How goth are you?

Developed by: DemonnChild

  • 1
    You like black and other dark colors
  • 2
    You like Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure and such stuff
  • 3
    You wear black because it's the MUST gothic color
  • 4
    Lilith is a famous goth who is even mentioned in a Cradle of Filth song
  • 5
    You have read at least one Edgar Allan Poe story
  • 6
    If you could have a pet it would be a bat or a black cat
  • 7
    Victoria Frances is an artist
  • 8
    You feel depressed
  • 9
    You like to draw/reading poetry
  • 10
    Kids under at least 16 can't be goth

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