Exam Ch3

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  • 1
    The 'grey matter' of the brain gets it's colour from:
  • 2
    The nervous system is comprised of three neurons
  • 3
    Connections between neurons occur at what are called:

  • 4
    Unlike a graded potential, _________ has an 'all or none' quality.
  • 5
    Some people respond to MSG in food with neurological symptoms such as tingling and numbing, because the ingredient activates ______ receptors in their brains.
  • 6
    The neurotransmitter involved in the regulation of mood, sleep, eating, emotional arousal and pain regulation is

  • 7
    Parkinsons disease results from degeneration of the _______- releasing cells of the substantia nigra.
  • 8
    The endocrine gland(s) that is (are) more directly connected to the CNS than any other endocrine gland is (are) the
  • 9
    The nervous system that prepares the body for fighting or fleeing in response to threats is the
  • 10
    Sexual activity is a good example of how the _____and _____nervous systems interact.

  • 11
    The area of the hindbrain responsible for maintaining consciousness, regulating arousal levels and modulating the activity of neurons throughout the central nervous system is the
  • 12
    One of the most important functions of the hypothalamus is
  • 13
    The structure within the limbic system that is particularly involved in learning and remembering emotionally significant events is the
  • 14
    The occipital lobes of the cerebral cortex are involved in
  • 15
    A brain injured patient appears callous, grandiose and boastful and tends to make tactless comments. The area of the brain that is most probably damaged is the
  • 16
    In most people the right hemisphere is dominant for

  • 17
    On average males score higher than females on tests of
  • 18
    Psychologists interested in genetics study the influence of genetic blueprints, referred to as _____, on observable psychological attributes or qualities, referred to as ____
  • 19
    Which type of twins share as much with each other, in terms of degree of relatedness, as they do with each of their parents?
  • 20
    The term heritability refers to:

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