Does He Like Me Back? (10 to 13-Year-Olds ONLY!)

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Do you have this crush you think is perfect for you? I do!
But are you like me, and think he only likes you as a friend?
Take this quiz and find out for sure! (BTW, I'm 10, lol!)

  • 1
    Have you guys ever had a romantic moment?
  • 2
    Does he make you laugh? (My crush does!)
  • 3
    I know every single, "Does He Like Me?" test has this question, but does he ever stare at you?
  • 4
    Do you like him? (Plz be honest - I promise I won't tell anyone!)
    Do you like him? (Plz be honest - I promise I won't tell anyone!)
  • 5
    Does he like the same things as you?
  • 6
    If he were chosen to do a project with you, how do you think he would react?
  • 7
    If bear grills could grill bears, how many bears could bear grills grill? (That's really hard to say!)
  • 8
    Is he ever mean to you?
  • 9
    If you asked him out, do you think he would say yes?
    (Be honest!)
  • 10
    Last question - do you know his last name?

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7 hours ago
i dont know my feelings honestly i like him as a friend but want him to be more....
8 days ago
My life is so lucky right now but so weird also!

My crush from kindergarten yeah from KINDERGARTEN is back!
I met him in kindergarten and then he left the school, I always liked him but now after sosososososososo much years he's back! and its the luckiest thing ever!
plus the results sayed that he likes me a LOT! and I think he does too!
this test is the most accurate ever!
10 days ago
@Marie Same! I know, right?
14 days ago
I think this site is actually pretty helpful
20 days ago
@Maire me too sister
20 days ago
I am so glad and thankful for your help
22 days ago
Is anyone on right now because I have a few questions
24 days ago
I have known him since fourth grade and know everthing about him i realised i like him like a couple of days ago the results say if i ask him out he will say yes but i am too shy to ask him out
25 days ago
Me and him r dating
26 days ago
Omg the rest says that if I ask him out he will say yes and he likes me but if I hang out with him more than he will love me more!!!!I am so happy
26 days ago
OMG!!! He loves me!💕💞
27 days ago
please love me isaac
29 days ago
So there is this boy and I kinda like him ☺️ But anyway... we were watching a movie in our class since it was the last day before our winter break, I was sitting on a counter in the back of the class room and he went and sat next to me! We touched hands and it was so awkward! A few weeks earlier our science teacher was changing our seats and put us next to each other because he thinks we are in a relationship... we are best friends so... yeah idk i think he likes me but I’m to shy to ask him...
29 days ago
I am 12 years old and I like this boy that is 14 years old. I have only realised a couple of days ago that I am starting to like him. We talk almost everyday, we hang out a lot and he jokes around with me. I think that he likes me bc most nights we are like hanging out together and he always says goodnight to me and he’s very flirtatious 😊
Does he like me or are we just rlly good friends?
32 days ago
So i like this guy and hes never mean and he always smiles at me cutely and says sorry when he accidentally says something offensive and i really limehim even though we’re just in sixth grade.
34 days ago
I like this person a lot but really don’t know if he likes me back he’s really nice to me and all and I’ve asked people if maybe they’ve heard who he has a crush on and I think he told my cousin but haven’t gotten to ask my cousin yet I’m 11 almost 12grace
34 days ago
ok so I am in year 8 I like this boy in year 7 I like him so much I joined running club got top scores in my year on rowing joined drama oh lord this is getting creepy, he looks at me every time we go past each other in the hall never talks to me he knows I like him bec my friend walked up to him and said ''what sexuality are you?'' and then he saw me in the corner of the room hiding, so yeah now he doesn't look at me at all what do I do? oh and my other friend grabbed him from the courts and said come with me they brought him to me we just looked at each other for a few minutes and then my friend said high five him, my crush looked at me and said no thank you with such sass and walked off. SO YEAH HELLO SORRY FOR MY GRAMMER AS U CAN TELL NOT VERY GOOD AT PUNCTUATION
35 days ago
So I used to date this guys but we didn’t really talk so we broke up and I realized I still liked him and I tried sooo hard to get over him, I even tried liking someone else but it didn’t help. Three days ago my best friend told my whole class including my crush that I like him, after he asked me if I really did like him. He always stares at me and makes me laugh, he even drew a picture just for me but I’m still not sure, tell me what you think please!
39 days ago
Well I like this boy but I think he likes me a little bit but just won't say it
41 days ago
I'm scared he looks at me all the time we've held hands but I'm scared, my friend told me her crush I have to do the same in return . I've liked him from last year into this year. he's super nice and cute. butt ( there is always a but) he always tries to talk and ( accidently ) bump into me he and my friend last year she said she liked him( she doesn't anymore) and he said he liked her but this year is different I'm am in fifth grade he almost asked me out and I'm going to tell my friend my crush and ask her what to do. Still scared Ill update next week . advice pls ( I'm 10)
what should I do I might tell him I like him tomorrow at our place( we have a secret place at our school) : - )