International Marketing Chapter 7

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  • 1
    The efforts of global companies to reach low-income consumers in emerging markets highlight the importance of skillful global market segmentation and targeting. Market segmentation represents:
  • 2
    When identifying global market segments, a fundamental guiding principle should be the need to determine:
  • 3
    One writer suggested that some themes are universal and could be used in advertising around the globe. Examples of this theme include all of the following except:

  • 4
    Global marketing authority Theodore Levitt has noted that many ethnic and regional foodssushi, for exampleare enjoying popularity in many countries of the world. This observation is known as:
  • 5
    A. Coskun Samli had developed a useful approach to global market segmentation that compares and contrasts “conventional” versus “unconventional” wisdom. An example of unconventional wisdom is:
  • 6
    The process of global market segmentation begins with the choice of one or more variables to use as a basis for grouping customers. All of the following are variables that are commonly used except:

  • 7
    Based on 2009 projections, the top ten nations ranked by per capita income do not include:
  • 8
    A global segment is referred to as "global elite" which includes:
  • 9
    McDonald's operates in over 118 countries; however, 80% of it's restaurants are located in nine countries which does not include the following country market:
  • 10
    Psychographic segmentation involves grouping people in terms of their:

  • 11
    Porsche AG uses the label "Top Guns" to describe one segment of it's customers, namely those who care about power and control and who expect to be noticed. Such a profile would be based on which type of segmentation?
  • 12
    In the study entitled "The Euroconsumer: Marketing Myth or Cultural Certainty?" the researchers identified four lifestyle groups. The group that represent mainstream European consumers was labeled as:
  • 13
    Sony's U.S. Consumer segments included all of the following except:
  • 14
    "Usage rates" and "user status" are important criteria for which segmentation variable?
  • 15
    Campbell Soup is making significant inroads into Japan's $500 million soup market as time-pressed homemakers place a premium on convenience. This type of consumer segmentation by Campbell Soup is referred to as:
  • 16
    Diageo PLC, V&S Vin & Spirit AB, and Seagram and other marketers know that Russians consume a great deal of vodka. This type of market segmentation can be classified as:

  • 17
    Several years ago, the DMBB agency created a single-country psychographic profile that includes segment labels such as "Cossacks" and "kuptsy." What country does the survey cover?
  • 18
    In response to increasing worldwide concerns about obesity, diabetes, and other food-related health issues, some of the world's largest food companies are developing new products. Nestle and Groupe Danone SA have developed several health-foods which include all of the following except:
  • 19
    Procter & Gamble has identified a group of consumers in Europe who are willing to pay premium prices for pet food that will improve the health of their pets. This is an example of ________ segmentation:
  • 20
    Which of the following criteria should marketers use when assessing opportunity in global target markets?

  • 21
    Managers must decide how well a company's product fits the country market by asking the following questions except:
  • 22
    The feasibility of targeting a particular market segment can be negatively impacted by various factors which does not include:
  • 23
    The basis for global marketing expert David Arnold's framework for screening intercountry comparisons include:
  • 24
    Basic criteria that marketers should keep in mind while assessing opportunities in global markets include all of the following except:
  • 25
    Companies like Coca-Cola had the first-mover advantage since they were the first company to enter a global market. However, there are also first-mover disadvantages which include:
  • 26
    The Swatch Group markets watches in all price ranges, from the Swatch brand at the low end to luxury brands such as Longines, Blancpain, and Breguet. Which target market strategy does this illustrate?

  • 27
    Positioning refers to the act of:
  • 28
    For years, ads for Volvo automobiles stressed safety features and protection in the event of a crash. Thus, Volvo automobiles developed a reputation based on which positioning strategy?
  • 29
    Ads by BMW advertise it as the "ultimate driving machine" which is described as positioning based on:

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