Does He Like Me Back? (10 to 13-Year-Olds ONLY!)

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Do you have this crush you think is perfect for you? I do!
But are you like me, and think he only likes you as a friend?
Take this quiz and find out for sure! (BTW, I'm 10, lol!)

  • 1
    Have you guys ever had a romantic moment?
  • 2
    Does he make you laugh? (My crush does!)
  • 3
    I know every single, "Does He Like Me?" test has this question, but does he ever stare at you?
  • 4
    Do you like him? (Plz be honest - I promise I won't tell anyone!)
    Do you like him? (Plz be honest - I promise I won't tell anyone!)
  • 5
    Does he like the same things as you?
  • 6
    If he were chosen to do a project with you, how do you think he would react?
  • 7
    If bear grills could grill bears, how many bears could bear grills grill? (That's really hard to say!)
  • 8
    Is he ever mean to you?
  • 9
    If you asked him out, do you think he would say yes?
    (Be honest!)
  • 10
    Last question - do you know his last name?

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5 days ago
HE LIKES ME BACK!! Heres what I got:
For 60% you are: If you asked him out, he'd say yes, and he likes you a bit. But if you hang out with him more, he would like you even more! So what are you waiting for? GO!
14 days ago
Come on
This guy in my class who i hate
Likes me😠😠😠😠😠
15 days ago
Btw, I'm not sure if he loves me but I love him so I guess that's ok
15 days ago
I tested my boyfriend on this and it says I should totally ask him out because he loves me! Well, I'm glad to know 😂
24 days ago
I have a friend named Sebastian and he's everything to me he's so nice and he cares about me and I've told him I love him and he's told me he's loved me and he's just a really good friend I think I think we can make something happen but I might have to try harder he's a good friend and he means everything to me I mean I have dated his best friend before but it doesn't matter I care about him and he cares about me we have a good relationship I think we can make something happen and this test even made it even better thanks for listening
27 days ago
Well, he teases and calls me names like loser, so I call him meanie.he tells me I can't play with him but always smile widely whenever I talk to him, I've never seen him do that to other girls, I'm having mixed signals. (P.S I like him.
29 days ago
hi everyone i have question first to reply to this will get my special question and if anyone knows emma watson agree if you think emma watson is a 💗
29 days ago
hey LOVERGIRL thanks for saying my tests are awesome and i will have a new test by tomorrow
29 days ago
And I’m not gonna say his name just Incase he ever looks on this. He prob won’t but u can never be too careful
29 days ago
And he calls me his “best friend” and when I sent him in an pic of the bracelet I made he said it was amazing and wants another.
29 days ago
So my crush and I text every night. Once when I was making him a bracelet he said “just do you best and that will be good:)” And when I gave it to him he kept asking me to help him tie it on (I think he wanted me to touch his arm but idk) and once we were texting and I said I’m awesome and he’s like no you aren’t and I said “how rude” and he’s like “alright fine. Your the best. ❤️. (And he has this joke and he asked everyone at the lunch table if they will marry him) and then he asked me if he will marry him. What do you guys think? Does he like me?
30 days ago
I think he might like me. When ever someome talks about us being together he doesn't protest. He just smiles. He also likes to feed me (which is kinda weird but cute) he asked me if I had crush the other day. Im tpp afaid tk ask him aout though.
31 days ago
Ok so i am dead. I literally have a crush named P. (Fake name). I told my friends about him and I want to ask him out. Today my friends found him after school and told him to wait for me. I came out of the classroom and saw my friends and P standing outside. My friends saw me and yelled, "We got him! Come here!" P saw me too. I speed walked back into the room and was so embarrassed. He's pretty oblivious and kind though so he might not remember. Please help me!!
32 days ago
To Sophia:

If you think he likes you, and you like him back with good reason, then you should go for it. All him out, not the other way around.

Best of luck,
32 days ago
Hey, I created a quiz, and I was waiting for it to get published, and then I found out there is another Lovergirl on all the tests. I don't know who you are, but that is awesome.
36 days ago
I was hoping for 100%
37 days ago
so the boy live by my house and we hangout and always laugh push eachother and everytime he plays football with friends i look at him and he staring at me i catch his eyes but yeah
37 days ago
I know he likes me but he want's someone freaky im like that only if i go out with u or im on dumsmash or tiktik here are the names make sure to follow me TIKTOK: lil.cadey dumsmash: lil.cadey1
38 days ago
Another question to y'all, do u think Ny is a good state?
38 days ago
So I really like this guy and I think he like me back bc like he always seems to be where I am and sometimes during class he’ll like ask for a pencil and *accidentaly* touch my hand for like 19 seconds and he’s done this like everyday but once my friends and him were playing truth or dare and he said he likes this other girl but I’m pretty sure it a lie bc he literally never talks to her and she is not popular,cute, good at sports,nothing so I don’t know people!