Does he like you back? (Middle School)

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He's cute, he's perfect in every way, his smile, his laugh, his personality........... I didn't say a name but you thought of him didn't you?
Well this quiz is here to help you know if he's the one for you!

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    How often do you talk to each other?

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Lovestruck (95278)
8 days ago
So I am crushing on this guy and I heard he wanted to ask me to the dance next year when we went on an overnight field trip. I'm in 5th grade and so is he, and the dance is next year. I REALLY like him but at school he doesn't talks to as much as we used to and he doesn't seem interested in me. He used to talk to me A LOT. My friend is going to ask him if he liked me I hope he does!!!!😍💑😳😜💖💗💘💝💟💞💓
Don't wanna put name (81100)
14 days ago
So I am homeschooled but I am doing track with this one school and I think this one guy is hot. He always stare at me and he sometimes will be sitting somewhere then come over and sit by me but we have never talked and track is almost over what do i do?
Skittlez (69896)
14 days ago
There is this guy named Anthony at my school. He is so HAWT!Fanning myself rn😂Anyway...everyday we cross paths to go to our classes(we have no classes together),he would notice me out of the crowd and he'd smile cutely and wave at me,sometimes call my name. One time,I stopped suddenly and looked down to see if he would notice,and he did. He asked if I was ok,while holding a thumbs up😍😍😍Later,during common assessment week, my seat is across from the door,I was looking at the class passing by just to see who was in it.. He was in that class. As soon as he saw me,he smiled at me. With his teeth😍 during classes,he's always out in the hallway for some reason,he passes by my door(he knows I'm always looking at the door),smiles and waves at me all the time😍this has been going on for months, until about a month or two ago,I wrote him a note asking if he had a crush on me. When he gave it back,he said no he doesn't,while smiling. Now.. Ever more smiles and waves..😢but I catch him and his friends staring at me a lot. I really hope we can spark up again.. Any advice???😢
qwertyuiop (84492)
15 days ago
so i have a huge crush on this fur and he said he loved me, but I'm still really nervous to do something that will make him not like me anymore. some of my friends are calling us #boco which is really cringe (coco + ben)
Confused crushing (06216)
21 days ago
I have this crush his name is Matthew and were always flirting and always hugging I had my fake brother tell him we'd be cute and he said mhm like omg and he likes someone but won't tell me and we've held hands *playfully of course* I really like him and I'm just so confused with him does he like me back I need help
bella (70960)
38 days ago
so i like this guy named riley who i’ve known for years now. we are really close and i used to help him get the girl he liked but after talking him through the whole thing he wouldn’t ask her out. i think it was because he wanted an excuse to talk to me because everyone knows he always had some interest but he never really liked me. i used to like him but i stopped for a year or so. then around two weeks ago we were on a field trip and in the back of he bus on the way back we were sitting in seats across from eachother and he kept staring at me and then smiling and getting a little red. we had a good ride back and then we were in the media center after and i caught him staring a couple times again. then he began to flirt with me and call me nicknames in the halls and joke around. he is generally shy around people he likes so he mostly stares at them but he talks to them some, but you can usually tell who he likes because he is loud and talkative around everyone else. then i caught him staring a couple times and he usually smiles turns red and laughs but keeps staring. he also teases me and tries to find ways to be around the girl he likes. all these things point to him liking me but i’m just not sure because he may deny it or loose interest because he waits to long to ask me out but i’m going to keep giving hints too so hopefully he will gain confidence or maybe talk to his friends who i’m also really close with
KD (69968)
49 days ago
I'm in 6th grade and he's in 7th
Should I go for it?
#mogan (78055)
60 days ago
Im in love wth this kid named Logan, and all the tests ive taken say he is 100% in love w me, but im still not really sure he likes me plz help w a comment.
You don’t know (40291)
61 days ago
So there’s this guy in my class his in 7th grade and I’m in 6th and this is how it got really awkward. So we were just in class him and his best friend we’re playing truth or dare apparently his friend dared him to ask me out on a date so then his friend called me over but he was nervously laughing and he kept looking away one of friends followed me so she knows about this since he wouldn’t do it his friend did it for him then my friend said “well what is your answer?”I just ignored them of course. But when we went to go to our lockers my friends started saying he definitely likes me but I started denying and now every single time we talk it’s really awkward.
Confused (02248)
62 days ago
My friends asked if he likes me and he said no and every time we hang out and talk he is allways touching me and smiling and just the way he looks at me, he Try’s to hold my hand and he plays with my hair and the hole school thoghtbwe were dating.yesterday I was pocking him like what he does to me and he grab my hand and held it for a little while and he comes behind me when I am sitting down in a chair and wraps his arms around me and puts his head on my head is that a hug? I am really confused leave a comment to help me figure this out
Idek (23197)
63 days ago
I think I like this guy who Ive been really good friends with this guy for a year and we were besties in 1st and 2nd grade. I didn’t even think of us dating until one of my friends brought it up at the beginning of the school year and now all my friends bring it up. I’m not sure I like him like that, I mean he’s rly cute and athletic and smart and we have a lot to talk about but I’m not sure. Idk if he likes me, he’s embarrassed bc my bffs come up and talk abt us dating all the time to him, or we’re just friends. we talk a lot and have a lot of things in common. We have 3 classes together and sit next to each other in all of them. We always check work together and talk throughout class about anything and everything. Help! Do you guys think he likes me?
#hathan (03273)
65 days ago
I luv this guy and i asked him out yesterday and he said no;( but i think that he only said no cuz his cousin is dating my BFF and is friends with me and i HATE his ex which should be good but;( apparently not. (Above) is our ship name Hana+Nathan
I’m a Pringle 🤣 (71782)
68 days ago
So I have liked this guy since the beginning of sixth grade (I’m currently in 7th grade) we have been friends for a very long time since preschool we’re both top athletes in our grade I’m a very intergenticpeople say I’m really pretty a have a decent singing voice and I’m pretty good at drawing. I went to the school dance with him too. Like everyone ships us together my besties think he has a crush on me but I’m not that sure I stare at he all the time(which I need to stop 😂)but the weird thing is the day after the dance my friend was talking about the dance she was going to tell him that I like him but he already know it what is puzzling is he acts totally normal around but he glances and smiles at me more he hasn’t confronted me about it which I’m glad but I’m just wondering if it bothers him and I actually wore his sweatshirt 😦 ikr during class too but he’s been keepings me on open on Snapchat every time I try to start a conversation with him 😥

I need opinions do you think he likes me or not
Plz and thanks(his name is Blaise)🤞🏽
Unknow (18050)
70 days ago
i know a very cute guy that i met like 1 month ago I started liking him but from the scale 1-10 I would chose 5.First i saw that he kinda started to like me to but the more i liked him the more he lost interest for me but I don’t care though and I’m taking this test to know if he likes me or not but i can’t just believe this test so i hope it will be worth it.
What’s up? (13678)
73 days ago
So this was a lie. Honestly I know he likes me 98%
Billie (71598)
75 days ago
so I'm almost positive he likes me so should I go for it?
Unknown (68229)
77 days ago
So there is this really cute guy and I'm in love. I've never felt the same feelings for anyone ever. He has a cute smile and he looks at me in every class that we have together. Sometimes he teases me and he laughs at my stupid jokes! Whenever he s by me, he seems to make an excuse to get closer. He was dating two of my friends though, so I am not sure if he actually likes me. I don't want to ask him out, but I'm felt really desperate lately. I've also been putting my friends sec ond. What should I do?? #😕
Confuseeeddd (27296)
82 days ago
Ok guys there is this one guy he is like really goofy and teases me but he is like that to everyone he teases them but I just feel like he does like me in the way we talk and the way he looks at me buuuut how can I actually find out?
Hi :) (99928)
83 days ago
So I like this guy and we used to talk and laugh and I'm like 95 percent sure he had a crush on me but now we barely talk or anything and I don't know how to make conversation.
Ken'Niyah Johnson (45009)
84 days ago
I like this boy and he said that he liked me back but I see the way he looks at me I know he likes me. I really like him it's just me and him are not ready for a relationship.