Lesbian What would you do?

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I know this starts off similar to that other quiz, but it's actually pretty different. Sorry if the answers don't match up - I think you'll probably know what you're like anyway by the end if you answer truthfully. Some of the answers are quite weird, but I stumbled across something like this a while ago, and thought that it was only for lesbians - I tried it, knowing that I'm straight, and it told me so. OK, so mine's probably not as clever, but who cares? It'll be a boredom-buster for both of us.

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    I know it starts the same as that other quiz, but be patient...
    Your cousin, let's just give her a code, say, X, is a cute, hot, lesbian. Now, whether you're lesbian, or straight, I want you to imagine you are bi...
    Your mum is there. What do you do?
  • 2
    You're up in your room now, in one way or another... what do you do?
  • 3
    The door is locked. She unbuttons the top two buttons of her shirt. You...?
  • 4
    She is now sitting on the floor of your room, in her bra. She puts her hands behind her back, trying to get it off. You...?
  • 5
    She is now topless. Your mum knocks on your door, but DOESN'T open it. She calls out, "I'm going to work now" She works nights, "they need extra so I won't be back till midday tomorrow."
  • 6
    You are now shirtless. You..?
  • 7
    You are both topless. You..?
  • 8
    She take her clothes off...
  • 9
    She and you are making out, when her phone rings. It's her mum, saying she is about to set off to bring her home. X doesn't know what to say.
  • 10
    She is sleeping over. What do you do now?
  • 11
    Now what?
  • 12
    What now?
  • 13
    OOH! Unlucky 13! What do you do now?
  • 14
    You know the drill - what now?
  • 15
    OK, so, what NOW?
  • 16
    You decide to take a break... How?
  • 17
    You put your underwear back on, but she pulls it off you...
  • 18
    She has taken all of your clothes, and put hers back on. What do you do?
  • 19
    OH NO! Her mum and your mum walk in. What do you do/ say?
  • 20
    How are you going to finish this...?

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Comments (13)


50 days ago
What the actual frick?! Not to be rude but who would wanna make out with there own cousin 👿
156 days ago
Just because I don't want to have💗with my cousin doesn't mean that i'm straight 😡
295 days ago
45% lesbian
35% bi-sexual
20% bi-curious
0% too straight
0% straight

i knew i was lesbian but.....
how do i tell my parents?????
350 days ago
360 days ago
40% les
35% bi
25% bi-curious
0% straight
384 days ago
It says I’m straight just because I don’t wanna start incest but i know I’m pan
452 days ago
This is not a lesbian test its an incest test and like the other quiz the writer is probably a straight guy who only thinks that lesbians care about having💗with other women and they are wrong on so many levels!!!!!! And if you like having💗with your cousin guess what?! That is illegal!!!
453 days ago
It's weird of me thinking that me and my cousin would do that but I got turned on but by cousin is a lesbians and I'm bi and one day we were on a trip in Hawaii and we were in the hotel and i fell on the bed and she fell on top of me then we looked at each other then we kissed I was shocked I was what is happening I and lots of things going through my mind I was freaking out and I was thinking do I like this or not next thing u know she French kisses me and picks me up and still making out then she lays me on the bed and starts taking her crop top off and just has her booty shorts on then she get on me and starts kissing me with tounge then I yell stop and say we can't do this we are related then she says no were not I'm adopted then she says she told are parents if we could date and they said it's okay so then she makes out with me and takes her shorts off and we have you know...... and then after we took a blood test and we weren't related at all then we asked are parent permission if we could date and they said if it makes y'all happy then yes so then we dated and at the age of 19 we moved to Hawaii and we then got married and lived happily

I know this is weird
572 days ago
@ Zubokey.... heeeey
597 days ago
My neighbor is my wife, not my cousin
757 days ago
1046 days ago
OMG! I'm a total lesbian apparently!.
1118 days ago
Oh, I'm not a lesbian because I won't make out with my cousin?! I have a girlfriend btw...