Are you spoiled?

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This is a test to determine whether you are spoiled or not.

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    When shopping with your parents, you see something you want. Do you:

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Avery (64138)
7 hours ago
This is so true. I got 80%. I have a i phone my own laptop my own room my own tv and a humongous house and a dog
Nikita (12495)
5 days ago
This is correct. I have a crappy phone, no laptop, and I currently have to take my 8 yr old brother out the house afterschool until 8 so we can save just a little money. Please note, I'm 13
90% spoiled (17613)
12 days ago
Broke kids to get some money y'all are so broke
emily (80133)
26 days ago
babe so true 100%. bruh i have a £500 laptop, a iphone 6s which was randomly given to me, a moto g5 which again was randomly given too me, a ipod nano which was randomly given too me again. i have a wii, ps2 nintendo switch, nintendo 3ds and a ipad and over £5000 worth of lego.
UHHH Wes (58410)
62 days ago
I’m 60% No that’s incorrect
I have my own room it’s small
3rd handed lap top i barely ask for anything and that’s why I get it
AND I AM 60% spoiled joe dose that make sense
Anonymous (76362)
68 days ago
This is just not an accurate quiz AT ALL... the tests makers are confusing privilege with being spoilt however they are two different things. There many people who have money but who are also very humble and modest and kind. Being spoiled is having an attitude and having certain expectations about life and when those expectations are not met than you go into a rage. Pls do not promote the idea that people who tend to be more well off are generally spoilt
bikeracewraithYT (00583)
93 days ago
i somehow got 70% spoiled, yes im an only child but my room is small and i would share a room if i had a sibling, also even though i have a laptop it is a chromebook that was like 150$ off amazon and i dont get paid by my parents unless i lose a tooth so
Mynamejeff (66718)
108 days ago
40% spoiled
It doesnt count because I get thing when my grandma feels bad about my mom hating me
Lina (91509)
117 days ago
I'm an only child and I got 50%
Only children aren't always spoiled like what some ppl say u know
jjjjjjjustin ha ha 60%spoiled (67016)
120 days ago
what like...i'm 60% spoiled? all my electronics are second hand .( just 2 electronics). the kids at my school have iPhone 8s already and I'm using my sister's old iPhone 6 plus(still lucky). right now I'm like wearing gap factory clothes.
anonymous lol (48819)
128 days ago
You're not necessarily spoiled if you have a lot of money, or your own laptop. You know that, right?
Baaaah (66535)
132 days ago
This quiz is not that good. You can't just judje a person by asking them how they get money. They could do chores and get hundreds of dollars for it, or ask and get the money, but only ask for 20 dollars. It makes a difference. Also, i don't even know a person that doesn't own a laptop.
Scarlett (28876)
135 days ago
I got 80% spoiled.I have about 12 stuffed animals, share a room with my sister, have a small TV that’ll fit on your dresser, have my own lap top, an IPad, and my own IPhone.When I ask for money, it has to be for food from the vending machine at my school.I don’t get money if it’s to buy a toy if some sort.I also sometimes get the things I ask for, but it usually can’t be over $40, and in my lifetime so far I have gone to Great Wolf Lodge 2 Times, by the way I’m going to Great Wolf Lodge in a week, but I can’t go if I have an F in any of my classes.
Loo (65943)
155 days ago
I sleep with my mom still..
KayT (24206)
167 days ago
70% Spoiled
Yeah I get money when I ask,money for my b-day (one hundred CAD just from dad) and legit a life people dream of,but I love helpings the homeless and I'm educated really well.

I'm still obedient
But I don't love my life.from what my mum says I'm just full (language
So I mean not that spoiled right? Right?
Unknown (30161)
168 days ago
I got 60% spoiled
I have a new laptop, brand new PC,TV, Xbox,iPhone 5,scooter, bike and lots of toys and my own room :) I am grateful for these gifts and I'm depressed that people call Me spoiled :(
yo nana (12527)
176 days ago
96% spoiled hehe I thought I was worse lol
sylvia (32241)
178 days ago
50% spoiled I'm kinda confused I don't have hardly anything.
kylie (26097)
181 days ago
100% spoiled
yeah i kinda knew :P
Optgirl (61198)
185 days ago
I still sleep with my mom, same bed, same room, no dad. Small bathroom, wardrobe... i use the same one since i was born. Moms car is constantly breaking down and cost no more than 700 USD. However, that doesnt make my life useless, I am talented and my mom alone earns 2000USD a month. Dont judge a book by its cover...