Mid Semester Exam

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  • 1
    The nervous system is comprised of three types of neurons:
  • 2
    2) The area of the hindbrain responsible for maintaining consciousness, regulating arousal levels and modulating the activity of neurons throughout the central nervous system is the:

  • 3
    One of the most important functions of the hypothalamus is:

  • 4
    The structure within the limbic system that is particularly involved in learning and remembering emotionally significant events is the:

  • 5
    The occipital lobes of the cerebral cortex are involved in:

  • 6
    Focusing in the eye occurs in the:

  • 7
    A neurologist has just shown Samir an object, but Samir denies seeing it. Yet, when asked the describe the geometrical form of the object, Samir is able to do so with accuracy far better than one would expect by chance. The neurologist will probably diagnose Samir as suffering from:

  • 8
    According to current thinking, perception involves:
  • 9
    Transduction in the eye starts with

  • 10
    People recognise voices, as well as the sounds of different musical instruments, from their characteristic

  • 11
    Splitting attention between two complex tasks is known as
  • 12
    Which of the following best describes the relationship between the number of hours that people sleep and mortality rates?
  • 13
    When delta waves comprise more than 50% of recorded brain activity, a person has entered stage ____ sleep:

  • 14
    During a typical night’s sleep, a complete cycle of REM and NREM sleep occurs about every
  • 15
    Studies with amnesiacs have shown that people can remember things _____, even while lacking ______ memory.
  • 16
    People high in need for achievement
    a) enjoy being challenged and are not worried about failing
    b) worry so much about failure that they will only undertake tasks if they are assured of success
    c) tend to take risks because of their insatiable need for challenge
    d) enjoy being challenged but do not want to fail

  • 17
    In addition to indicating a person’s emotional state, facial expressions
  • 18
    Will is studying photography. He is not doing it to get the diploma that comes at the end of his program. Rather, his primary purpose is to become a better photographer. His goal would be described as a

  • 19
    Positive and negative affect are regulated by different neurotransmitter systems. For example, people who are ‘fear driven’ are hypothesised to have an abundance of or greater reaction to

  • 20
    Self-determination theory suggests that people have three innate needs:

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