry a pad or tampon
Your period will come soon be patient start wearing a pad to get used to the feel of it.
Your period should come any day now it might be good to carry a pad around with you brown discharge means its coming really soon maybe wear a pad too!
5 days ago
Plz rate me

12 years old
Mum does not remember
TONS of acne
Puberty for 2 years
A little armpit hair

TONS of thick and curly down there hairs
Yellow/Brown Discharge Everyday
I am about 85-95 pounds
Mood Swings a lot
Craving Junk Food
Plz rate me!
5 days ago
Can someone estimate me please ? :)

I'm 13 years old
My mom doesn't remember when she got but she said 13-14
i have loads of pimples :(
spotted once
been in puberty for 3 or more years
i have started to notice more underarm hair
for the hair down THEIR it's very curly and dark
i have discharge every single day and its white and gooey
i am 40kg
and i have a lot of fatigue and constant mood swings
8 days ago
Can someone estimate me please?
I’m 14 y/o
Mom was 14 when she got hers
I have some pimples
Spotted once
Been in puberty for 3+ years
Got a lot pubic and underarm hair
🐤 stage 3-4
I am wearing a A-cup bra
Have discharge everyday, white
8 days ago
Person- I think you will get your period in maybe 3-5 months
11 days ago
Hey guys, mine is def coming soon, any tips, also anyone online right now?
14 days ago
Someone please rate me:
Age: 11
Weight: 88 pounds
Breasts: B cup
Mom got hers: 12
Discharge: every day
Mood swings: a lot
Pubic hairs: dark and straight
Pit hairs: I hardly have any but everything else is growing
26 days ago
Ooh cool wild LOL.
26 days ago
You can be in high school at 12 years old that happens in other countries
26 days ago
Discharge: a lot for about 8 months (maybe a bit more) a lot of white stringy discharge
Pubic hair: very dark black hairs a little bit curly
Pit hairs: dark dark brown pretty curly
Weight 95
Height: 4.11 feet
Acne: maybe like 1? But I use face wash
Age: 11 (3 months till 12)
Momma got hers: 12
Crush: I have a huge crush
Bust: Stage 3 (think I’m a a-b cup but rn I wear a trainer bra)
Cramps: have a fair amount for about 8 months
Moody: I have crazy mood swings
Spotting: none but the other day there was the smallest amount of blood like smaller then a dot of pencil
Pms signs: diarrhea, constipation, headache, cramps, back pain, a few cravings, I think a few more but I can’t remember
Ask if you need any more info!

Also yayyyy 400 comment!
29 days ago
Hi! Can anyone estimate me?
I’m 14
My mom got hers at 14
170 cm
62 kg
😘 stage 3/a-cup
Quite a lot of discharge
Spotted once
Been in puberty for 3+ years
Have some acne and is really moody
29 days ago
To the people who want their period- Don’t. It’s a literal pain in the *ss. Enjoy your days of wearing lighter colored pants without too many cramps.
33 days ago
Sorry I just sent it twice. Woops. I think that I accidentally clicked it again
34 days ago
Hi period
I think that people get their period for different make depending on who they are.
You might not be done yet, you never know.
34 days ago
Hi, I have got my period 2 days ago and I have b l e d a little bit today but I think I have stopped now. Is that normal? Just to have a period for two and a bit days? Any help would be great thanks